Sunday, 9 March 2008

23K Today ~ I think NOT!

Well, I know I've done nothing but bitch about winter so far and I'm sure you "southerner's"are not quite "feeling the love" that I have for it.

For the people who know me, in all honesty, my
SAD hasn't been too bad so far. Right?

Geez, after looking up the link, (trust the Canadian explanation to be super depressing, hahahha).

Truly, this winter hasn't been bad, I've had the marathon training to focus on, going to the gym has helped and we've been really busy at work.

Going to Phoenix for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in January was like a tonic for me....while my fellow travellers were in quest for outlet malls, I basked in the sunshine, swam in the pool and burbled in the hot tub. Look out Arizona, you may eventually have a new snowbird in your midst.

Yesterday, Saturday, I managed to get my 6K run in before the storm hit. The sky was grey-blue-black with heavy clouds and the wind was strong. There was not too much activity going on other than people out snow blowing their lane ways. The run it self was more along the lines of skate skiing. The roads had not been properly cleared from the storm on Friday and the footing was treacherous. Every run is so different as I've discovered. Tuesday night I ripped off a 6K in under 42 minutes. Yesterday, well let's say it was a lot longer, almost an hour....Simon and Garfunkle's Slip-Sliding Away came to mind as I was trying to maintain some sense of footing. I could see it on the motorist's faces as they passed me "what is that crazy old broad up to now? She must be out of her mind". Maybe, but it's a fun place to be!

Today on my Marathon Calendar is 23K LSD, knowing that the weather was suppose to be a little stormy I had decided not to travel into town to run, crap good call on that one.....I can hardly get out my doors!!!!

I'm now going to call GeeZen, cancel our running plans until later today, if at all, have a big breakfast then get out a shovel (some more).

I need a man servant!


Nat said...

Given the roads it's probably a wise decison. That's why I decided to run Friday after work (I was only doing 6 miles so.) I think I may actually do a treadmill run on Monday.

I like winter, I really do. But this is officially ENOUGH.

Anonymous said...

wait til I get the pictures up on my site Lily.I'm with you all barricaded in my house because the snow is up to the window on the front door! Said manservant here isn't budging yet to get the shovel in action. I can't even help much because I don't have the strength to throw it over the over-the-top banks we've already got! I'm jealous of the neighbour who had a snow removal service come dig him out!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

OH my, I'm sorry you got slammed again. It looks ridiculous. Hang in there.

Mendy said...

Gosh, I don't know how you do it! I like snow and all, but in the type that comes by around 6am and by 4pm, it's gone! It must be really hard to train in the conditions you're dealt with. You're handling it way better than I would! Hang in there, spring is on it's way, right?

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog...oh my gosh how do you manage to train in those weather conditions! I guess I will stop whining about the wind and rain here in Belgium!