Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another 10

We have been experiencing unbelievably stellar weather!!!  WOW, what a great weekend to be outside and no, I don't mean raking leaves.

Saturday was spent on the Trek!!  Who knew that our weather would allow me to be able to cycle from the beginning of March right through to the middle of November.  I even had bike shorts on!!  We cycled from the Kanata Town Centre along the bike paths to Britannia Beach.  It is about a nice 45 minute easy cycle along the pathways through scenic woodland to the Ottawa River.  We cycled in behind the National Capital Equestrian Centre and noticed a lot of activity going on, since we were just cruising we biked over to see what was going on....It was one of Eastern Ontario's cyclocross  Ride with Rendall Hammer and Anvil Events, a two day event.  How freaking exciting to finally get to see a CX in action!  Wow, you guys who ride CX are awesome!

Sunday was another great day and I did something I've never, ever done in my life.  I went orienteering!  The Ottawa Orienteering Club was holding and event in the Gatineau's at the Mackenzie King Estates.  What an absolute riot!

I met with friends Treena and Vlad and headed over to Quebec.  The OOC had already set up and were getting individuals and teams on their way.

(the following is copied from the OCC, written by Rich Wendling).

A standard orienteering course consists of a start, a series of control markers, and a finish. Each participant is provided with a map, a control card, and a clue sheet. A control card is used to note the start and finish times, and to verify that the orienteer has visited each of the control markers on the course. The map is used to mark the start and finish locations, as well as the locations of each of the control markers.image of a typical course
Sometimes the maps are pre-marked, but other times the orienteer is required to copy the locations from a master map. The clue sheet has clues describing the placement of each of the control markers - the type of geographical feature at which the marker has been placed - and a "control code" which identifies the marker. Usually, the start times are staggered in order to reduce the tendency to follow other participants.

Once the course has been begun, each orienteer uses the map to navigate sequentially from control marker to control marker. Each control marker has an identifying control code and a "punch" that the orienteer uses to mark the control card. Different punches make different patterns on the card, thereby verifying that each control marker has been visited. 

At the finish, the time is noted on the control card. Meet officials then verify that the correct punches are on the card, and calculate the elapsed time.

OMG, we were over hill, through dale and even beaver ponds, at one point we were faced with a huge ravine that we climbed (slid) down, forged the stream and climbed up the other side, then ran a couple of km or so to the finish line!!  It was just such a rush!    We ended up 8th in our division with a time of one hour and 18 minutes, if Treena hadn't been pulling me along, I'm certain she would have been in the top three or four!    Hot apple cider, power bars, cookies and apples were waiting for us at the finish line...what a great time.

Once we tidied up a little we headed into Chelsea to a sweet little restaurant called Le Resto, it has a fabulous ambiance, even better food and they didn't seem to mind that we were a tad filthy.

All in all, I'd rate this past weekend a definite 10!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Wes said...

that orienteering stuff just sounds crazy! :-)

teacherwoman said...

That's awesome that you were able to enjoy the nice weather (for November!)

Nitmos said...

I've heard of this but never participated. I can see me getting very frustrated if the map is wrong (because of course I would be right.) Good day!

Marlene said...

Cool!! What an adventure! Glad you were able to get out there and live it up this weekend!

MarieA said...

UN believable you are!! Orienteering? Give me a map and I STILL get lost going in every direction but the right one! LOL

I had a quiet weekend reading books - walking the dog.... compressed disc thing.... oy! though I did rake leaves. I had to get outside too.

Anne said...

That sounds like such a blast!!

I know, our weather has definitely made me regret sticking the bike on the trainer so early...oh well.

Lisa said...

That sounds like it would be very interesting and lot of fun! Good job!

Teamarcia said...

What a fun, adventure-filled weekend! I second the motion on the awesome weather.

Ewa said...

This sounds like loads of fun.

MrDaveyGie said...

a weekend in the 10s, priceless..

Groover said...

Orienteering sounds like awesome fun. Well done and make sure you repeat this kind of weekends on a regular basis. And I don't mean once a year! :-)

Amy said...

I think I would love to do orienteering - it sounds great!