Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Spring Forward

This coming weekend heralds Spring...or at least we change our clocks ahead "Spring Forward"...this is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detector’s....just a public service announcement.

March is here and we are fast approaching the true running season, enough of the training in sleet, snow, wind and cold, (oh, I promised I wouldn’t mention snow again didn’t I?), well, I lied...we have yet another Winter Storm Watch on in Ottawa, and yes Marcy, more snow pictures to come.

Just to let you know David and Mendy, my brick training this winter has been shovelling snow and running!

This week I have 50K to run, with hill training starting on Wednesday. I don’t mind hills, for some reason they have never seemed to bother me, mind you, once training is over I might have a different opinion. I can see my Wooo Hooo running friends rolling their eyes.

Believe it or not, I am still recovering from my 19K run on Sunday, I'm just a little tired, but today's run is a nice gentle 6K, that'll clean out the cobwebs and get me ready for the rest of the week.

With the winter storm warning still in effect I just hope I won't be running in this kind of weather tomorrow. That is to say if I get out of my driveway!

Have a great day, spring will soon be here!!!

Enjoy your journey one step at a time.



santa said...

Hi Lily- Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Good luck with your May Marathon.

Anonymous said...

GAH! Springing ahead? Already?
Get ready for it. I hate losing that hour of sleep!
Shovels at the ready... and ice pellets coming forward too. It's gonna be a fun one tomorrow.
I am getting the scraping action ready as I type!
talk soon Lil!

Rudy said...

Oy, we have 40 degrees and sprinkles here in the great white north. Forecast is calling for rain (possibly snow if it cools down enough over night)

This isn't winter, its a pain in the arse. I wish it would be winter (pretty and white) or spring (pretty and green) and quit this dang flip-flopping.

So much ice around I can't do anything but shuffle. I should wear my yak trax permanently LOL Do you use something like that for running?

Headed for sunshine and probably too warm for my thick Alaskan blood but my folks are very excited to have me see their snow bird hangout. And well, I am really looking forward to a little place just left of hell. ;-)

word ver = cld cvd - cloud covered is what we are today.

Lily on the Road said...


Safe trip to "just left of hell"!

Enjoy your time with your folks ~ hug a cactus for me....oh, that didn't come out right! hahahaha,

I know that the Mals will miss you!

oh, no, I don't use yak trac's although some do.....

Marathoner in Training said...

Winter will soon be over, and you will get more running in, without having to bundle up. Reading my blog at work will make it look like you are busy. Thanks for stopping by. Eric

Marcy said...

SWWEEEEEET!! Just in time too! We're supposed to get an ice storm or something tomorrow. BAH! I need someone to share the misery with :P

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice "brick" training. The last time we had a winter like this I was single and shoveling ... constantly. I suppose it was good for me but DANG. It gets old.

Hang in there!

teacherwoman said...

I am so ready for better running temps outdoors! Go away snowy weather!