Thursday, 7 February 2008

Okay, I bailed on today's run

No excuse other than I had too many other things happen to me today.

What you ask?
  • worked late,
  • got my car stuck on ice and snow on my way home, grocery parking lot,
  • had to pick up cat food,
  • didn't feel like it and I will run tomorrow,
  • had laundry to do (long underwear)
  • truth!
  • is stranger than fiction!!!!!

So, there you go.....




Anonymous said...

dearest Lily,
there is NO need to apologize to us... your fan club... really.

Just do what you gotta do... when you can do it.

No popint beating yourself.. I mean really - the car getting stuck in ice and snow would have flattened me... no kitty food, no laundry or anything...

an aside... don't know about you... bit I miss my Dog fix... surely he's been taught a lesson?

Rudy said...

Hey L,
sounds like a very hectic afternoon. I hope the night improved.

I see you have been working on the blog. I like the new look. Very peaceful and relaxing yet upbeat in a way that makes me think of you pounding out the K's through a park or something.

Tim Wilson said...

Sometimes you just gotta say "today is not the day" and not worry about it. I know it is not easy, had to be there and do that before. Tomorrow is a new day!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Tim,

Thanks so much for dropping by, Good Luck with your Half on January 16, woooo hoooo, go have some fun!

Please stop by again, we enjoy your company....