Saturday, 9 February 2008

9 on the 9th, Sweetheart Shuffle Results!

Results from Canada!

The virtual challenge was met with a great run! Although the weather was snowy and cold it was an awesome fun, run!

Light snow was falling as I hit the streets, it was quite a run ~ traffic, snowmobiler's, a few other runner's, never before have I run a race with so many other vehicles!

The footing was good, not slippery, not too wet and hardly any puddles, yet for some reason not too many well wishers were out on the side of the route! Instead of relying on any non existent water stations, I carried my usual POWERade. Thank goodness, in the cold I really needed it today.

The run felt good, no aches nor pains, and I included two walk breaks where the water stations should have been, Woooo Hoooo! Feeling good! Even running up the last hill, what a great energy boost, a car went by and honked the horn! Nothing better than tardy cheerleaders along the way.

Well, it's done! My first EVER Sweetheart Shuffle, THANKS Nancy! oh yes, I ran it in 1:35:43.....not quite a PB, but pretty darn close. Thanks for the FUN!!!

Enjoy your journey, one step at a time, Life's fun if you don't weaken.....

p.s. Katie Holmes doesn't need a bra on the best of days!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

GREAT RUNNING!!! Sorry about all those damn vehicles. I forgot about police support. Glad you made it through the traffic. LOVE THAT pic!!

Stayed tuned, full race results will likely be posted sometime on Monday. :D

Thanks so much for joining us for the fun.

Shilingi-Moja said...

Hey, where did you get the space blanket? Did I miss the schwag station? We didn't have to deal with snow in Richmond -- maybe the organizers decided we didn't need the blankets.

Great run and congrats on the almost PR.

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE~~~ yeah.. it was NOT a great day for a run today but you perservered! Awesome! send me the pic so I can get a better look...


Amanda said...

Why wasn't anyone manning the water stations today I say? I mean I would have greatly appreciated it. :) Love Nancy and these races!

Database Diva said...

Hi Lily, it seems this was our second race this year (I ran RnR Phoenix, too), and you finished ahead of me both times. Well done!

babooshka said...

Congrats on your latest run, in this weather too!