Monday, 29 December 2008

Looking for my MoJo

Granted, I ran my butt off this past year, but that is no excuse to be so immobile at the moment. I just haven't had the inspiration to get out the door to run. Where has my mojo gone?

The past few days have been spent in a dusty basement cleaning out "stuff" and taking it to the Salvation Army and what didn't make it there is going out today into the garbage and re-cycle boxes. The weather has been crazy, very warm and very windy....we lost power for a little while yesterday due to the winds. My Sunday afternoon was spent chipping melting ice off of my decks and making a trough in my driveway so the melting ice could drain away onto the slushy street. It was great to be outside, my dust filled lungs and sinuses appreciated the break!

So, back to running, or lack there of, HELP!

I need to find some motivation and right now moving to Hawaii seems like a good idea, but it is highly unlikely.

Today is going to be a get back at it day. My alarm went off at the usual workday Monday time of 5:30am, so no excuse, I'm still on holidays so I'm going to suit up and take out the garbage and wander down the road. I may not run (yet), but a good walk in the fresh air will help me A LOT!

I have another dump run to the Salvation Army today so I'm throwing my gym bag into the car and I'll go and work out for a little least it's a start.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Looking forward...

Admittedly, I've been a little self indulgent lately. Sleeping in until 7am, eating when I feel like it, drinking a few cocktails along the way, yes, by myself, I live by myself....get over it.

Taking time off of work until January 5th, how cool is that?

But self indulgent, yes, why not I ask myself? You have been busy in 2008 and you need time to find your "why's" for 2009. So far I've not.

Well, I am working on it, they just hasn't been vocalised yet. You can dream about anything you want, but until you share it with someone, either by talking about it or by writing it down, it is just that ~ a Dream!

The last two days have been spent down in my little cottage basement cleaning up "stuff" that has been collecting since I raised the cottage and put a basement under it close to six years ago.

Running hasn't exactly been on my mind, well, it has, but I still haven't strapped on the kicks and got my sorry ass out the door. But I will!

2009 is a clean slate, last year at this time I was tapering for the Phoenix Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Nothing quiet so exciting this year (yet).

So, 2009,
  • be a little more social, not such a hermit,
  • find a manservant, (just kidding, it'll happen when it happens)
  • save $$$ for the Honolulu Marathon in December 2009,
  • work on a healthier lifestyle,
  • get back into a workout routine,
  • get my face out of the bloody Caesar's,
  • get back to running for the joy of it, do what I can, achievement is up to me!

Nothing earth shattering so far, but hey, at least I'm not dreaming about it anymore, I've shared it with you, now let's put it in motion!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Now for something completely different...

...a winter storm,

We are being pummelled by a winter storm that has been menacing the north east and central states and Canada.

Yesterday was clear as a bell and actually nice out. Did I just say that?

Finally some decorations made their way outside and my little house is starting to take on the spirit of Christmas.

I'm now staying home for the Holidays, which I'm fine with. Today, I'm putting up the inside decorations and have lit a scented Cranberry candle. Gregorian and Elizabethan Christmas music is on, I love medieval music, my memory wanders and I wonder aloud how the human race has survived.

War, mostly over religion and indifference, famine, plagues and environmental changes. Our geography is our history, our heritage is what makes us who we are.

As the snow swirls in its dance with the wind, I reflect on how very lucky I am to live in a free country, own my own home, have a job and as a woman, I am lucky to have rights and the freedom of choice.

At this time of year, remember the Reason for the Season, rejoice and remember.

Christmas is not about what gift you get from a store or gift you give under duress of feeling guilt.

Christmas is the GIFT.

Let go of old grudges, old past memories, embrace the new beginning the Solstice gives us. The promise of spring, longer daylight.

I'm not going to get all religious on you, but truly, enjoy this magical time, enjoy the carols, lift a cup of wassail, embrace a friend,

because in days of yore, if they could have ...

(the front of the card reads)

"Oh, I am so blogging about this"

they would have!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

In my past life

When I was a kid I was horse crazy!

Nothing would stop me from making my way to a local stable to pay for hour long trail ride or whether it was just hanging over a fence enticing a horse with an apple. My room was full of horse pictures, books and toys. Most girls wanted Barbie (which I always ended up with), but I wanted a Tonka Truck along with the horse trailer (which I got). I even made my dog jump obstacles in the backyard, pretending we were at a horse show.

As I got older I made arrangements to work on weekends with one of the "larger" equestrian stables, so I could pay for riding lessons. As always, you work harder than what an hour long lesson actually costs. I mucked out stalls, taught little kids to ride and groomed at horse shows. I even got to ride at a couple of some of the smaller shows.

My family could not afford a horse, so I begged, borrowed but never stole a horse to show. I gained the reputation of a kid who would get on and ride anything and pick up ribbons along the way. I would get on anything, whether it was great, good or a puke, I'd ride it into the ring as if we were going to win (even though I wasn't a great rider, I always loved what I did).

Along the way I met riders, rich and poor and always had a great time. Eventually I met, who I thought would be my partner in life and we ran a very successful show stable. He even competed as a member of the Canadian Equestrian Team. We rode and showed across Canada and USA, although he did most of showing, I maintained the home farm and got the young horses started.

To make a long story short(er), I took some nasty falls along the way...breaking collar bones, my nose several times and even breaking fingers and toes along the way...throw in a car accident and well, you're pretty much a wreck.

I decided that it was just getting too dangerous for me to be on the younger animals and I semi-retired from riding to flying the skies.

My passion of riding continued but with easier horses to ride and show. It was fun to be back on the circuit again, we let go of the show stable and just became "boarders".

Life changes and my "significant other" had a roaming eye, I was away flying and came home to find him in a compromising situation with one of our younger students (yes, she was of legal age).

So, I packed up and headed out, both living arrangements and stable arrangements. My young mare had only a barn name at the time, but she was ready to start showing, so I named her "The Secrets Out" a little vendictive but what the life would have it, another series of events unfolded and I lost her in a barn fire. She was a lovely animal and would have really done well on the show circuit, the last show I had her at before her death, she was Preliminary Reserve Champion.

Again, life turns, I got over the trauma of loosing a beloved pet in such a fashion and I was going to try out another horse, as I was getting ready to mount up and swing my leg over the saddle, the horse reared straight up into the air and flipped over pinning me underneath. (I had asked if the animal had any quirks). Needless to say another injury to add to the list. I had a fractured left hip....

So, you ask, where the hell is this story going?

Ever since that fall I've been very careful with myself, maybe too careful, where I sat on the couch ate and drank like I'd never reach 200 pounds....well I did...and then some. After another life altering situation of a health scare, major drugs and major surgery, I thought, girl, you've got one kick at this life, get your sorry ass in gear and do something about it.

So, I started running.

That was eight years ago and I've never looked back. Running has changed my life for the positive, I've met some wonderful people, I've run in some really wonderful locations and I've got the Wooo Hooo's. I've got a new lease on life...minor injuries are nothing now, so when I hurt my back in November, it wasn't a new hurt, it was just re-awakening something from long ago....a left hip fracture, so I was compensating by putting too much pressure on my right S.I. joint.

I'm working with my Chiropractor and even though it was recommend to me that I may not be running any huge distance for awhile in the near future, it isn't going to stop me. For now, walking and 5k's will work, in the new year I'll have to make the decision as to whether I'll be ready for the Half Marathon on January 25th.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Before I go out to shovel...

...just an update.

Not too much going on in this winter wonderland other than work, my home based business is busy, (can I say freeking WOW), and of course shovelling.

A few weeks ago I aggravated an old equestrian injury while trying to be superwoman, after sitting too long in front of the computer I then come home to shovel snow for endless hours.

Trust me, whatever you hurt when you are younger, it will come back to haunt you! Even with weekly visits to the chiropractor, my lower spine and SI joint are really, really letting me know that they are unwilling participants in anything I'm trying to do right now, that includes a full nights sleep.

Needless to say, running right now is out of the question. I'm hoping that over the holidays (yes, I am actually taking time off of work between Christmas and New Year's), I'll be able to get some nice fun runs in and some quality gym time.

But for now, I consider shovelling as cross training and it is a full body workout!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the packed shopping malls, parking lots and grumpy shoppers, oh yes and the screaming kidlettes while they are sitting on Santa's knee!

Tis the season!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 8 December 2008

Trying to stay (get) motivated







Trust me, I am NOT winter person! Just listening to the wind howl yesterday in blizzard like conditions in the morning, there really wasn't even a fleeting chance that I'd be going into town to run...let alone run at home.

Nope, no way, can't make me, don't wanna, nada...I'm not running!

Saturday was the 5K Santa Shuffle which a few of the hardier Wooo Hooo's ran, but nope, I opted not to run as I had my other business partying happening on Saturday afternoon. How fantastic to find out that I'd be amongst over seven marathoner's, a couple of triathlete's and a young lady who is just starting to run...yes, those were just some of the ladies at the home party, now that was amazing.

Sunday dawned to bear witness to absolute whiteouts and cold, cold winds. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?

Well, I'm going to have to get some motivation soon, I have a 10K run on New Year's Eve, which will be followed right afterwards by a Murder Mystery Pot Luck Dinner....too much fun! I already know my character....yes, Tiffany the Flight Attendant...gah, now I have to dig around to find my Wings and carry on luggage (yes, I still have most of it!).... but trust me, the original uniform is looonnnggg gone!

Following the New Year's Eve race, I have a quick (I hope) 5K Richmond Road Race, it is usually fffffffreezing that day, but we always get together afterwards to warm up with some adult BEvERages and food....then the Hypothermic Half Marathon....(have I mentioned I hate winter?)...

Marathon training starts shortly suck it up Chickie, you have to get your sorry ass out the door and get acclimatised to this gawd awful weather!

It's a mad house at work lately, as I always say, I'm trying to fit 20 pounds of shiz into a 5 pound, I'd better get back to work.

Thanks to those who sent me the thoughtful emails, checking to make sure I'm okay...yes, I am, I'm fine, and I do truly appreciate your concern.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 1 December 2008


The time of year is always overwhelming for me. I truly believe in the real Reason for the Season, but not in all the hoopla that the commercial retailers try to drill in my head, that a simple small gift is the best and it only costs "thousands of dollars".

It is the spirit of giving....come on - take a look at reality....even the cost of our running gear and gadgets are costly.... I don't even have a family, nor kids, let alone grandkids to buy do you guys do it???

I'm also overwhelmed with winter (already), what with trying to keep my house in some semblance of tidiness, I now have to shovel my decks and my driveway, plus keep my mailbox area cleared for fear of a reprimand from Canada Post.....

Plus to throw into the mix, trying to train for the upcoming Half Marathon in January and our 10K Resolution Run on New Year's Eve.

Bah humbug I say!!!!
Manservant most definitely required!!!

So, this morning I am getting ready for work (again), yes I was at the office on Sunday after my run. I feel this inner turmoil beginning to is a grinding feeling, that you are not accomplishing much and none of it very well.....when I arrive at the office this morning I'm told that the project that I worked on over the weekend is not a priority now, that another job has taken precedence.....

That is when I opened up an email from a motivational mentor I have....

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."

Roy Disney, Longtime senior executive to The Walt Disney Company

It's natural to feel conflicted when your life is out of sync with your values.

For example, if you believe your number one value is your family and you work 65 hours a week, is it any wonder that you feel unsettled and unhappy?

When you're clear about what is important to you, it will be much easier to let go of the things in your life that don't fit.

Start the week off right...examine your values.

WOW, one of those Ahhhhaaa, moments!

One person can only do so much, one person can only be helpful when they are helpful to them self. One cannot expect to get blood from a stone.

With this busy Christmas Season ahead of us, take time to remember the Reason for the Season, don't get caught up in all of the commercialism. Take time for family, friends and most importantly, Yourself....

Today, after work, I am not going to the gym, I will go home, relax, have a nice dinner with a glass of red wine and soak in the tub....

Life's fun if you don't weaken,
(maybe I should have a little cheese with all of the whine)!!!