Thursday, 13 March 2008

True or False....

The planet Uranus was discovered by:
  1. Ken Kesey while on an acid trip?

  2. Edmund Halley while looking for a comet?

  3. John Flamsteed while training for a marathon?

  4. William Herschel while playing with his telescope?

Planet Uranus was discovered on:

  1. March 13, 1962

  2. March 13, 1850

  3. March 13, 1900

  4. March 13, 1781

Planet Uranus was named after:

  1. Georgium Sidus

  2. A Roman mythical God

  3. Hunter S. Thompson

  4. Homer Simpson

Planet Uranus has:

  1. 10 moons

  2. 3 moons

  3. blue moons

  4. zero moons

Answers tomorrow......


Anonymous said...

Answers tomorrow? Why tomorrow? why not later today? Never mind that if these were Trivial Pursuit questions... I would be done!

Let me get my librarian research skills in gear here... and go find the answers... I'm good at finding answers...

Better question... why do we care about Uranus today?

just askin...

Anonymous said...

Ter, you crack me UP!

"Better question... why do we care about Uranus today?"

Please see blog, hint DATE.....

you KNOW I'm a space science geek!


David said...

Okay, I know it was mistaken for a comet. And it was discovered on March 13th (of some year). It's named after a "god" right? But I think it was named BY Beavis and Butthead, in 1988.


Marcy said...

LMAO! David, I would guess but then you'd all think I was stupid :P

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Damn, David beat me to it. I knew it was discovered on March 13th. ;-)