Thursday, 7 February 2008

Thirteen on Thursday

  1. January : Phoenix Half Marathon
    : Richmond Road Race

  2. February : Start Marathon Training

  3. March : 30K Around the Bay

  4. April : chill-laxing, yea, right!

  5. May : ING Marathon

  6. June : hopefully upright and smiling

  7. July : 15K Utica Boilermaker

  8. August : Virginia Beach Half or Quebec City - so many choices

  9. September : sigh, nothing booked ... yet

  10. October : Niagara Falls Half Marathon???

  11. November : OFF

  12. December : Santa Shuffle

  13. that wraps up 2008!!!



    Rudy said...

    How many pairs of shoes will it take to accomplish all the training and all those events?

    what kind of mileage do you get?

    Anonymous said...

    Good Question Rudy,

    I generally replace my shoes when they hit the 350 - 500 Km mark. Running in old or worn out shoes can increase injury. While training for a half marathon I can squeak through on one new pair per event. However, with the marathon training and race, I'm thinking two pair.

    Even though they may still look alright, they do breakdown in structure which gives you the cushioning and stability you require for the longer distances.

    Mine are usually replaced every three to four months....sometimes more often, depends upon the road and weather conditions too.

    My retired shoes are donated to a charity that collects used running shoes....(believe it or not)

    Anonymous said...

    oy! so forget money on clothes... they all go on $$$$ running shoes... without a high heel or great colours like RED! or GOLD!

    an event per month... oy!
    what discipline..

    Anonymous said...


    My new running shoes ARE gold and white......I'm always such a fashionista!!!