Tuesday, 5 February 2008


The connection between pancakes and Shrove Tuesday dates back to when fasting in Lent was strictly observed. The pancake ceremonies provided the opportunity to use up the households butter, eggs and flour.
What are you giving up for Lent?
Life's fun if you don't weaken, enjoy your journey, one step at a time.


blondie said...

Pancakes. Mmmmm. Let's all go to iHops.

What am I giving up for Lent. Not being Catholic I am not sure it counts but I think I will give up seeing or talking to my X for Lent. That works quite well for me.

I suppose in reality it should be something I enjoy thus making it a sacrifice. I guess I will have to get back to you on that one.

Now, about those pancakes.....!

~ b

Rudy said...

mmmmmm pancakes. Yet I never seem to order them when I go to iHop.

The year my X left it was right before Lent so that was my line. Then someone asked if I got her back at Easter AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I am not sure what I will give up just yet (guess I had better get on it). We had a priest one time who said it isn't just about saying you gave up chocolate for Lent. He said doing something extra counts as well. Do something for the good of your soul or someone elses - Volunteer, study scripture, commit to an Adoration schedule. Maybe I will commit to making a rosary each day for Lent. Something I have gotten behind on a bit.

Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone

Anonymous said...

Yep... every year at work I host a Pancake Tuesday breakfast at my office. It's great fun. And we do themes - usually a country and a city. last year was India.. ( Indian Pancake Tuesday... go figure...) and this year it was Calgary. I was sorry to miss it... but didn't mind that much. I forgot it was pancake Tuesday today. Youngest reminded me after supper. We're going to avhe Pancake Wednesday. We Eastern rite Catholics started Lent on Monday - serious fast - no meat or dairy. I have a couple of friends who eat vegan throughout Lent. I decided not to give much up... I've been praying up a storm for the last 40 days or so and decided to keep that up. I think the Rosary idea is a good one and may have to follow up on that with Rudy. The thought of giving up my wine right now.. makes me go into a spin...

Blondie... bwa ha ha ha LOVE what you'd like to give up!