Wednesday, 30 April 2008

What a Crazy Week!

How busy is one suppose to be?

I had to book my own pedicure, manicure, make an appointment for my coiffe AND have my stylist bring in fresh flowers for my foyer....

oh wait, that wasn't me.... that must have been Cher!!!

(who is playing at Caesar's Palace on my birthday and I would kill (kill Bill) to get tickets). LMAO....

In reality my week was crazy, we are so busy at work, taxes are due today and we are in the final weeks of training for the marathon.

For two (no, make that three) nights this week, I've stuffed myself with Tostito's and salsa, splashed with a glass or two of red wine for dinner while sitting on the couch watching, yes Dancing with the Stars...mulling over can I write off the Phoenix RnR Half Marathon, mmmmmmmm????

Yes, I'm eating that crap even after having gone to the nutritional course at our most prestigious Heart Institute. My salt intake has just increased a thousand fold and my veins are gurgling plague.....gah, quite the vision. I need to eat a great big apple and have a colonic, LOL.

Truthfully, this past week's work outs have been busy too. The weather has been great and warm and really the necessary tonic all of us northerners need right now.

Last Tuesday was our clinic night and the first week of starting our speed work, hills are over with and now onto speed and fartlek....let 'er rip!!!

Jen and I ran a really nice almost 7K at a very comfortable speed and the nicest part was we were back on the Trans Canada old railroad track that has been converted over to a nice pathway for runners, walkers, cyclists and dog walkers.

Wednesday was our tempo / speed day, but I changed it up to do this on Thursday, I usually do this run on my own. Sometimes I just need to run on my own and zone for the 6K run, my average pace was 7:05Km with my speed spurts maxed at 5:33Km...I was pretty happy with that pace, it felt comfortable and my recovery was fairly easy.

Friday was a steady run for 6K at 7:34Km...again a nice easy pace and a great run to reflect on life.

Saturday was a nice easy run day without time, nor pace, nor anything other than just run and enjoy the sights, the sounds and clear out my mind.

Sunday was our LSD 29K, we were out again on the Trans Canada Trail, up to Turtle Pond, we ran through what use to be a private golf course, but now is public with stunning homes, ponds and bike trails. Of all the days to leave my camera at home, this would have been the perfect run to take pic's along the was just so nice to get out of the mouse maze that we had been running in for weeks on end during the winter weeks. Finally, a run where you can just enjoy the scenery. It was warm and sunny and I even got a scorcher of a sunburn where I had missed with the sunscreen, oweeeeee!

Our 29K average pace was 8:15 /km. This run felt far more comfortable than our Around the Bay race....amazing what your body can accomplish in a few short 4 weeks....what a nice run and easy recovery.
Even though it took us 3:59:08, the best part of the run was coming up the final hill where we ran past the faster runners who were already out on the patio enjoying their beverages.....Jen and I received a thunderous WOOOO HOOOO as we ran past and high fived matter how fast you run, we as runner's all support one another!!!

Finally I'm not so nervous about the marathon!!! My goal to finish is attainable.

So far it's been a non running week, today was TAX DAY, once I submitted my taxes, I came home to chill'ax and write up my post.

Tomorrow, back running, hopefully today's little snow showers will be gone and the sun will heat us back up again.....

Life's fun if you don't weaken.



Anonymous said...

While Cher may be playing Vegas on your birthday Cher and I *share* a birthday! Seriously.

I am using Netfile and consequently can't get through due to servers dyingover there at CRA!!! Gov't of Canada can't seem to afford servers and routers to deal with the clog of 8 million procrastinators. And I am getting refund you'd think I'd learn!

You CAN get no lightly salted taco chips you know. Salsa though, I've yet to find low sodium salsa.

You'll be GREAT for the big run really you will.

Are those sunburnt knees there on the deck?

David said...

You've already ran 29K (3411764.7059 barleycorn), so I have no doubt you could complete a full marathon. No idea how many barleycorn that would be, but once you have reached 18 miles, 26.2 is mostly just hydration and nutrition from there. It's in the bag!

But don't stop training! LOL

TNTcoach Ken said...

Way to go Cher, I mean Lily. Sounds like you have the confidence and we know you’re going to finish.

Amy said...

Oh, I am sure you will finish! I love it that you also calculate in metric, my family in the US is never quite sure how far or how fast I'm running unless they calculate it out, and vice versa. I can tell just by looking at your pace per km that you and I would be perfect running partners, because your numbers look SO familiar!

Marcy said...

I love Cher! Homegirl just doesn't give a crap and I love it. I don't particularly love all of her songs but I'm sure she'd put on a good performance :-)

Dang, I'm going to need a conversion table every time I visit :P

Lily on the Road said...

LMAO, I thought David's conversion would help everyone!!! LOL!!

Okay, okay, I will put a conversion up on the sidebar...



triguyjt said...

that god we all survived tax day!!!

you are on track for marathon butt kicking,....

who is this cher you talk about????


jahowie said...

I didn't know that Cher was still performing.

You are doing great with your running. I have to get my butt going again. It's been hard lately.

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Lily, I agree with David, if you've done the 18 the rest is just water and fuel, pace yourself and don't listen to the left side of the brain...that is why it is good to have a partner to run with I say.....
As for Marcy liking Cher...I think it is only because she serves as Cher's stand-in on her off weeks...see the resemblence...can't wait to see Marcy/Cher in her famed indian costume...I saw that many years ago in college (1973), front row seats and she wore it right in front of me...with little of nothing on beneath it...oh was I a happy camper....
Good luck with the rest of your training and the will do great!!!!

Doug said...

I saw Cher on her "Farewell Tour". I think she will ALWAYS be performing. She is truly an amazing performer.

Lily-Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog.

I'm glad you had a great long run. You're going to kick butt on marathon day! You need those extra calories for your longer runs-so good for you for eating those Tostidos-you're just fueling your body! Hee Hee

Vickie said...

Woo hoo is right on your 29k run! And you're right, no matter the time, we need to always remember to support our fellow runners. I think you're on your way to a great marathon! And oh, BTW, I am interested in either running races or short triathlons.