Thursday, 24 April 2008

Thirteen on Thursday

Before we get to the thirteen, here is a Rebel update!

Rebel continues to recover. Sitting up at the side of her bed less than 24 hours post surgery. Talking a blue streak, complaining about the chest pain, because the morphine infusion is pretty light. BUT she is gaining strength and moving. It's amazing! She continues to improve.

Thirteen things I've learned while training for the ING Ottawa Marathon;

  1. I will never train in the winter again, unless of course it is somewhere warm!

  2. Sometimes it just hurts to get out of bed, but once you do, it's not so bad.

  3. There are never enough clean running clothes when you run 5 times per week.

  4. There is never enough time to visit with non-running friends, you'd better take up running if you want to see me!

  5. There will always be someone who can run faster than you, *sigh*.

  6. Sometimes I'm just a wimp and have to dig deep to get to where I want to go.

  7. Did I mention there are never enough clean running clothes? LOL!!

  8. Training for your first marathon is the hardest training you will ever do (other than you triathletes. and Bob our Ultra 100 Mile guy), your body just doesn't know what the heck you are doing to it....

  9. There is a multitude of support from places and people you'd never expect ~ Thank YOU!

  10. As per Lance Armstrong; pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.

  11. You meet the most interesting people while out running and see things you would have otherwise missed.

  12. Count your blessings that you have your health to be able to do any sport, I call it my attitude of gratitude.

  13. Smile, encourage others and don't take anything for granted, oh, sign your donor card!

Life's fun if you don't weaken!



Wes said...

That whole virus thing with Reb is just scary. My heart goes out to them...

Great list too! I need to invest in more running clothes :-)

AddictedToEndorphins said...

i Wholeheartedly agree with the never enough running clothes!

Glad Rebs doing well:)

Marcy said...

I TOTALLY hear you on training in the winter. Even though I did half hearted training for RnR AZ, it was still a PITA getting out and doing those long runs LOL Now watch me do it again :P

Mendy said...

Thanks for sharing that Rebel is doing better.

Like the list a lot and you're right, the more running (or whatever sport) you're doing, it seems like I have not enough running clothes or cycling...

Great list!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the donor card encouragement Lily.
I am not gonna run with you even though I love you to death girlfriend. I'll certainly buy the dinner and the BEvERages and bring them over though.

If runner friends want to know how the Rebel is doing - they can link over from SpousalEnnuie blog found to the right here) which is off its usual subject matter and pretty much mostly concerned with Rebel and her progress. We'll get back to our usual ennuie (no doubt) once Rebel is free and clear with a few updates now and again.

Thanks everyone for your good wishes and thoughts. If your area runs races for these causes, heart programmes, heart disease, hgospital tranpslant programmes etc. I hope you take them up. I am better at writing cheques and *running* to the bank to make sure they clear than I am at much else and will support these on your behalf! (-:

Nitmos said...

True words.

Your race is coming up. Look forward to the report.

Thanks for the encouragement for my race!

babooshka said...

Check out this link for an amazing photo of the Boston Marathon. Thought you might enjoy this.

One thing I need to know about running, I'm a stroller not a runner.

Best Wishes to Rebel.

Vickie said...

I agree about the winter training thing. It gets harder every year. I still don't know how I managed 20 years ago. Oh wait, I was YOUNG then! You will do great in your marathon. And just think, the weather should be better than January! Glad Rebel is recovering nicely.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome post! Love the list.

Great news about Rebel.

Chris said...

I find the same thing with riding clothes. It seems that they are always all dirty. I even bought a bunch more recently and still they are always all dirty.

David said...

You know, one thing I have to remind myself pre-race, as well as some point about 3/4 into it (.75 for you metric people), is that every run/race/ride/whatever will end. Nobody has ever run forever, and no race has never ended. We train, and it prepares us. If we have to stretch our abilities, so be it. But it will end.

(just don't quit)

Amy said...

Love your list! Although I would add to number 5: and always someone who runs slower! Way to keep a positive attitude!