Sunday, 20 September 2009

Another run down....the tube...

Today was the Canada Army Run, this was going to be a great fun run with friends and a get together afterwards.

This leads up to race day.

I had contacted the race director earlier in the month to see if I could change from my over zealous thoughts of the Half Marathon down to the 5K (they only offer those two events). Race director said, he couldn't do anything, the bibs had gone to print. HUH??? Later in the week, I receive a notification from the Running Room, I'd been entered into the 5K, then a further notice, ooopsss sorry, from Race Director's assistant....stating that they hadn't realised that the bibs had gone to print, sorry, no can do the change (again), maybe change it over at the sports expo....okay, sounds reasonable.

Friday after work I head downtown to the Armories and pick up my kit, yup, still the half marathon....go over to the "Correction" area, wait for ever and then it's my turn to talk to the young man about making the changes....errrrr, could you, would you mind coming back, the person who looks after this is on break....okay, when should I come back? Maybe Twenty minutes....?? *insert cricket noise here*

Now, if I'd been thinking (*insert cricket noise here*), I would have just gone over to the chip activation area and hand the chip in....the signs were there that this was not going to be a good weekend.

I had been watching the weather report for the up coming week, it was going to be a nice weekend, but then the rain and cold were going to arrive Monday or Tuesday. So this was the weekend that major outdoor yard work had to get done, mainly bring in my indoor house plants and put away the patio furniture, cut the lawns (one last time), well you know the deal when you own a house.

Saturday was busy, busy (but I got a 15k bike ride in), but still had a lot to finish up on Sunday.

Sunday morning arrives way too early, I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, fuel up and head out. It was still dark and the fog was so thick I could hardly see, but once I got out to the main road about 10K down, the fog lifted, but I was now running behind, because I don't like driving too fast in me a geezer, I've got big shoulders and I've been called worse this weekend.

I make it downtown with maybe 10 minutes to spare, not a problem...until I get to the intersection just before the World Exchange Plaza where there is free underground parking....

I'm greeted with construction, blocked roads and a very wise tourist bus operator who decides to turn right, ~ across two lanes of traffic (from the left hand turn lane) and the police stop him. So, okay, tour bus is now blocking all of Metcalfe Street and no one can get by....due to construction.

I sit and wait, wait and wait some more, now people are honking their horns, what that proves I'm not too sure but it was very annoying to say the least. Traffic is still ground to a halt when I hear KABOOM!!!! The 5K race cannon has gone off, the race has begun and I'm sitting in my car. You just know when things aren't meant to be, don't you?

So, finally the police lift their barricade and the tour bus goes through, unblocking the traffic, it was a free for all, people trying to get their cars parked so they could get to the race venue. I finally found a parking spot, walked over to the race tent, took off my race chip, handed it in to the young man who couldn't help me on Friday and I walked to the finish line to take photo's of my friends who were running their race.

So, the Wooo Hooo's are celebrating with a post race lunch and I'm home moving indoor plants indoors and putting away patio furniture....

When life hands you lemons go to your blog and b*tch about it.....

excuse me, I'm going to make to join me?

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


* or get up earlier and leave more time to get to the race....LOL

see good things DO happen,

Marlene over at Mission to a(nother) Marathon, had a very cool giveaway from Halo Headbands, and I won...along with "Tall Mom on the Run" awesome is that? Congrat's Tall Mom.

I'm hoping to be able to choose the red headband to match Ruby....but if I have to thumb wrestle I will....LOL!

Thanks to Halo and to you Marlene, You made my weekend! xoxoxox

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Looking ahead

Last year at this time I was suffering from taper madness with two back to back half marathons on the calendar.

The Canada Army Run, is this Sunday and is held in downtown Ottawa. The race supports our military troops and recognizes not only their sacrifices but those of their families as well. It is an emotional race, you run with members of our military who are both healthy and those who have been injured in the line of duty keeping our country free from terrorism.

This year will be no different as Master Corporal Jody Mitic will be running his first half marathon as a double amputee. Jody lost both of his legs while leading an elite sniper team for the Royal Canadian Regiment in Afghanistan. (in the photo with Jody is Phil Marsh, eastern regional director of the Running Room).

Also running, Rick Ball will be attempting a world record for a single leg amputee (Rick did not lose his leg in a military skirmish, but due to a motorcycle accident in 1986).

Best wishes and good luck gentlemen, you are true inspirations and role model's to not only the running community but to every single person in Canada and around the free world.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to our military troops for your never ending courage in serving our country!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 14 September 2009

busy, busy on the bike and trails

Last weekend was the Canadian Triathlon held at the Terry Fox Facility near Hogsback, this event holds everything imaginable expect pig races! There are sprints, du's, kayak's, half iron and Iron... Since none of our gang were participating in it this year we were going to miss it. A last minute decision was made to cycle down to the event anyway.

It is a fantastic bike ride along the pathways in behind the experimental farm over to Hogsback. It was about an hours ride from where we parked the cars and the weather was perfect. We had to cross over canal locks to get to the turn around area of the bike route.

While we were crossing the locks they were in the process of lowering the water to permit a restored 1951 Shepherd to carry on to the Ottawa River. What a beautiful boat.

We wandered around the event for awhile, but it just wasn't the same without really knowing a competitor and truthfully by the time we got there most of the events were over and just the Half and Full Iron were going on. Carrying on, we cycled down the bike path right along the Rideau Canal, to downtown Ottawa and headed to Mother Tucker's patio for lunch and some "sight seeing".

On a beautiful summer's day there is a lot of eye candy out there for the girls that's for sure and for the guys there is always the "whiplash factor".

We had a great time!!


This past weekend was gorgeous too and there was no way I was going to waste the day. Another bike tour was in order so off we went again along the Ottawa River bike paths to downtown and beyond to Rockcliffe.

We cycled through the property at Rideau Hall , which I have to say was the very first time I had been there, it is stunning, then we headed over towards 24 Sussex Drive , the residence of the Prime Minister of Canada and carried on towards Orleans. We made it to a cut off where we could get back on the Rockcliffe bike trail along the river and headed east....

past the Ottawa Rowing Club and the New Edinburgh Boat Club then continued on.....we just didn't want to stop! When we finally checked our watches it was getting late and we knew that we had a long ride back.

What a fantastic way to spend the weekends....great riding, great friends, food and BEvERages!!

Thanks guys, great riding....

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Continuing on...

My last post was awhile ago, sorry about that and I'm sure my final days of being in Nova Scotia have slipped your mind, but they haven't slipped mine.

When we left Thom aka 50K Loop at the Rope Loft, Jane and I went off to a fabulous show stable called Coveside Stables where we had the opportunity to see a one of a kind show stable...I've seen a lot of farms, all over the world, but I have to say this one took my breath away. While we were there, Jane introduced me to a friend of hers who in turn invited us back to her home in Chester. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her husband, sharing some horse stories, new and old, travel and some life stories while enjoying a glass of wine. Thanks Nancy and David!

Jane and I were going to stay in Halifax overnight at her place and spend the day wandering around the city so I could catch up after 30+ years, however, very early in the morning Jane received a phone call from her sister's farm, the weekend barn help had in fact driven off the road in their car while headed to the farm and they were in an accident....could we come to the farm and help with the barn could you say NO.

We drove the hour or so back to Canning (on the other side of the province) and started right away mucking out stalls and turning out horses. It took us hours...can I say that I haven't mucked out stalls in over 25 me you don't forget how, what's that old saying, "if you fall of the horse, get right back on". Well, we got the job done!!

This is a photo of me after mucking out 6 or 7 stalls, even OP, Susan's dog couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing. What a wonderful feeling to be dirty, gritty, covered in dirt, horse sh*t and lime.....I was in heaven.

When we finished at the farm we didn't have time to go to Truro, so I wasn't going to see Susan nor the others who were showing there again, it was sad for me, but what the heck....well maybe another time. Let's hope so!!

Janie and I headed back to Halifax and got cleaned up, headed for bed because it was nearly midnight.

The alarm went off very early in the morning and we were headed for the airport. I was headed home.

Jane, thanks again, for EVERYTHING!!!

When I landed at the airport in Ottawa two of the Wooo Hooo's, Jen and Brenda were there waiting to pick me. How great is that?

We went out for brunch at the Heart and Soul Cafe in Dunrobin and of course I had to fill them in on all the news.

I had had a tremendous holiday catching up with Susan, seeing their brother Scott again, along with having the extraordinary opportunity to spend time with and getting to know Jane (thanks Jane for all of the miles we put on your car). Your hospitality was amazing, thank YOU so very much.

I got a chance to catch up with not only blogger friends, but another friend from my past with whom I never, ever thought I'd be privileged to run across again. How very special is that?

Just recently, while I was over at another blog site I heard a song that made me really think about life. You could take it as finding old friends, old loves, needing religion or just a great song!!!

I'll leave you with this... I just love it..... "I Run to Lady Antebellum"

Life's fun if you don't weaken,