Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday's Musings

This is how I feel today.

All thighs and no arms.....Upper body and arm fatigue ~ never have I experienced this more than now. Gah, am I going the way of the dinosaur???

I spoke with my Team Leader after yesterday's run to discuss this issue and her words of wisdom were to use free weights and do more upper body stretches. Will get right on that.

In the mean time I found this article this morning.....

*Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., C.S.C.S, the Fitness Research Director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, MA.

"The basic exercise for the biceps muscles is the arm curl, performed with barbells, dumbbells, or machines. Training the triceps involves some form of arm extension, either with free-weights or machines.
A good means for working the biceps and upper back muscles together is chin-ups with bodyweight or on a weight-assisted chin/dip machine. A good means for working the triceps and chest muscles together is bar dips with bodyweight or on a weight-assisted chin/dip machine.

The neck muscles maintain head position throughout each run. As the head weighs up to 15 pounds, this is an important function. In fact, the first place where many runners fatigue and tighten up is the neck/shoulder area. We therefore recommend the 4-way neck machine to strengthen these muscles. If you do not have access to this machine, perhaps the best approach is manual resistance. That is, place your hands in front of your forehead to resist slow neck flexion movements, and place your hands behind your head to resist slow neck extension movements."

He of course includes Leg, Upper Body, Arm and Midsection exercises, when put all together help build the core strength that longer distance runners' require.

Personally, I prefer yoga stretches and free weights (5lb), but will not exclude ANY information to help me on my marathon journey.

Hopefully with continued workouts over the next 12 - 13 weeks, I’ll be able to *Hold my head up high*....

Life's fun if you don't weaken, enjoy your journey one Tyrannosaurus rex step at a time!



Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by!

That's interesting about that article and very true for me. I always get tight in the neck area first. 4 way neck machine?!? Am I the only one that doesn't know what the heck that is? HAHAHAA

Anonymous said...

me thinks that perhaps getting those weights and joining you would be good. For those dangles under my triceps... or are those my triceps dangling like that... you know.... old lady arms... Most of me looks 40 something... while my upper arms look.... 70 something...

Happy Monday!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

OMG, all thighs and no arms, that pic is cracking me up. So I am just finally taking the time to get caught up with you. Thanks so much for keeping up with me too.

Tom told me that you sent him the info on Running Room. Is that what you are doing? The one that is opening up here is pretty close to my house. I want to check it out. Let me know if you know much about it!