Saturday, 23 February 2008

I threw away a week and was given a diamond of a day!

This past week was one heck of a week weather wise. It was just a typical winter week of snow, cold, wind and blowing snow.

Monday was a day off from running so it really didn’t matter that the wind was blowing and it was cold and dark. The good news is, the days are getting longer. Thank goodness, because I truly need my daylight.

Tuesday evening is our Running Room Marathon Clinic. This weeks guest speaker was a well known RTM who was going to be there to discuss the importance of stretching and massage therapy once you hit the longer distances. Well, one look out of my front window squashed any ideas of turning around and heading back into town for the lecture and follow up 6K run....(please see photo from Tuesday blog).

Wednesday was cold, damp with whiteouts on the way into work and on the way home, not all that great a day, a 10K was on my schedule for Wednesday...gah, I got home and it was not nice at, another day slips into the abyss. Never once did it cross my mind to pack my gym bag to take with me, just in case the weather was too crappy....oh, nooooo, never once did it cross my mind that I could go to the was just too easy to whine and say, it’s too cold, what a wimp....

By the time Thursday rolled around I was totally ensconced in my pity party....what? Me Run In This? You’ve got to be kidding, nope, can’t make me, won’t do it......luckily Friday rolled around and it is a day off, so, whew, I DIDN’T HAVE TO RUN, how cool is that, they are giving me a day off from running and I don’t have to run....I’m so excited....but then guilt sets in (well sort of)....I made peace with the running gods that I would check my B.A., (bad attitude) at the door and get out and run on Saturday....okay, okay, I will....

Saturday dawns to the most spectacular sun rise and just proceeds to get better. After the mandatory swirl around the house (cleaning) I laced up my runners and out I was LOVELY, a no gloves I went,

well I’m just interested in how much snow YOU have....

I must admit by taking the week off, my joints were a little stiff, my feet a little sore and my breathing a little short, so I slowed down my pace and really started to savour the day. It was gorgeous out and sun made it feel warmer than what it actually is.

This is our community Fun Winter Weekend. There are so many activities going on within the community but the main focus of all the events were taking place at our community centre. Chili making contests, games of shinny on the outdoor rink, and for the children, face painting, indoor games, music and just plain old running around.

So I headed up the Community Centre Road,

Feeling good ~ not three sheets to the wind, but really good!

For the adults the main event of the day is the Snow Pitch competition....always a riot to participate in but also so much fun to watch. It is a regular game of three pitch baseball with a florescent ball (so you won’t loose it in the snow) and swatches of carpet to mark where the bases ought to be, they do end in various areas within the diamond.....too much fun!

My run today was 6K which I ran easily, really enjoying all the sights and sounds of the community. My pace was slower than normal but it didn’t matter today, it was just such a wonderful day to be out and enjoying the sun. After such a beautiful day and wonderful run, how could I dislike this winter so much? I suppose it depends on the day!

When I returned home, my backyard was alive with birds that have been hunkered down all week trying to get out of the bad weather.

Ms. Cardinal was at the feeder when I arrived but I frightened her and she flew up into my oak tree, normally she is very illusive I hardly ever get to really see her other than a flash of colour, she today she indulged me with letting me take a photo of her.....

unlike the Blue Jay, they are not shy at all.....

Well, that was the perfect day, a great run, could it get much better than this in February?

Life's fun if you don't weaken, enjoy your journey one step at a time and here we are, chill'ax'n on the front deck!



triguyjt said...

its cool how you embrace the winter..although there must be days when you curse its very existence....ha

Marcy said...

OMG!! That is cra-zay!! I should NEVER complain about the snow fall here after those pics. Wow!

Rudy said...

I winters suck lately. They oscillates between bitter cold and very warm with only occasional days of pretty snow. We just had another warm spell, mid 40's and rain. Everything has melted back, I have grass spots in my yard and the rest is covered in rippled ice. I need yak trax to walk down my driveway to the mailbox. the alternative is landing on my butt several times.

They can truck snow into Anchorage for snow sculptures for Fur Rondy but if it stays warm, they just don't last.

Here's hoping you have a better week and get back on schedule for running. (psst, don't forget the gym :-)

Lily on the Road said...

Hi ~ Not often do I go on and on and on about winter but now you've seen some of the photo's from this winter, bear with me!!


Anonymous said...

are you seriously sitting out there drinking a BEvERage?!?! Hon, it might be sunny... but man... the it's still a tad chilly yes?