Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Week in Retrospect

This has been a crazy week.

My Woooo Hoooo metre was thrown right off kilter, way too many things going on, I totally lost focus once I posted Wordless Wednesday's picture, my mind wandered down to the beach and got lost in the seafoam......Ah, but alas, back to reality....whooot, Valentines Day....another day to reflect on life, I’m not even going to go there.....Friday’s Feast, what can I back to running.

In between all of the festivities I did get my running in....mile after mile, kilometre after kilometre....

Tuesday night is our group clinic held in town at our local Running Room(TM), there is a large contingency of runners for this session with the ING Ottawa Marathon Race Weekend as our target race.

We start off the evening with guest speakers, ranging from nutritionists, RTM’s to shoe fit experts, no matter how many times you hear something, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard things being suggested or discussed but for some reason this clinic I’m learning so much more. Maybe because I’m ready to learn this and maybe because I’m afraid of this whole distance process. However, I have learned that being afraid is really a waste of energy, being afraid is only because I don’t know what to anticipate, being afraid is being afraid of the unknown, why would I let my mind to this to me? Being afraid is just plain stupid.

After our informative lecture we bundle up and head out the door for our 6K run, Tuesday night group night is always 6K. The night was very cold and the wind was picking up. We did a out and back, heading into the wind, gah, I’ve come to the conclusion that no mater what size your ass is, you’re just going to freeze it off this winter.....BBrrrrrr..........
after the run I headed home, had a hot shower and did my yoga stretches while watching Grey’s Anatomy....or Top Model reruns....can’t remember, my mind was still frozen.

Wednesday is a 10K run for several weeks before I start hill training. Again, the Running Room offers an open evening run to anyone who deems they should get out and off the couch on a mentioned before, I really need my daylight once February rolls around, so after work I went home, bundled up and off I went for my 10K.

It was cold and windy (this is becoming the norm I think), by the time I got around to the last 2K, it was totally dark, even though I had my reflective clothing on, I hadn’t brought my running night lights, very foolish. The last 2K were a struggle, it was so cold and dark and I ended up walking on the snowmobile trail at the side of the road so I wouldn’t interfere with the traffic.....we have so much snow along the roadways, it just makes it far more difficult to keep out of the drivers way....until the days really lighten up, I’ll have to judge my timing a little better.

With all of the other events going on this week, I ended up taking Thursday off and then the usual day off on Friday.

This morning, Saturday is bright and very cold.....I’m considering going to the gym. 6K today, I can do that.....

Sunday is 16K, we have a Winter Storm Watch on right now.....please note the sidebar with the Ottawa weather link.

I’ll let you know how Sunday works the mean time,

Run safe, life’s fun if you don’t weaken, enjoy you journey, one step at a time.

I WILL do my run today because I'm a proud Canadian, winter won't stop me!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo commentary! LOL
I am attempting to get the rest of my photos up on Flikr... to much work... don't know if Picasa is any easier...

Running lights... kind of like on a car? that just sounded funny to me..
Watch the freezer burn on the cheeks girl! Storm watch... on Sunday evening apparently.... I am heading to work Monday AM... so OF COURSE there will be a storm....

Keep on running.... I'm cheering you from the couch! ( But I will come to race weekend and cheer you at the finish line... and buy you dinner later that week... and that's a promise... stay warm...

Rudy said...

Oy, don't forget your lights! Living in the land of dark and cold I can certainly appreciate pedestrians who try to make themselves visible.

I hope it wasn't too chilly today and you get your run in before the storm hits Sunday.

I will have a fire in the fireplace if you happen to get lost and stray this far. I will need it myself after running the snowblower. Less work with machines but also less heat generating activity.

Sláinte is táinte

Lily on the Road said...

Thanks T,

I do hope your are referencing the cheeks on my face!! As per Blondies cartoon, that's already happend!

Thanks Rudy for leaving the porch light on! The spiral of smoke from the chimney was tempting, but I kept on going....thanks though...