Sunday, 30 January 2011

not much going on here...

Not too much activity happening, the weather outside has been frightful...well, not compared to other parts of North America, we have been given a reprieve at the moment from Mother Nature.  I confess to being a total slug this week, my snow-shoes have been sitting patiently at the front door, but haven't seen a snowflake yet.  Maybe later today.

Monday night I did however, go downtown to the Bytowne Cinema to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival.  All I can say is WOW!  The evening was action packed with independent short films of extreme sports and one feature film which left me in awe.  Crossing the Ditch was the world's first Trans-Tasman kayak expedition from Australia to New Zealand.   Take the time to read about this adventure, it will truly amaze you!

As I sit here reflecting on my quiet little life, there are those out there living their's.  Sometimes you just need a little push to get out the door....don't waste a second of this is a gift, not a given...

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Monday, 24 January 2011

frozen eyeballs...

Ottawa shattered a 41-year-old record Monday, when the temperature dipped to -28.6 C

You know it's cold when Calgary reports this...apparently a woman was skating on the Ottawa canal yesterday and had to be hospitalised because her eyeballs froze.  I can't find anything to substantiate this claim, other than hearing it on the news this morning.  I'm certain you'll be reading other folks blogs who write about running or skating or skiing is this craptastic weather, but you won't find it here.  Me, I spent Sunday in my jammies with the fireplace on...

that's not really me, I don't look that good in a snuggie
The only time I went outside was to see what was blocking my gas furnace air intake, yes, in my jammies with my down coat & winter boots on, I waded my way through the snow at 6:30am to unplug said intake valve.  Luckily for me, once the obstruction (a hunk of frozen ice) was removed, my furnace sparked up right away and it seemed as though it never shut off!   Lily was quite happy to snuggle up and sleep in the sunshine while I read, napped, played on the computer, read, napped....well, you get the idea of me doing absolutely nothing!!

This week I start swimming, yes, I'm joining the Greyfish three days per week, to try to keep my cardio up.  

I've also just registered for the Rideau Lakes Bike Tour.  This year is the 40th Anniversary and they are offering (to purchase) a commemorative cycle shirt.  You know me, I'm all about the I ordered one!

Well, there you go, a momentary frozen hiccup of doing nothing in the challenge of moving every day!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 21 January 2011

Sometimes moving is hard to do

This has been a sluggish week, that can not continue.  I had promised myself that I would get to the gym and really make an effort to keep moving.  Alas, no, the slug in me won this battle, but it will be the only one it wins!  (unless, shovelling snow counts)

Last weekend was the Richmond Road Race, one of my VERY favourite races....

it was cold and snowy

suiting up for the race, not too sure who I'm talking with

Dave, The Duke of Richmond promoting the 2011 Kilt Run
There are several events that I'd like to do this year, but I can't seem to commit to them this early in the season.  Have you ever done that?  Registered for a bunch of events really early and then not be able to attend?

I really don't want to do the same races over and over again, my tiny little brain gets too bored with repetition and slowly shuts down, an event has to be fun, new, different and a challenge.  A cycling friend sent me a link to the Warrior Dash in THIS I might do!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 16 January 2011


Now before you go flipping the switch, calling for a wedding planner or throw yourself off a cliff, let me qualify why.

Today was the Richmond Road Race = Awesome!!  It was flipping cold and windy, but really fun nonetheless.  I've learned over the years that at this time of year, I'm loving the 5K run!  It was an out and back on slippery snow covered roadways, but a really fun race and exceptionally well run by the Run Ottawa Club.  You are greeted with pumping music, the smell of chili and homemade soups cooking, freshly brewed Tim Horton's coffee and a gymnasium full of 500 runners!  (I think my race time was somewhere around 33 or 34 minutes...I forgot to turn off my garmin, total brain freeze).

The Rideau Canal Skateway serves as a highway, a park, a sports center and an entertainment complex for Canada's capital city.Let's back up a little first.  Friday night I met some friends at Dows Lake to skate what was open of the world's largest skateway.  It was an awesome night, cold, crisp, -16C with little wind.  You skate along past some of the oldest private residences in Ottawa, needless to say they are stately homes with wonderful landscaping and many still had up their Christmas lights.  It was stunning just gliding along listening to the sounds of the other skaters whisking their way past us.

I have to admit I was nervous and tense but having fun nonetheless.  We skated 5km and decided for the first time out that was going to be good enough considering we had to skate back for a total of 10K.  It was when we turned to head back we realised we were head first into the wind.  Brrrrr, that is when I realised that my long underwear were getting a little old and not doing their job quiet as well as they had in the forward ....

Saturday arrives to our first real blast of winter snow and I had an hours drive into Bushtukah where the Road Race kit-pick up was.  I had volunteered to help out, so I couldn't let the other volunteer's down.  Off I went.  It was a busy spot what with 500 runner's picking up their race bibs and beautiful running shirts, aren't they GREAT?

After my shift was over, I had the opportunity of scouring the store to see all the products and items that are now on much to see, so little time.

This is where I started my love affair (shameless solicitation) with....Icebreaker Pure New Zealand Merino long underwear!!!

A very informed young man told me the pro's and con's, the this vs that and suggested that instead of purchasing the same brand I had been wearing for years I try Icebreakers....Well, I'm in LOVE!  I purchased a lovely 260 long undershirt and 260 long underwear!  Along with some matchy - matchy merino wool running socks....

All I can say is Winter, Look OUT!  I'll kick your sorry arse this year!!!

Icebreaker even informs you where your wool came from by searching your special unique BAA Code (isn't that a hoot?  A Baacode) on each item, it will direct you to which Sheep Station in New Zealand your items started off from.  Well, those who truly know me, know it doesn't take much to entertain me, so once I got to see where my items came from, I'm hooked.  My lovely new aubergine top came from Lindis Peak Stations, baacode.  Amazing!  Now I'm totally hooked and will likely purchase a few more items from Icebreaker before the end of this kickass winter because I'm in LOVE!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 10 January 2011

Movement is key

Winter arrived this weekend, our first real taste of it in 2011.  Also arriving was my first baulk at getting outdoors and doing my self committed resolution of doing something in the movement department for at least 30 minutes per day.  Lisa, my New Mexico buddy left a Facebook message saying, "30 minutes, just move your body", thanks Lisa!!  I ended up having to shovel my front and back decks and driveway, not once, but twice on Saturday, I'll take that as cross training.

Sunday was terribly windy and cold.  Again, I could feel the pull of my couch and blankie, but no, I donned my long underwear and bundled up to make the trek outdoors.  Again, I had to shovel the driveway and decks, then headed out for a brisk walk along the beach, however,  I didn't make it as far as the beach when I had to double back to the house to get my inhaler.  It was stupid of me to leave the house without it on a cold, windy day.  (when I lived in Cairo, I ended up with what is known as  the Bedouin cough.  I was hospitalised in Cairo and then transported to Paris.  When I was well enough to travel I was sent to The Tropical Disease Centre in Toronto for pulmonary physiotherapy and a sh*t load of good drugs).    Ever since then I have trouble with breathing on a good day, but more so on cold winter days.

Once I got settled down and able to breathe, (I tend to panic when I can't catch my breath), out I went for a really nice, albeit cold walk.  When all said a done, I was able to get out for more than an hour.  Not quite the snow-shoeing / walk / run I wanted to do but I was still moving!!!

This coming weekend is the Richmond Road Race, I hope it isn't as snowy and cold as it was a couple of years ago!
2009 Richmond Road Race
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday movement

I'm kicking around some blogs this morning and came across Tricia from Endurance isn't only Physical and her Dad's BFF Adam/ the boring runner (this guy is hysterical) is hosting a virtual race today.  Obviously I'm too late to sign up but what the heck.  It is the motivation I need to get out the door on a snowy Saturday.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get out the cross country ski's and see how much ice is under that fresh snow fall...hopefully I won't end up on my arse.   Today may be just the day to hit the pool this afternoon.   It is a 45 minute drive in either direction for me to get to a pool.   Do I go into town or do I head up the valley to the   Nick Smith Pool?  So many choices, so much driving....

What are you up to today????

and finally

Good Luck to all my Goofy is day two of the Goofy...yesterday was the 5K, today is the half marathon and tomorrow the full marathon.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 7 January 2011

Moving at a crawl

The move every day thing is still going, albeit, not necessarily running.  It has been busy at work and with every good intention of going to the gym afterwards just hasn't happened the past couple of days.

The 2011 season will consist of close to home events, smaller in distances but with more swimming and cycling in the mix.  I'm looking forward to doing some triathlons this year, just to keep things interesting.

There are some pressing family issues which may entail that I do some events in Toronto, just to be closer to home.

2010 was a year of cycling.  I put over 3,000K on Blizzard the Trek with stellar events such as The Rideau Lakes Century Ride, which was foiled on the return trip by inclement weather.

A 100K ride for the MS Society and the 100K Ride the Rideau for the oncology department at the Ottawa General Hospital.

There were day trips with distances anywhere between 60 - 100K and a monumental three day unsupported trip to Up State New York.

I also had three crashes...the first consisted of a friend who inadvertently lost their balance and fell, which in turn caused me to slam on my brakes and try to dodge slamming into her.  Luckily I was able to stop in time before any major damage was done, other than scratches to the new Trek.

Second crash was just totally stupid on my part.  I was stopped and talking with friends, forgot I was clipped in on one side....well, you get the picture.  My arse looked like I'd been beaten with a stick.

The third crash was a little more scary.  While on a day trip, chugging up a large winding hill, I got caught in the mix of cyclists ahead of me.  Due to the sudden change in speed I wasn't able to clip out in time and fell onto the road while a huge tractor trailer milk truck was passing on the left.  Luckily and I mean luckily some of the other cyclists saw what had happened and were able to collect me and the bike off the road before the rear tires of the tractor trailer came dangerously close.

On the running front, 2010 had some really fun races...

Now we are in the dead of winter and it is finally snowing, bring on Cross Country Skiing!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

work out, keep moving, run and blogging

Yesterday was the final day of my Christmas vacation.  It was an interesting vacation, days spent with family in Toronto, visiting friends far and near, along with catching my annual winter cold.

Now that I'm back to work and back to running, I've been visiting some of my favourite blogs (yes, you are all my favourites), but one struck me in particular.  JoLynn at Single Track Junkie, hit the very cord of inspiration I was looking for.  

Move every day!!!

Wow, that hit me like a ton of bricks...I had slipped into a very comfortable, non-motivated state that I call Slothdom.  Now all that is gone.  I've had two very comfortable 2.5 and 4K runs, which will prepare me for the first race of 2011.  The Richmond Road Race.  This is one of my very favourite races to kick off the new year!

2011 may not be a year of many races, there are a few family issues ensuing, which of course will take priority, but at least I'll make a point of moving every day!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Slowly but surely

My last documented run was November 28th.  How sad is that?

The New Year's Eve Resolution Run came and went with me lying prone on the couch nestled beside a box of Kleenex.  Well, two days later I finally got my carcass out the door for an intended 5K run, however, a good solid 2.5K was logged into the books.

Not the best run I've ever had, but a comfortable run nonetheless.  Let's hope this is the beginning of a fun, maybe not so action packed race year, but fun running with friends.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,