Friday, 12 November 2010

is it just me...

I've joined a 10K run clinic with two little fun runs as the target of my winter running madness.  The Resolution Run on New Year's Eve and the Richmond Road Race in mid January.  Both races are a ton of fun and no they aren't chipped, but who cares, I'm all about having a lot of fun.  Since the real winter running season is hiding just around the corner, I decided to spiff up my clothing collection.  After all, winter running pants can only last so long before they are able to run a race on their own...if you get my drift.  Marlene mentioned that she was enamoured with a running pant from Lululemon, and yes, they are very cute, however, my old lady thighs and expanding abdomen just couldn't get use to the fact that the waistline is lower than what I'm use too and yes, I tend to yank my running pants up around my waist like Erkel, from the T.V. show, Family Matters.  So I purchased a pair of Sugoi, MidZero Zap Tights.  Hopefully these will take me up to at least January before I have to break down and get some SubZero Zap tights

So, back to is it just me?  Do any of you, when running with a group, make sure that no one is struggling or falling behind?  On clinic night I started my run and was tooling along at my usual clip...when I caught up with a couple of the runner's who had left before me.  I asked if they were okay and comfortable with their running pace, (like why would I even ask this?)  anyway, later into the run I look behind me (it is now very dark out) and I can't see them...literally, I can't see them, not one of this little group of new runner's had any reflective running wear on.  Me, I'm lit up like a Christmas Tree, so I stopped and waited until they caught up, not only were they struggling with the distance (6k), they were having difficulty figuring out a proper pace for themselves.  Where was their group leader?? 

Well, I'm just so happy that they are out and running and really put in an effort to "just do it", I staid with them, set a comfortable pace and answered any and all of their questions about running.  When we finished the run, we one had ever high-fived them before...they were just so excited!  Isn't it interesting the habits we get into when we run with the same group over and over again, it is just second nature for my running group to keep an eye on one another, encourage each other and wait for anyone who is lagging behind.  Training runs are just that, training, not a race. 

However, oh yes, I just can't end it there...I emailed the clinic instructor with what had happened and I think I've stirred the pot....heck, I'm not even a pace leader this session and really why am I like the proverbial mother hen???

Is it just me....or when you run with a group do you look after one another???

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Wes said...

good for you, Laurel! I am always watching for stragglers when I am in a group session. Unless of course, I'm dropped from the cycling group like a hot potato :-) Then, evidently nobody cares, but that's another story!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Mother Hen, ha! I'm like that also, it must be our BIG personalities......

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

This is a topic that comes up often when you have running groups. It really comes down to how they advertise the run. Important to know.

Example:We have a pub-run every monday here and the run-leader hands out a turn by turn map. So that tells me that it is a run-your-own-pace rather than no-one-left-behind.

no matter what EVERYONE should be wearing plenty of reflective lights!

Marlene said...

Glad you found some suitable tights! Here's hoping we don't need too many extra layers until WELL into winter.

Our group is like that too... nobody gets left behind. Good on you for looking out for those ladies. You made yoruself some new friends!

Lisa said...

I'm usually the one that's struggling in my run group...they are a bunch of super fast folks. And they don't always "sweep" up the last runner, but they wait in the parking lot at then end until everyone makes it in.

chris mcpeake said...

Its always easier running with a group as you dont have to do all the work all the time

Grey Beard said...

Your behavior is to be celebrated, not criticized. (picturing you with tree-top angel ornament as a hat!) The proof was in the reaction of the runners, not their idiot 'leader'. Kudos for you!!!

I have these instincts very strongly, being brother to 2 younger sisters, and wouldn't have it any other way, but surprising how careless and reckless some leaders can be.

Can you imagine how you'd feel as such a 'leader' if someone got hit and died because of such sloppy work?

I know people don't like to think about tragedies, but only children have the luxury of living in a world with no unpleasant outcomes. Adults are required to think ahead, plan carefully, and prevent them. This goes double for those who put themselves in leadership positions.

I'm sure working in a dangerous profession like construction you do so all the time.

I bailed on an epic ride last year because I couldn't get the SAG organizer to abandon the 'no-crash rule' in favor of actual planning. I guess she just wanted to go for a scenic ride? :-O

Anne said...

I do look out for others when I'm running in a group, mostly from years of leadership. I admit that the responsibility makes me really look forward to solo runs more than I used to.

Xenia said...

I've never run with a group before, but if I did I would for sure me one of the stragglers. And I'd be super happy that someone like you was considerate enough to look out for me.

You rock, Coach Lily.

Anne said...

I've only done one running clinic and I was usually one of the ones who needed to be looked out for.

I would have loved to have you as a group leader :)

Li Ly said...

Thats awesome that you look out for the other runners. I would love to have you in my running group.

Usually we run in pace groups so we're pretty much in the same area..

in my personal groups, if there are slower runners, they'll have a partner so it wont hold up the rest of the group that is trying to train.

Usually we look out for one another, but there are the ones that like to run solo and leave us in the dust, we usually dont invite them to run with us in the future :) hehe

EndorphinBuzz said...

I just started with a group and I was running with someone that was slower and doing a shorter distance but I felt really bad when he reached his turnaround point and I sped up to catch the folks at the front doing the longer distance. It's tough to adapt from lonerunner doing whatever you want to syncing up with other runners.