Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Perfect Run

I'm on the eve of my longest run ever.

Sunday's run is 32K, LSD starting at 08:30.

Admittedly, I'm a little nervous (afraid is the fear of the unknown), so nervous is the word I'm using.

The cart is definitely before the horse, I think I have way too much time on my hands today to think about this.

Albeit, doing laundry, cleaning the house and fish tank (yes I have a fish tank with fish.....being a Gemini, the Chinese suggest that keeping fish in the house is relaxing and calming for our twin personalities).

It's raining and cold and crappy out, yes, another perfect day in Ottawa!

My brain is so beat up about running in the cold and wind since beginning our Marathon training in early February, now we are being thrown rain / sleet / more cold our way, IT'S APRIL.....and I'm praying to the running gods that they will deem fit to throw some sun our way for tomorrow's run.

What is throwing the whole scenario off course is that we changed the clocks early this year AND Easter was really early to boot.

Normally by now we haven't even had Easter which by my internal clock is the true start of spring!

I've finally had a chance to catch up on quite a few of the "blogs" out there, and their links.

Marcy had written about "Runner's Wanted" and I of course gave my usual flip answer to her post and didn't think anything more about it until just now. (okay, this is where it becomes convoluted, what else is new, I'm a Gemini!!!).

There was a link to the article in Runner's World about the three Ultra Marathoner's who ran across the Sahara Desert and now they are running across the USofA and are looking for runner's to fill up the their documentary....

Turns out that one of the runner's (Ray Zahab) is from my neck of the woods and I've heard him talk of his if you are in the area and can join in on their run across the USofA documentary, you should, it would be an experience of a life time and as I always say, life is about making memories.....(told you this would become convoluted...).

So, I'm now reading RW and I stumble across my favourite runner / author, John Bingham and he is writing about the
Perfect Run.

Okay, okay, it took me awhile to get where I was going with this story but hey I'm getting older, I tend to ramble....I'm allowed....

He mentions that the run is an individual pursuit, and just like me he was looking for the joy of searching for the limit, the edge on every run and just like me he wanted more and more and more. Had to go farther, had to go faster, if he / I didn't, he / I was disappointed.

Well now the reality has hit me, that man, I really admire all of you!

All of you marathoners', 10K and 5K runners, all of you Triathletes, all you mom's and dad's and all of us everyday people, out there every day, pounding out the miles.....YOU GUY'S ROCK!!!

Just like John Bingham, I couldn't imagine running 2K in the beginning and tomorrow I'll be running 32K....who would have ever imagined???

Life's fun if you don't weaken,

Enjoy your journey one step at a time.



Nat said...

Like someone wise said to me in a blog comment once...
It's all in your head.

OH and yes the weather DOES suck much.

Marcy said...

LOL I just read your comment! That's so cool!

You're a Gem too? Maybe that's why we get along so well :P Actually I don't take much stock in the signs (as in day to day horoscopes and such) but I think the personality traits that they have us pegged as are pretty accurate LOL. You yakky yakster ;-)

babooshka said...

Coincidently it is The London Marathon tomorrow aswell as your longest run. I'm sure you will tackle it with full on gusto.I'm not writing on my own blog so I am trying to be sensible and polite.

The blogging world wants to visit the island.Why?

Have a good one and show that Forrest Gump how it's done.

KC Stine said...

No need to be afraid, you will run your 32k and you will enjoy it. Sounds to me like you're ready for the big dance.

blondie said...


I hope you have a fabulous run.

YOU Rock! Go YOU!

love and hugs,

Amy said...

Good luck Lily, I will check back to see how it went and send you good thoughts for the weather gods to be on your side this time!

Chris said...

Best of luck! I look forward to reading about your run. That sounds like an awful long way to run to me. I am a Gemini too :)

Anonymous said...

You'll do FINE Lily! I'll keep some BEvERages in stock for post run dinner and drinks! It's gotta be about time yes?

Vickie said...

I hope your run went well and you had better weather than I did. And wouldn't you know it, Sunday turned out to be sunny and 45 degrees!

triguyjt said...

look how far you have come, there ms. fellow gemini....

have a great run...

Marcy said...

Ooohhhh I keep forgetting to yak with you about Utica! We must talk about it! I'll have to see what (if anything is going on) that weekend for me but I REALLY want to do it, especially if you'll be there! ;D Plus, it's a race distance I've never done so that will be nice too. Whoot!

Wes said...

I hope your run went well!! Running in crap weather builds on that mental toughness for you to draw on. Keep it up!!!

Nitmos said...

Looking forward to your report. I bet it went great!

Kim said...

So let's here it! I hope it went well and you're looking forward to your next longest distance!

jahowie said...

I hope that your run went well. I'll be watching for the race report.

babooshka said...

I hope you ran your socks off girl.

Buster completed the London Marathon.
Then had a fag.Really.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome post! Just loved it.

Hope the 32k went well.