Monday, 28 April 2008

Blogger was not playing "nice"

Don't know about all of you but I was having trouble with Blogger, he just wasn't playing nice over the weekend and well, I kept losing my Internet connection as this will be short and sweet as I'm here at work. Yes, robbing the company of valuable time, LOL....

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and positive feedback with continuing with Lily on the Road ~ I'm not that easy to get rid of, so yes I am going to continue to post and thanks too for sharing your thoughts with me...I certainly wasn't fishing for compliments...(no I wasn't, hahahaha).

I'll hopefully be able to play with all of you later today, when I'm back home and can get my thoughts together....

BTW, had a great 29K run on Sunday, don't know the actual stats, but it was beautiful and sunny and yes, I'm sunburnt where I missed with the sunscreen....yikes, "lily white skin meets the sun"!!

Okay, got to "run"....catch you all later....again,

Life's fun if you don't weaken!!!!


Nitmos said...

All of this 29k stuff is messing me up. I need to do all sorts of mathematics to figure out what that means in miles. Sounds like a lot. Great job!

Anonymous said...

60 miles = 100 kilometres
that's the best I've got so about 15 miles maybe? but I only took grade 11 Math for dummies at school, so I could have it all wrong! lol

Lily on the Road said...

just to clarify;

29K into miles....

Answer: 29 km = 18.0197 mi.
OR 18 mi. and 34.7856 yrd


Anonymous said...

close - 3 miles off
arithmetic - definitely NOT what I am good at. But it's only a very minor character flaw- there is so much else I CAN do! (-:
15 18 It's all a helluva lot of mileage!
ps. what's withword ver AGAIN!!?!

Anonymous said...

When blogger is behaving and computer is compliant, Here's a poll for you to go with the weather.
What's worse, running in cold, or running in cold rain like today. What do all the running people say? Feel free to use it on your blog and give me credit or not!

Chris said...

I have trouble with blogger all the time. I find that when I use it in Firefox that it works better than when I use it in Explorer. Who knows.

Glad to hear you are continuing the blog.

jahowie said...

No trouble here. It must have been a Canadian thing. ;-) I'm glad that you're back.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

We heart you too.

Blogger can be finnicky sometimes. Drives me nutty. I must have published 5 times last night. I hope it doesn't show up 5 times in people's readers. It wouldn't go through for some reason. I have trouble with pictures sometimes too.

It's all worth it though. :D

Mendy said...

Awesome on your 29K run!!!!Glad the weather was nice for you!

David said...

Nice run over the weekend! I'm surprised to hear you are getting sun, though. Is it warm enough to bare flesh to the elements?


Good to see you beat Blogger, and are still with us.

Oh and:
29 kilometer = 6.0065761238 league
29 kilometer = 5.2195824334 league [nautical]
29 kilometer = 1141732283500 microinch
29 kilometer = 31714.785652 yard
29 kilometer = 1.9385302656e-7 astronomical unit
29 kilometer = 3411764.7059 barleycorn
29 kilometer = 0.000096733587607 light second

Lily on the Road said...

LOL, David you always crack me up!!!

LMAO, 3411764.7059 barley corn,

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ David! That is information one needs. TY!

~ blondie <-- giggling

Wes said...

They taught is in the Army in German to divide kilometers by 10 then multiple by 6.2. That way we wouldn't get a speedin ticket :-)

Wes said...

I wonder if I left a few more letters off my words if anyone would kn wh I talk ab? :-D

Lily on the Road said...

hahahah Wes, how's that Vodka experience working out for you????


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Thanks for clarifying 29K...I go all hung up trying to convert that. 5x5=25 so 29K must be 5x3.1+0.8x3.1

almost 18miles. whew.