Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Thanksgiving weekend - Cumberland Fall Colours

Cumberland Fall Colours race weekend is a mixed bag of every event you could ever imagine. Please note events on the banner and that is just for the running divisions.

They also have duathlons which are held on Saturday.

This is held every Thanksgiving weekend at the very scenic Cumberland Heritage Village, which depicts life in rural Ontario circa the 1930's.

The setting is spectacular when you have fantastic weather like we had this weekend and it is very much a family event. There are a lot of things for the teeny tiny's to keep busy with and the farm animals love all of the attention, plus there is a cute little park area for them to scream and shout in. This of course is where I hung out (just kidding) while looking for Vava and his family. Young Owen was in his first chipped, bibbed, big boy race. With little information of who exactly I was looking for, I pretty much accosted any male over 6' 2" with children in tow.

Short of someone calling the police for this insane woman saying "are you Vava? You're tall and with kids"....I gave up looking for him. Maybe next time more of a clue would help, or I'll just hang out at the finish line listening for father's yelling at their kids to run faster!!

This year, I was still on my hiatus from running, but many of my friends were there competing in the Half Marathon and one of the Wooo Hooo's significant other was tackling his first marathon ever!

(some of my Running Room friends getting ready for their Half and Full Marathons)

Now, trying to be positive here, I would never slag an event intentionally (well, maybe just a little), but when I think of a Boston Qualifier race, shouldn't there be timing mats at the beginning of the race???

Nope, no mats, no announcement that the race is going to begin, just stand near the pig pen, that's the start line, everybody ready???

Last year I ran the half marathon and it was a nice race, but not one that I would do again, but what the heck I'll go and support anyone who wants to run.

Okay, while I'm on my soapbox, could they not have a food concession stand available for the spectators / support people? There was nothing!! Some of these people (a large majority) had kids and pets with them and they were going to be there for hours waiting for their loved ones to cross the finish line.

There was no water, no juice, no coffee and no food for anyone other than the runner's who by the way, got chocolate milk and chili! Yup, I'd want to eat that after running a marathon....come ON! Maybe in my subliminal mind I remember all of this from last year!

Well, after re-reading that little paragraph I suppose I did slag the race....oooppps sorry!

Luckily I had packed an apple, orange and power bar into my purse, which really came in handy while I waited and chatted, then someone showed up with Tim Bits and a jug thermos of coffee....

My camera was put to good use and and so was my little bell, (not a cowbell, darn) and I happily sat in the sunshine and waited for the runners to arrive. One by one they huffed and puffed and sweated their way past me, some with smiles, some with grimaces...but Roger came along with one HUGE grin on his face as he completed his first marathon in the time of 4:11:47 in the men's category of 55 - 59!!

Way to go Roger!!

The general consensus is, although very picturesque it certainly wouldn't be a "must do" race for next fall.

Because I just might be in Grand Rapids with Vickie, Jan and Chia!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Wes said...

Nothing like being out in the country, smelling the sweaty animals and poop in the air :-) Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Nat said...

I also ran the half at Fall Colours. I came in shortly before the marathoners did, still there was NO FREAKING WATER to be had anywhere... not even a cup of water. (Upsets me that. Almost as much as the beer but no food at Shamrock.)

The kids run is a riot though... :)

Nat said...

I also ran the half at Fall Colours. I came in shortly before the marathoners did, still there was NO FREAKING WATER to be had anywhere... not even a cup of water. (Upsets me that. Almost as much as the beer but no food at Shamrock.)

The kids run is a riot though... :)

chia said...


Tell me it's true!!!!

At first I thought you were insinuating you're coming like now... but then I re-read and realized you said "next" fall.

You should still just come down and do the race this weekend :-).

Vickie said...

Yes yes please come! I might even give in and run the full if you do. (no promises yet). Sounds like you had a great weekend too.

BeachRunner said...

Sounds like a spectacular setting. Too bad the planning was so poor. Nice job packing the fruit, power bar and camera.

Anonymous said...

While you're running in Grand Rapids... maybe I'll do the 100 yard dash to the nearest Target Store and engage in my own form of exercise..... (-:

I could so do this with you with the right planning... If I don't get to go with you to the Rock and Roll run you do in Arizona... that would be fun to find a Target Store too!

Cumberland... great location but sounds like they needed a little professional help to keep their runners happy eh?


Xenia said...

All this love for MI but none for England. :( I know I shouldn't pout. Airplane tickets are hideously expensive nowadays anyway.

Congrats to your friend. And way to go you for spectating. :)

Jess said...

Yeah, you need mats at the beginning of a chipped race.

triguyjt said...

glad you had a great thanksgiving...

Marci said...

I looked at this race and had a fleeting well maybe, but then thought maybe not. It looks like a nice route though, thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

good of you to go out and support them though! :D

Marcy said...

Ummmm yeah, I'm TOTALLY with you on the mats at BOTH the beginning and the end. The marathon I ran was like that as well (mat only at the end) What's the freekin point of even having chip timing then?!?

OK for some reason I could NOT stop laughing about the chili! Seriously?!?! HAHAHAHHAHAHAA Ummmm yeah I TOTALLY want to eat something that looks like a present I left in the Port A Pot a good 4 hrs back :P

bluecolnago said...

no cow bells? say it isn't so! :)

sometimes it's just as much fun to watch as it is to participate, eh?

Laurel said...

Mmmm TIMBITS! You Canadians have a good thing going with those bad-boys!

However, the thought of eating chili and chocolate milk makes me want to puke. Not to mention after a marathon. Good Lord!

Amy said...

Ewww, chili after running a marathon - I don't think so. I'd be okay with chocolate soy milk, though!

Good thing you were well prepared with your "emergency food" - that's one of the lessons my mother taught me, don't be caught without emergency food!

Meg said...

It looks like you're having a gorgeous fall up there. I'm such a sucker for anything with a petting zoo, still! haha.
I've heard chocolate milk is an ideal post-race drink, but I'm sure it doesn't sit well in everyone's stomach. It sounds like whoever planned the post-race food didn't really understand running.

Danica said...

Ha ha, loved the part about the okay, just stand near the pigpen, that's the start line! So fun and different than the races I've ran in. How fun to be apart of it, and Congrats to Roger!

kilroy said...

Well I was going to bite my tongue, but ...

The chili was almost welcome last year when the day was colder, but I wasn't in the mood for it this year. Besides, I didn't think the guy made very good chilli. And since I do make good chili, I didn't bother. I would have liked a chocolate milk though, but I run slow & it was all gone before I hit the finish line. I did get 3 bananas ... & there were bagels but I try not to choke down bagels after my races any more.

It is a good run though ... I've done it twice (the half both years) and I'd do it again. But there is something in the air that irritates my throat. Probably from the pulp mill across the river.

Marlene said...

Wasn't it a lovely weekend?? Glad you enjoyed it!

P.O.M. said...

Chili after a long run? Better stock up on toilet paper!