Friday, 31 December 2010

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your families a



Laurel & Lily

Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday's Follies...

My home computer is on the fritz, so I am only able to post while I'm at work and this is a very busy time of year for us.  Hence the lack of communication.  I'll try to post when I can.

Last weekend I attended a second orienteering event, albeit it was not quite as wild and woolly as the weekend before, it was still a really great workout.  Just imagine yourself thrashing your way through thick bush, over hills and through streams in the name of fun....I just get crazier as I get older.

As mentioned it has been extremely busy at work, so some of my work-outs have gone by the wayside.  I've been told that you will feel much better after your work-out even if you are really tired before you start it...well, NO, not in my case, I'm just plain tired, that's that.  So, I'm becoming more of a weekend warrior than I want to be.  Maybe once we get a bit more snow on the ground I'll be able to resume my after work cross country skiing, which in turn will invigorate can only hope.

This weekend I am attending a "bra & panties" party.  It is being hosted by a neighbour and we bring new "undies" which in turn will be delivered to a Woman's Shelter in our region.

For those of you who know me, the issues of Women's Rights and shelter's that bring protection and asylum for those women who leave their homes with absolutely nothing so they can find protection for not only themselves but for that of their children is is very, very, VERY important to me.  Abuse against women and children is not only a global issue, it can be happening right under your nose and on your block, in your neighbourhood, to someone you know from your church, it could be happening to you.  Speak up and don't be ashamed.  You didn't "ask for it", you "don't deserve it" and certainly it should be stopped.  Clean clothing, clean underwear and a clean place of refuge is the least that can be offered.  I've actually stipulated in my will, once I die, that people should send charitable donations to women's shelter's in their area....

Whew, I get a little heated about this topic....

Anyway, I'm also attending a season wrap up party with a group of friends with whom I've had the opportunity at some point during the racing schedule to either run with, cycle with, volunteer with, well you get the picture.  It'll really be fun to catch up and hear all about their Iron Adventures from Clearwater, Phoenix and beyond...

Have you begun your list for 2011????

Hope everyone south of the Border enjoyed their Thanksgiving with family and friends and that you are surviving your "Black Friday"....

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another 10

We have been experiencing unbelievably stellar weather!!!  WOW, what a great weekend to be outside and no, I don't mean raking leaves.

Saturday was spent on the Trek!!  Who knew that our weather would allow me to be able to cycle from the beginning of March right through to the middle of November.  I even had bike shorts on!!  We cycled from the Kanata Town Centre along the bike paths to Britannia Beach.  It is about a nice 45 minute easy cycle along the pathways through scenic woodland to the Ottawa River.  We cycled in behind the National Capital Equestrian Centre and noticed a lot of activity going on, since we were just cruising we biked over to see what was going on....It was one of Eastern Ontario's cyclocross  Ride with Rendall Hammer and Anvil Events, a two day event.  How freaking exciting to finally get to see a CX in action!  Wow, you guys who ride CX are awesome!

Sunday was another great day and I did something I've never, ever done in my life.  I went orienteering!  The Ottawa Orienteering Club was holding and event in the Gatineau's at the Mackenzie King Estates.  What an absolute riot!

I met with friends Treena and Vlad and headed over to Quebec.  The OOC had already set up and were getting individuals and teams on their way.

(the following is copied from the OCC, written by Rich Wendling).

A standard orienteering course consists of a start, a series of control markers, and a finish. Each participant is provided with a map, a control card, and a clue sheet. A control card is used to note the start and finish times, and to verify that the orienteer has visited each of the control markers on the course. The map is used to mark the start and finish locations, as well as the locations of each of the control markers.image of a typical course
Sometimes the maps are pre-marked, but other times the orienteer is required to copy the locations from a master map. The clue sheet has clues describing the placement of each of the control markers - the type of geographical feature at which the marker has been placed - and a "control code" which identifies the marker. Usually, the start times are staggered in order to reduce the tendency to follow other participants.

Once the course has been begun, each orienteer uses the map to navigate sequentially from control marker to control marker. Each control marker has an identifying control code and a "punch" that the orienteer uses to mark the control card. Different punches make different patterns on the card, thereby verifying that each control marker has been visited. 

At the finish, the time is noted on the control card. Meet officials then verify that the correct punches are on the card, and calculate the elapsed time.

OMG, we were over hill, through dale and even beaver ponds, at one point we were faced with a huge ravine that we climbed (slid) down, forged the stream and climbed up the other side, then ran a couple of km or so to the finish line!!  It was just such a rush!    We ended up 8th in our division with a time of one hour and 18 minutes, if Treena hadn't been pulling me along, I'm certain she would have been in the top three or four!    Hot apple cider, power bars, cookies and apples were waiting for us at the finish line...what a great time.

Once we tidied up a little we headed into Chelsea to a sweet little restaurant called Le Resto, it has a fabulous ambiance, even better food and they didn't seem to mind that we were a tad filthy.

All in all, I'd rate this past weekend a definite 10!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 12 November 2010

is it just me...

I've joined a 10K run clinic with two little fun runs as the target of my winter running madness.  The Resolution Run on New Year's Eve and the Richmond Road Race in mid January.  Both races are a ton of fun and no they aren't chipped, but who cares, I'm all about having a lot of fun.  Since the real winter running season is hiding just around the corner, I decided to spiff up my clothing collection.  After all, winter running pants can only last so long before they are able to run a race on their own...if you get my drift.  Marlene mentioned that she was enamoured with a running pant from Lululemon, and yes, they are very cute, however, my old lady thighs and expanding abdomen just couldn't get use to the fact that the waistline is lower than what I'm use too and yes, I tend to yank my running pants up around my waist like Erkel, from the T.V. show, Family Matters.  So I purchased a pair of Sugoi, MidZero Zap Tights.  Hopefully these will take me up to at least January before I have to break down and get some SubZero Zap tights

So, back to is it just me?  Do any of you, when running with a group, make sure that no one is struggling or falling behind?  On clinic night I started my run and was tooling along at my usual clip...when I caught up with a couple of the runner's who had left before me.  I asked if they were okay and comfortable with their running pace, (like why would I even ask this?)  anyway, later into the run I look behind me (it is now very dark out) and I can't see them...literally, I can't see them, not one of this little group of new runner's had any reflective running wear on.  Me, I'm lit up like a Christmas Tree, so I stopped and waited until they caught up, not only were they struggling with the distance (6k), they were having difficulty figuring out a proper pace for themselves.  Where was their group leader?? 

Well, I'm just so happy that they are out and running and really put in an effort to "just do it", I staid with them, set a comfortable pace and answered any and all of their questions about running.  When we finished the run, we one had ever high-fived them before...they were just so excited!  Isn't it interesting the habits we get into when we run with the same group over and over again, it is just second nature for my running group to keep an eye on one another, encourage each other and wait for anyone who is lagging behind.  Training runs are just that, training, not a race. 

However, oh yes, I just can't end it there...I emailed the clinic instructor with what had happened and I think I've stirred the pot....heck, I'm not even a pace leader this session and really why am I like the proverbial mother hen???

Is it just me....or when you run with a group do you look after one another???

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lest We Forget

1920 - And Still Going Strong!

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead: Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved: and now we lie
In Flanders fields!

Take up our quarrel with the foe

To you, from failing hands, we throw The torch: 
be yours to hold it highIf ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Composed at the battlefront on May 3, 1915, 
during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium

By Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

Monday, 8 November 2010

Back in the groove

Well, what a weekend.  I'm back...

Saturday was busy enough, but I still managed to get a nice 10K walk done.  Felt really good with no extra aches nor pains.  Bring it on Sunday!

I'm registered...yes, even though it is only for a 10K clinic, it's all good!  I ran a nice 10K with some of my friends from the Running Room along the Trans Canada Trail from Kanata to the eastern edge of Stittsville and it Felt GREAT!  Tonight is clinic night...I'm actually looking forward to it, even in the dark and cold.

After the run on Sunday the group I ran with all scampered home to tidy up and regroup...yes it was going to be "the girls" afternoon at the Wine and Food Show at Landsdowne Park in Ottawa.

Talk about an absolute hoot and if you love people watching you'd be in heaven.  I know I was!  Obviously stiletto high heels and patterned stockings are all the rage as well as short, short skirts.  (I have belts that are wider than some of the skirts I saw on the young newbies with legs up to their ears!).  We all had a great time wandering around sampling wine and food.  I even had a very cute man wander over to me with an oyster on a half shell.  Too funny!  I slurped it down and gave him a hug and asked him if I looked like I needed help!!   Once the show was over for the day and for the year, we went off to the Taj Mahal Restaurant for dinner and more laughter.

Overall, I'd rate this weekend as a 10.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Who forgot to change their clocks?

not me, in fact I had changed them and before I went to be I changed them again!!

Anyway, I'm up and eating porridge, yes, you've guessed it, I'm back to running on Sunday's with the gang at the  Running Room.  Just the 10K clinic, but it will be the support and encouragement I need for now.  Now I just need to find all my winter running gear.

My plan for the winter month's will be to continue to run, but no great distances just yet, do a lot of cross country skiing and go to the pool on Saturday afternoons.  Because of my work schedule and money constraints this year due to having to put in a new well, fix the house, get a new gas fireplace, brakes for the car....yes, you get the idea, I'm swimming will only be during the adult swim on Saturday's.   Next weekend I'm going orienteering in the Gatineau's with a good friend of mine...what a riot, I'll let you know how it goes.

I'd better get a move on to get into town on time, then we are off the Wine and Food Show for the where are my winter running pants???

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 5 November 2010

Ottawa, the city fun forgot...

I've never been overly enamoured with Ottawa and yes I've tried, after all I've lived here for 20 years.  Yes, it is pretty, it is scenic and it is full of outdoor parks and areas of recreation.  It is also full of boring, stuffy politics's and politician's  who bleed our system and generally only look out for their own welfare.

The thought of stopping my blog had crossed my mind while I took my bloggy sabbatical, but I just would miss all of you too much.  You have inspired me, certainly you have enlightened me with all you do and you have introduced me to sports which I would have never, ever known about.

Cyclo-cross for one.  Between Judi and Blue, they introduced me to a sport that looks like such a blast, I'd consider doing it.  This summer, while volunteering at the Canada Day Race I met a woman who is involved with Cyclo-cross here in the Ottawa area.  I had mentioned that if they ever needed volunteer's to let me know.  Well, I haven't heard from them, but ran across this wonder I haven't heard from them yet...they have enough on their plate.

City pulls bike racing permits after park damaged

Yup, Ottawa, the city fun forgot....

Life's fun if you don't weaken


ps.  I'll try to touch base with them to volunteer, who knows, maybe even try it!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Finally put into words...

I've been having some motivational issues lately, not only in the running department, but in life in general, again this is contributed to my sensitivity to the dwindling day-light hours, I've been working very hard on it and finally with the help of Vitamin D, B12, copious amounts of Vitamin C along with Calcium and Magnesium, I know I'm going to make it!!  Thanks everyone for your kind, informative, caring and motivational emails, I truly appreciate them.

So, nuff said, I'm back running!  Yes, despite the periformis and S.I. joint issues I'm getting the kicks out of the box and onto my feet.  I found that you can only beat yourself up for so long and after reading this article from , I've come to conclusion that it's great to be ME!!  I don't have to go out and bust a lung every time I run, I don't have to go out and run till the sun sets, I can go out and run and actually have some fun!!  Hey, isn't that what it's all about??  For me, right now, it is.

I'm joining the 10K clinic at our local Running Room and I'll take the attitude of gratitude that I'm able to "just do it".   It will be fun to see new runner's training for their first 10K run and it (I'm sure of it), will ground me from my lofty "I'm a marathoner" demeanour, and who by the way made me think I'm better than any one else, hmmmmmmm? (well, for those who truly know me, I'm not like that in the least, but a good slap of reality never hurts).

Between the up-coming time change and bright winter days full of cross-country skiing, skating on the canal with wonderful friends, I just know my winter will be okay this never know, I might just meet that special someone too!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


(it's good to be back)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Inspiration from afar...

...and you know who you, I'd just like to say thank YOU..

Life has been hectic with every day craptastic stuff that you don't really want me to write about, let's just say you've all got your own, so need to read about mine.

I have been a little lax on running any grand distances since returning from Calgary, so to say I'm under-trained for the up coming 9 Run Run Half Marathon on Saturday would be an understatement.  However, even though I'm totally not ready for this event I will go and walk / run and have a good time nonetheless.  How could I not?  There will be men in uniforms there!

So, I'll just strap on the kicks and .....

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ya, a month has gone by, but did you miss me???

Can't believe a whole month has blown by since I last landed on LOTR.

So you ask, what's going on??  Well, I could say I was so busy I didn't have time to blog or I could tell you I just didn't have anything to talk about so I took a bloggy vacay....well in fact it has been a little of both.  Way too much to talk about so here are some photo's!

100K Ride the Rideau at the end of September
And in no particular order, Melissa's Road Race, Banff, Alberta and meeting the ever lovely Ironman Leana!!!

off we go, Melissa's 10K Road Race

before the race, (it was chilly)

The Lovely Leana!!

Ironman Leana

hoofing it home

see those mountains?  Gorgeous vista's

look up, waaayyy up!

The Rockies, just breathtaking! 

So, there you go....I'm back!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Three Things Thursday

Wow, crazy week, crazy weather and I can't believe we are already into September!

  • This past weekend was as busy as usual.  Saturday was spent with friends helping a Wooo Hooo celebrate a milestone birthday!  It was a gorgeous day spent on Allumette Island in the middle of the Ottawa River.  BEvERages, bonfires, great food and live bluegrass music, what more could you ask for?

Sunday was the Share the Road ride in Ottawa.  It was the first time being held in *Ottawa and it is a motorist and cyclist awareness ride.  This is a fantastic ride, fully supported by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police), Ottawa Police Services, paramedics and of course the many, many volunteers without whom we would haven't stayed hydrated due to the heat.   There were three different distances 17km, 60km and 100km, with a barbecue and beverages at the end of it.  It was hot, hot, hot and you really had to take advantage of any shady spots along the 60K route.  We had a fantastic time and will definitely do it next year.

  • Getting my running in lately has been a challenge, between the extreme humidity and heat (which I'm loving) and back pain, well let's just say it has been minimal, but that is going to have to change soon!  I'm way behind in my Half Marathon training and I've got a 10K race in 24 days!  Yikes!!!

  • On side note, we've all been touched by cancer somehow, whether it is a family member, friend, acquaintance, or maybe yourself.  Our doctor's and researchers' work tirelessly trying to find a cure as well as funding for this dreaded disease that has so many faces.  I have volunteered to be a ride guide on a very important fund raising ride here in Ottawa by the name of Ride the Rideau.  This is a fully supported 100Km cycle along the very scenic route from Ottawa's Landsdowne  Park to Merrickville, where we will be greeted with a cheering section from the village and from researcher's and employee's from MDS Nordion, a major sponsor of the event, they will be there acknowledging the cyclist's of whom for some, this will be their first monumental ride.  There will be music, food, massage therapists and yes, even a shampoo room for your tired bikes!  I'm really looking forward to this 100K, 2010 has certainly been an epic year of volunteering and fundraising for causes I believe in.    Giving back, paying forward, tithing, whatever you want to call it, sure makes you feel GREAT!!
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


*Share the Road was held in Sudbury, Ontario, on Tuesday evening.  Unfortunately during the event one of the cyclists was hit by vehicle, luckily not killed.  To date there has been no update as to their condition.  You can read the newspaper article that was posted in the Sudbury Star.  Stay safe everyone 

"Bikes don't have Airbags"

Friday, 27 August 2010

Almost the weekend

Our fall like weather is disappearing again, begone dark, rainy cool days and bring on the heat!  This weekend is looking great with temperatures in the mid to high 80F's or as we say in Celsius 29C +.   Bring it ON!

It will be a busy weekend what with getting my half marathon training runs in, as well as some social summer beach parties.  Have I mentioned I love summer?!!!

Sunday will be spent "Sharing the Road".   The Share The Road Cycling Coalition. 2010 will mark the 5th year for Greg’s Ride in Milton, Ontario, but this is the first year it is being held in Ottawa.  I'm just cycling 60K with some friends and hopefully there will be a huge turn out for this awareness ride.  

  • Routes - well marked, with ride marshals. 
  • Water Stations along routes
  • A custom designed Share the Road Cycling jersey (Adults)
  • Organic cotton T-Shirts (Children)
  • SAR - Global 1 (First Aid Assistance)
  • Kunstadt (Roadside assistance for bikes on the 60K and 100K routes)
  • Post Ride BBQ
  • "Goodies" in each rider's bag
  • A chance to buy tickets to win a $500.00 gift certificate from Bushtukah.
It is looking like it should be a great day and weekend!!  Enjoy what ever you are doing and stay safe.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Three Things Thursday

  • It is now Thursday and my last productive run was on Sunday, where does the week go?  It was a nice 10K at a 7 minute pace.  I'm trying to up my running pace on my long slow distances because I have found over the past several years my slow pace is way too slow.  So, we will see how it all works out.  I'm no gazelle but I don't have to poke along either.

  • My back is finally starting to feel a little better since I've been seeing the chiropractor regularly and I'm waiting to hear about my spine xray, hopefully it will shed some light on my pain.  I'm also being more diligent with stretching and doing some yoga in the morning.  Now, if I could just remember to get up, move about and stretch more often while at work things would be even better.

  • The days are beginning to get shorter (or as Ken said, the evenings are getting longer), I can already feel my slip into SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), so I'm trying VERY hard to stay motivated.  I've begun taking Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and B12.  If I start early enough I'm hoping I'll be able to ward off this slide into winter depression.  Oh and planning a winter get away to somewhere warm and sunny with a fellow blogger, turned real life friend is being planned, that will definitely keep my mood bright and sunny too!!!
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 22 August 2010

It feels a little like fall

Canada Army Run 2008
When I was out running yesterday I noticed some leaves on the trees already starting to turn colour...say it ain't so!!!  They aren't quiet as far along as this leaf picture that I took in September of 2008, but getting close.  Mother Nature it is only August!!
Today will be a nice 10K.  I'm going to stay around the neighbourhood instead of driving in to town to run at the Running Room.  I live is such a beautiful area, so I'd sooner see the forest, Ottawa River, Gatineau Hills and of course snoop at what everyone is doing to their gardens and home reno's.   (just call me Gladys Kravitz).

My back is still very stiff and sore, this damp cooler weather isn't helping much, but I'm going to keep moving.  I've increased my stretches before and but mostly after my running and I'm doing yoga for 20 minutes every morning right after I get out of bed.  Tomorrow I'm having x-rays taken just to see what is going on and to see how far along the arthritis is progressing.  I'm not keen on taking any pain relief but if I have to I will.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 20 August 2010

In Lieu of the Du

The past few years the Wooo Hooo's have "competed" in the Wooo Hooo Du.  A rock'n little event held at my place complete with Bling, swag bags and certificates of completion.  Hey, we're not cheap and don't spare the expense!!  This year however, due to family commitments and other such noteworthy happenings we won't be "doing the Du"

A few us will however get together for a nice cycle and mandatory adult BEvERages afterwards with a potluck lunch...hey, it's all about having fun!

bling and swag bags, nothing but the best

it's all about the bling
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Three Things Thursday

  • I'm back running, yes, I've had the bike seat removed from my butt and I'm training for two races this fall. A sweet little 10K, Melissa's Road Race in Banff, Alberta, home of the legendary Canadian Runner Girl, Runner Leana, who by the way is in throws of beginning tamper madness before her Subaru Ironman Canada.   Hop over and wish her good luck, because I just know she is going to ROCK it.  Good Luck and Best Wishes Leana, I'm really looking forward to meeting you in September.

  • In October we have a brand new race in the area by the name of 9 Run Run.  It is in benefit of supporting the services that support us by ways of the Ottawa Police, Fire Department and Paramedics.  I can hardly wait, this will be my first long race since tearing my meniscus almost a year and a half ago.

  • They say things come in three's so I'm hoping it is over with.  Three things that have happened to me in the last two weeks;
1.  Mother Nature showed her strength and blew my patio furniture off my back deck and strew various items all over the backyard, luckily the only thing damaged was my lovely teak patio umbrella.  
    2.  Mother Nature showed her strength again this past Sunday causing a large limb to snap from an oak tree which crashed through my metal slingback lawn chair, slicing right through the seat and impaling itself into the ground.

    3.  My car was hit in the parking lot at work, luckily it wasn't damaged but I had to listen to the guy who hit me rant on about the scratch on his BMW and ranting "did I not see him?"  What?  You hit me!!!

    Life's fun if you don't weaken,


    Tuesday, 17 August 2010

    Tuesday's Tidbits

    The weekend after my epic bike tour in Up State New York was the Rona MS Bike Tour to raise funds and awareness for this incurable complex disease.  It was fully supported with so many fantastic volunteers, sag wagon's, Ottawa Police and food.  Have I mentioned the food?  I think this has been the only cycle tour I've ever been on where I've most likely gained weight!

    We left Carleton University for our 175 km two day bike tour to cheers, music, throngs of well-wishers and luckily great weather.  The route was so scenic and flat, compared to the weekend before it was beautiful!!!  There were "pit stops" along the way with tables laden with fresh fruit, cold drinks and clean port-potties (always a bonus).  Half way to Kemptville we were guided into Rideau River Provincial Park where we stopped for an incredible barbecue picnic, complete with burgers, (veggie burger's for me), salad's, tabbouleh, hummus, pita breads, chips, cold drinks, and jelly beans!!!  It was fantastic to get off the bike's and sit by the River and relax before we carried on our journey.  Once we left the park we were on a stretch of rough road and yes, I had another flat tire.  (six flats since March I might add).  Luckily a very nice fellow stopped to see if I needed a hand and he helped fix the tire, then he sped off but not before I got his name.

    As we continued our ride we were on beautiful, peaceful  flat roads that took us through small villages were people were out at the end of their driveways, clapping and cheering and encouraging us along the way.  We finally made it to Kemptville College.  As we made our way up to this beautiful college there was music, cheers, a very helpful group at the sign in table.  I could go on and on about this ride, it was incredible!  Between the silent auction, the 50 / 50 draw, the bonfire, the food, have I mentioned the food??  Leaving on Sunday was a faster, different route than on the way down, which was wonderful as we were trying to beat the rain storm that was creeping up behind us. It was a most memorable ride and certainly one I would do again.  I'd just like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of you who donated to this worthy cause and supported me on my ride, THANK YOU!!!  (unfortunately I do not have any photo's of the trip, silly me).

    On a different note, this past weekend was just crazy weather.  Saturday was beautiful, hot and sunny and Sunday the wrath of the weather gods were upon us.  The storm started just after 4am and lasted over nine hours overhead.  The lightening and thunder were relentless and the deluge of water unbelievable.  So much so it washed out the main road where I live.  Yesterday afternoon I was finally able to wade my way into my backyard to see what damage had occurred due to the heavy rains and strong winds.  Luckily my new back lawn did not wash away, however,

    Life's fun if you don't weaken,


    Friday, 13 August 2010


    So, yesterday I spent quite a bit of company time creating my Three Things Thursday, just as I was getting ready to publish it an error came up on the page and kicked me out....Thanks Blogger! 

    So, I go to read some of the comments left on Wordless Wednesday and my good friend Judi had written, "whatssup with this once a week post shit? :0) "  LMAO, I can ALWAYS count of Judi to keep me accountable!!!!  I *heart* you Judi!

    So, what I had almost posted was my adventure through Up State New York a couple of weekends ago which was Hot, HILLY and Humid.  Three days of 280K full of fun, humility, learning and friendships. 

    So, instead of describing every little detail and have you nod off at your computer I'll just say it was Awesome, exhilarating, humbling and a huge epic experience for me....I just get crazier as I get older....

    So, I'll leave you with some photo's;

    Leaving Kingston Habour
    Wolfe Island Ferry to Wolfe Island

    Crossing Wolfe Island

    Wolfe Island Bakery
    Arriving in Sacket's Harbour

    Half way up the hill coming out of Watertown
    Unsupported, carry your own for 280K

    A great time was had by all
    Things I learned;
    • carry snacks, trail mix or something to give you energy, gum works too (luckily I had all of this with me).
    • carry powdered Hammer Heed, or something similar, you can generally find water from somewhere, but you can't find PowerAid.
    • SPF 30 sunscreen doesn't cut it when you are on the road for hours on end.
    • don't try to keep up with the speedy speedster's, cycle your own speed, even if you arrive 15 minutes later than the rest, you still get there! (believe me!).
    • know how to change your own tires, carry spares and tools, and if some one offers to help ~ take their help (yes, I got a rear tire flat 50K into the ride).
    • it's a tour not a race, stop and take photo's (which I will do more of next time).
    • practice, practice, practice riding with weighted panniers before attempting such a journey, thanks goodness I did...
    • there isn't a hill I can't walk.  The hill coming out of Watertown was 2km long with an 800 foot elevation.
    • just like marathon training, you don't know yourself until you have to dig deep!!!
    • would I do it again?  YOU BET....
    Life's fun if you don't weaken,


    Thursday, 5 August 2010

    Three Things Thursday

    • We have been having some crazy summer weather here.  It has been hot, hot, hot and humid.  My kind of summer!  For the past few days we have been having major thunderstorms in the afternoon and they are calling for another Boomer today.  Yesterday I came home to find that my patio furniture had been blown right off the deck.  Patio table, cast-iron umbrella stand, chairs, plants all scattered in various locations in my backyard.  The umbrella was over the cedar hedge and broken.  The wind even blew over my birdbaths!   Ahhhhh, you've got to love Mother Nature.

    • Last weekend was the longest consecutive cycle I have ever done in my life.  An unsupported 250K through Up State New York.  We left from Kingston, Ontario taking a ferry across to Wolfe Island, cycled across the island to catch another ferry that would take us to the States.  We cycled from Cape Vincent to Sacket's Harbour, around the peninsula then off to Watertown where we stayed over night.  The next day was Watertown to Alexandria Bay.  Day three brought us back to the ferry to cross out of the United States back to Wolfe Island and then to Kingston.   Was I prepared for it?  Kinda, sorta.  What I wasn't prepared for was the speed of the other cyclists, the HILLS and not stopping for breaks every 20K, (that's for wimps).  What had been advertised as a 21 - 24K tour pace, turned into the other cyclists averaging 28 - 34+Km per hour.  Needless to say I was left in the dust, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.  I did it and I'm very proud of myself for digging deep and mustering through it.  (report to follow).

    • This coming weekend is the ride for the MS Society of Canada.  It is a fully supported 175K cycle tour and a cause which is close to my heart.  A former work colleague who became a great friend has MS and I'm cycling for her.    Having multiple sclerosis means that you may suddenly have blurry vision. Or that your memory will fail you for no apparent reason. Or that you may not always be able to walk, let alone ride a bike. The symptoms of MS are different, and devastating, for everyone - the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day. 
      If you find it in your heart to make a donation towards the MS Society of Canada, you can find my donation page here.   I THANK YOU in advance.
    Life's fun if you don't weaken,


    Thursday, 29 July 2010

    Three Things Thursday

    Last summer on the long Civic Holiday Weekend, I spent the weekend chillaxing in the backyard sipping sangria.

    This summer for the Civic Long Weekend, I'm pedalling my A$$ around Sacket's Harbour, Alexandrian Bay and locations in between.

    It will all begin crossing over to the States from Wolfe Island, cycling to the next ferry that will take us to the border crossing and US Customs Office and then we catch the ferry across to Sacket's Harbour where we will begin our epic cycle. 
    280K over three days,

    Am I nervous? ~ yes!!!  I've never had to support myself on a long ride,

    Life's fun if you don't weaken,


    Monday, 26 July 2010

    trying to stay young is sometime frustrating!

    What ever you do when you are young comes back to bite you in the .........back.   Back in 2008 I posted about having continuing back issues and up until now, my back has been the least of my issues, between recovering from a torn meniscus, getting over my fear of cycling and just life in general, I've had a slow route to recovery and running, but lately my back is "back at it".  It has been suggested that I swim more...easy to say, but the closest pool is 40km away.

    I can't sit, I can't stand, I can't lie down, grrrrrrrr, and just this morning I was sent a picture tag on FB, trust me, it was NOT flattering, I was bent over, and I looked OLD...well, okay I was bent over at the registration desk at the Canada Day Race Day, and truly, I am old but at least I'm trying to stay fit.

    What really ticks me off are people who sit on the couch smoking cigarettes or other flammables , drinking beer, eating potato chips and doing nothing in the form of exercise and they look younger and skinnier than me!!!  GAH....

    Anyway, who said ageing would be graceful?   Certainly not me, and why should it be?
    So this coming weekend I'm going to kick some A$$,  I am cycling a mere 240+Km unsupported cycle tour in and around Up State New York over three days transporting my own ~ well,  everything!!!  Who knew cycling clothes could be so cumbersome and heavy when packed, where on earth can I find miniature dental floss?  And how about packing that extra nutrition bar(s)?  Trust me when I say my sandals take up half a pannier! 

    Seriously, It's going to be a blast ....

    Life's fun if you don't weaken,