Thursday, 6 March 2008

On the thirteenth week of winter, ole man winter gave to me...

Animations - notes 028

  • One wicked drive to work

  • Two frozen wiper blades

  • Three cars stuck........

  • Four red stop lights

  • Five snow ploughs in a row

  • Six school bus’s stopping

  • Seven missed calls

  • Eight minutes wasted

  • Nine meetings cancelled

  • Ten extra curses

  • Eleven snow blowers blowing

  • Twelve shovels shovelling

    • and

      • my 78 year old neighbour helping with her John Deere....

      Animations - notes 028

      oh, my aching back!!!



      Nat said...

      Yesterday I decided that snow shoveling counted as cross training.

      Marcy said...

      Nat totally has an excellent point! Snow shoveling TOTALLY counts as cross training.

      Anonymous said...

      OF course snow shovelling counts... i's hugely aerobic and never mind the weights.... totally cross training and brick-i-fying!

      Rudy said...

      Can you put that to music?

      It might be a hit LOL

      Anonymous said...

      A wonderfully creative 13, Lily.
      Loved it!

      ~ blondie

      Anonymous said...

      what? no BEvERages involved?!? that can't be right... a la BOb & Doug

      Anonymous said...

      I tried to put animated musical notes, but blogger wasn't playing along!


      bill carter said...

      Hi Lily

      I don't think all that snow could ever dampen your spirit.

      I just know spring is coming... isn't it??