Saturday, 19 April 2008

Saturday and all is well

It is a beautiful, bright spring day! The birds are chirping, flirting, singing and doing the "birding" nasty.

I've been on a flu induced taper this week.

You know the story, wake up on Monday and soldier your way into work because, well, you have to....make it until 10am and just as you turn that sickly colour of green, you make the only wise decision you can make....get home while the getting's good!!

Withholding all the gory details, I went into work on Tuesday and ran Tuesday night. Well it went downhill from there. By Thursday, let's just say I probably made a better looking corpse than live human.

Friday was the only day to date that I was able to hold any sort of sustenance in my body.

Today will be spent outside in the sun collecting the necessary gamma rays from the sun and overdosing on vitamin D from old Sol as assured I will have my cowboy hat on and my 60 sunblock.

I think my running shoes may still be on a hiatus this weekend (well, I may try to get a nice slow 10K in), however, my long run in town on Sunday will go by the wayside.

Monday is the Boston Marathon!

Several of our fellow blogger's are heading to Boston as I type this up....Marathon Dude Bill, and Nitmos, to them, best wishes, run strong and make Great share them with us upon your return!!! (I know I've missed somebody...sorry).

My personal friend Alan is heading for Boston today. He is the only Canadian man in his age group to be running the marathon. Alan is a spritely 75!! (we will be talking about Alan later....)

Best Wishes Alan!!!

Enjoy your day, I have to get out into the sun and rake up the oak leaves....

Life's fun if you don't weaken...



teacherwoman said...

I hope you are feeling better... nothing worse than being forced to lay low when feeling ill...

Nat said...

Well, you can borrow the extra 5 miles (8kms) I ran today for no apparent reason except that it felt good.

Rest up and get outside.... it's lovely.

Can I complain about running in the hot sun yet?

Groover said...

I'm sorry to read about you being sick. Get better soon. Everybody here had it, too. Change of seasons! Get a good rest, don't start training again too early. I didn't train at all for five days and was over it after seven days - back into my normal training routine. A friend kept riding through his flu and was still not fully recovered after two weeks!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

get well soon!

Chris said...

I hope you get back to normal soon.

I have come to the conclusion that when I am sick and try to continue my workouts, I am just sicker for a longer period of time. Now, I just take a few days off and work on getting well. It seems to work better for me.

Anonymous said...

ope you're feeling better soon. Rest up and keep those feet up and the hat on!

Marcy said...

Ahhhhh man! I hop you feel better chica! I SOOOOOOO love your Meez LMAO! Cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

How are you feeling today? Better I hope.

love and hugs,
~ blondie