Friday, 29 February 2008

Thirty days 'till the 30K

Around the Bay 30K is March 30, in Hamilton, Ontario.

No more goofing around with my training. No whining about the cold and snow, wind and sleet. Nope it’s time to haul the butt out the door and just get on with it.

With any luck, March will come in like a Lion (they are calling for another 10 - 15 centimetres of snow today), and that will be the last blast of winter. Well I can dream can’t I?

Every person that I’ve spoken with is just about as fed up as I am, but on the bright side, it’ll be gone soon enough and then everyone will be complaining about the heat and humidity . . . we just don’t quit.

So, my training is looking like this;

I have 221.5K to jam in before race day and 50K of those are hills. I haven’t broken down the tempo runs nor speed runs yet, but I didn’t want the non-runners’ eyes to glaze over at this point.

Truthfully though, I’m finding the five days a week running a little much, maybe because I’m tired of bundling up to go out and run. So, I’m trying four days per week, including Wednesdays, yes Hump Day is Hill Day in my world. Go figure . . .

In actual fact, the 30K Around the Bay is a regular training day, but my logic is, if you have to run 29K that day, you might as well do the 30K and get the Medal . . . for me “it’s all about the Bling!”

Also going on in Hamilton that weekend is the Food & Drink Fest,

what?, you think I go just to run? Not likely . . .

I'll let you know how the training is going, oh, and for the run too!

Enjoy your journey, one step at a time,


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great plan... it seems your big races usually coincide with another event.... rock and roll, food... the added incentive?
you'll certainly deserve the treat after an end of march 30 K run...

happy hills!

David said...

How you gonna be a player without the bling? :-)

Okay, I did some quick calculations. 30K is about 18+ miles, right? Thats a nice healthy run there, especially with some hills tossed in. We have plenty of hills around here, and it helps to train on them when I race in less hilly areas. You gain the strength to continue on in flatter routes, and accelerate at times when needed. Train hard, race easy! But you have that race, no problem. Just get some decent weather! LOL

Nat said...

I only run four days a week.
Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday (cross)
Thursday (with form work)
Friday off
Saturday (long run)
Sunday off

Good luck with it, I'll be recovering from the Shamrock Marathon (March 16) and thinking of you. :)

Lily on the Road said...

I'm running Tuesday's with the clinic, Tempo... Wednesday's, Hill Training starts this week.

Suppose to run Thursday but I usually bail.

Saturday, steady and Sunday's Long Slow Distance....

oh, with the occasional brick, I'm soooo excited I now know what that means David!


Steve Stenzel said...

Stupid mother nature. Good luck with your training!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Good luck with it!! My bod can't handle 5 days a week, more like 3 with lots of cross training.