Sunday, 17 February 2008


The sky this morning was pretty incredible, the photo does not do it justice.

Sunday 16K day ~ a really large crowd today leaving from the Running Room(TM), Learn to run right up to the marathon group, everyone wanted to get their run in before the freezing rain good friend GeeZen is back from the sunny south where American's are not allowd to go.....she joined our group today, it is always so much fun to run with her. It is really nice getting to know the others in the group too. Over such a long distance we all mix it up and end up running with various people in the group. Nice way to meet people, everyone has something to teach you....

Currently, I'm running with the five hour group, we will see how that will pan out once we get into the longer distances, but for now it is a really comfortable pace. Again, due to the extreme amount of snow we were having to do the majority of the run on the side of the roads.....not every driver is courteous, one lady gave all of us the finger, so we high fived her back! I'm certain she was on her way to church! *hehehe*

The actual run was GREAT, nice and steady with one pit stop along the way...thank you Burger King! I feel great, no aches nor pains.....once back to the store I got a power bar to munch on the way home.

Luckily, I decided to stop for groceries, a quick whirl around the grocery store, picked up some red wine to have with dinner and I was on my way home. As I headed up my lane, I could tell by my Canadian flag that is on the flag pole on my garden shed that the wind had changed direction....and not in the good direction! I quickly unloaded the car and got groceries et el, into the house when the freezing rain started......Thanks for letting me get home!!!!!

Well, this week is done, I'm going to carb load, have a BEvERage and watch a movie this afternoon! What are YOU doing???

Run Safe, enjoy your journey once step at a time...

Life's fun if you don't weaken



Anonymous said...

Just back from the Telethon. And the father of my child has to go pick her up at a friend's place. The ice is patchy and the rain is picking up....
People using their fingers for rudeness are galling. Why not just slowly drive by and leave it at that.

Seems to me.. she probably could have *walked* to church but couldn't be bothered either. Just be all righteous!
Good Sunday evening

Rudy said...

I am glad you got back before the weather turned nasty. we still have 37F here. I see the forecast is for daytime highs above freezing and lows below. I hate that crap. As long as no new stuff falls the highways will dry off well enough.

what was the movie?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE old movies, Lolita (1962) with James Mason, Shelley Winters and Sue Lyons. Also Shirely Douglas...a Canadian!