Thursday, 28 February 2008

A Great Thursday!

Okay, so I’m lying in bed this morning contemplating getting up before the alarm goes off at 05:30, and thinking about what on earth will I talk about today on the blog.

The furnace is on a timer which doesn’t click in until 05:35, so my house is really quite cool at 62 degrees until the furnace switches on, so if I do get up I’m really going to freeze.

Pulling the covers up higher around me and still thinking about what to write about, I wait it out.....come on furnace!

Still nothing of shock nor value is coming to me so I decide to write about what was discussed on Clinic night at the Running Room on Tuesday night.

Proper fitting shoes and having them fit for your foot configuration (either you supinate or pronate, very few up us are balanced and equal in foot strike). This means balance and cushioning are key and necessary depending upon the distances you’ll be running while training for your event! Okay, I can "run" with this topic.....

Great!! Now I have something else to discuss...I’m on a roll, okay, since we are in deep winter here in Ottawa, winter running apparel was also a topic on Tuesday night....layering....."cotton is rotten", so layering with wicking (not wicked) technical tops and long underwear....

okay, let’s see, all the necessities of lip gloss with SPF, sun screen slathered on your face and hands, yes even in winter...I’m so excited....this is going to be a breeze, my brain is really ramping up.....

I leap out of bed....the cat is scurrying around, she is just not use to me being so fired up this early in the morning....I’m on a mission .... the cat is fed, coffee is on and I power up the gateway to the world.....hah, my first sip of coffee, cobwebs are gone and...........

WOW, a new visitor....NAT.....I love new visitors’ and she’s from Ottawa!

How cool is that....I quickly flip over to Nat’s blog and much to my surprise and horror, which quickly turned into gratitude, Nat had written about the very topics that I was still trying to compose in my brain....and the bonus is Nat did a way better job then I would ever be able to do this early in the morning!!!

Hey, were you at the same clinic???


well, my job is done.....Life's fun if you don't weaken!

Enjoy your journey, one step at a time



Rudy said...

I think my furnace goes down to 65 at night. Blondie is going to need a parka but I digress.

If the Pack hears me stirring (or probably stop snoring) they assume it is time to get up and feed them (never met a malamute that didn't think you were a day late with dinner). So they, in their beautiful fur coats, start to convince me to get up. Don't they know that I don't have a built in fur coat? Ciara lays her neck across my neck for a couple seconds then sits up, then does it again. Or she will give me kisses at high speed which are all nose and no tongue and I suspect are what it feels like getting nudged by a bottle-nosed dolphin. Ronan will just be his exuberant puppy self which at over 100 lbs. is hard to ignore.

Yeah, love it when that furnace kicks on.

I will have to check out proper footwear. I am a non runner but I'll bet I learn something worthwhile.

Stay warm.

David said...

It must be freakin beautiful up there in the summer, 'cause I can't think of another reason to brave those winters. I guess I just have thin blood. I really hate the cold. It could be that I just enjoy wearing spandex too much, and that doesn't work well for winter. :-p

Dumb determination got me a long way last year, but in retrospect I could have trained smarter. Once I began focusing on interval-based training, things really started to happen. Speed comes from running faster (sounds basic enough, right?), but we can't expect to run our normal medium and long runs at crazy pace without doing it at shorter distances with some regularity. I also "enjoy" running hills to build the strength to run faster. Similar with cycling, hill repeats make you faster in the flats.

But one of the most important things to figure out is the nutrition/hydration plan: in the days before, the hours before, during, and post-event recovery. Feeding your body the correct things at the correct times is so vital to having those efforts that just surprise you at the ease and unexpected speed.

I hope I can offer tips and information in the future, or just share my experience for inspiration. I have some older blog entries with some decent information, if you care to look back. Take care!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You will love Nat!! She's awesome. You should hook up and run.

You are some hardy souls living and running where you do. :D

Anonymous said...

GAH! 65°?????
That is not good. That is cold.

My kitties are cute. Smokey will sit or stand on me when he decides its time to get up and just meow. Kitten will reach into my covers and tap me on the face. When I am ready to get up I just say "let's go" and they jump off the bed and wait. I don't think they believe I am really getting up until my feet hit the floor. LOL!

I hope your Thursday was a good one, girlfriend. Mine wasn't really as bad as my 13 sounded. I just needed something off the wall for my post today.

~ blondie

Nat said...

Wow, what a welcome! Thank you so much.
I haven't taken an RR clinics, they don't seem to fit with my schedule. Too bad, betcha it's a good way to meet runners.

Nat said...

Oh and yes, let's plan something once it's a bit more humane out there.