Thursday, 1 May 2008

10K on the 10th of May!

When I first started off in blog land, somehow I thought I was going to be unique and start a blog about running, well, specifically all about my running...hahahaha, like you're the only runner in the world with that idea Lily....LMAO....After running the P.F. Chang Phoenix Half Marathon, with Rebel foremost in my mind, this is when I thought I'd start a blog.

How wonderfully surprised I was when I landed (don't quite know how, or maybe I just don't remember), on Notes of a Non Runner Nancy's blog.

I was then quickly introduced to Tom and Amy at the Runners' Lounge. The rest, as they say, is history...I've had the golden opportunity to meet all of you (yes, even my Canadian readers who don't post a comment, I include you too). You are all diamonds in MY day!!

So when I found Nancy she was organising a virtual run called

(I included the results page, just because I'm in it! LMAO!!!!)

I thought what a total riot and signed up!!!
And it was a total riot!!!

Nancy is so organised, that she just makes it that much more fun!!!

So guess what???


Nancy is holding another virtual race;
Can you guess when???

~~10K on the 10th of May ~~

I am totally committed to this race



I have my pace bunny!!!!

I just love to have motivation when I run!!!

*giggle like a school girl*

So, if you're up for some fun, strap on your kicks, run your 10K race, and post it on your blog...let Nancy know that you're racing....and wait for the fun results.....

Thanks in advance to the great race organiser.....Nancy!!!!

I can hardly wait!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken!!



Nat said...

Shit if you're running with him... LOL

How far are you going on the 10th? There is a 10K and a 15K in Franktown I am toying with doing? (Less than 45 minutes from where we are.) Let me know.

Anonymous said...

hell... with that cute pace bunny I'LL start running.
Where do I sign up and can I make absolutely sure the bunny sticks with me?
I mean, I am going to need all the help I can get.

She smiles sweetly, blinks her big browns all innocently(if that's possible in a 50 yr old wanna be cougar) and heads to the mall to buy those really cute running shoes and an event cuter running outfit for Mr Bunny.

(who needs diversions!)

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

I'm wondering if your pace bunny has a girlfriend that runs too, while you keep him occupied...I'll have to visit Nancy and sign up...that sounds like fun...

Marcy said...

I'm totally there! I think I might roll with the second lady Nancy had ROFLMAO! I don't know yet, such tough choices LOL

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I'm in too!!

Mendy said...

Nancy is GREAT, isn't she!!!

I'm in - definately. Even though its after my triathlon.

Nitmos said...

I plan to be there(here) at that event. I will NOT be using your pace bunny however.

jahowie said...

I am planning to run that day. I'll have to find my club and caveman garb though. :-) Have a great weekend!!

Vickie said...

I've done 8 on the 8th; 9 on the 9th; but may have to forego the 10k on the 10th. Haven't made up my mind yet because I have a 25k planned that day. I would MUCH RATHER run 10k, but once this big race is over, I can relax a little.

triguyjt said...

caveman has to run with ahuge piece of barbequed buffalo in his hand

Wes said...

Ha! I was going to use him for a pace bunny too, until I decided he had too much hair :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I saw that on Nancy's blog. I'm in for the 10 on 10th. If that caveman is running with me, I'm going to be running really freaking fast to get away, though.

Amy said...

I'm doing 11 on the 12th!

bill carter said...

Hi Lily

Best of luck. I am always hoping that you will do great with everything. It is a very easy thing to cheer for someone like you because there just aren't enough NICE people in the world and your kindness just comes shining through. I know it sounds a little corny, but I mean it and you just keep on doing what your doing... nice people rule.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

He is a cutey. Glad you did the race!!!!