Friday, 23 March 2012

Finally Friday

What a crazy week, how can it be Friday already?  Time flies when you're having fun ~ Right?  With any luck I'll be able to take a long walk / run on the beach this weekend.

Where I live
It is a busy time trying to get not only my income tax crap  return information prepared but now I have had to put on my detectives hat to try to track down all my dad's tax information too.  Let's just say that I caved and called a co-worker's accountant who is going to handle it all once I get all the sh*t information together.  What I am learning in my Alzheimer seminars is to accept the help of others.  See, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Speaking of accepting and allowing others to help you out, another one of my co-workers had given me a Christmas Gift Certificate for a massage at Absolute Massage Therapy which happens to be situated right next door to my office.  I took the opportunity to use my certificate and add on another half hour.  Holy Hannah, I was in heaven!  All the tension and stress I have been carrying around for the last six months was ripped and stripped, gently massaged out oh so tense muscles and left me feeling totally body stoned.  Honestly, I had to sit in my car for about five minutes just to get my bearings.  It was FANTASTIC!!!

Wednesday was a visit with my Chiropractor at her new InTune Chiropractic office.  Again, just being able to totally relax and have my adjustment is helping me overall.  I also learned that I am not breathing properly while in a relaxed state.  I've been breathing with the top of my lungs and not using my diaphragmatic breathing technique that I use when I swim, bike, run.   Who knew!  So, another lesson learned and definitely one I shall continue to practice at all times.

Since my old running shoes were pretty much at the end of their life span after all the Half Iron training and actual event.  I took the opportunity of using one of the discount coupons you receive when you sign up for any of the Running Room Clinics.  So I sprung for a new pair of my ever faithful Saucony's....ProGrid Triumph 9's.  I can hardly wait to get out this weekend and see how they feel.

Saucony ProGrid 9
On another note, I've recently found a running blog of an Expat Canuck.  Canadian Runner in Exile.  Caroline is now living in SoCal with her husband and kidlettes and is currently giving away a fabulous book just in time for the Boston Marathon!!  The book is "Young at Heart", the story of Johnny Kelley who was a 2 time winner and 7 time 2nd place finisher of the Boston Marathon.  So you can understand my excitement to be able to put my name into the mix to be the possible winner of this book.

Young at Heart book give away
Marlene!  My little Blog Daughter, perhaps you'd like to get your Boston Bound Tushie over the Caroline's Blog too!!

Well, there you go, another action packed week!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and for those of you headed to Hamilton for the Around the Bay, have a fabulous race and keep your eye open for the Grim Reaper...because you know he's looking for you!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Marlene said...

I am on my way over to Caroline's RIGHT NOW.

Be right back...

Marlene said...

Alright, I'm back. Thank you for that.

Those are some nice looking kicks and I LOVE Saucony. I wear the Progrid Stabils for more support bunt they don't come in fun colours like that. :(

Good luck with the taxes. Have a GREAT weekend! XO

Dee said...

my running shoes are so boring compared to yours! fluro us back!
I never knew Ottawa had a beach, or a lake for that matter. I need to look at maps more often.

Lisa said...

love the colors on those shoes!

i ran in triumphs until i switched to kinvaras. the kinvaras seem better for my knee for some reason. but liked the triumphs.

ajh said...

Didn't get to run on the beach but I ran by my river.

Now I'm getting "stuff done." Enjoy your weekend.

Black Knight said...

I put in my routine a weekly massage to prevent injures and it worked.
I cannot wait for running on the beach too.
Beautiful shoes.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Massages are a LOVE blanket for the body! So when is the next one?? :)

Jill said...

NOTHING beats new running shoes! Hope you had a fantastic run this weekend in them :).

luckmey said...

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MarieA said...

I've gotten out of the habit of reading blogs during the day. Glad to hear you're doing so well with the running and other physical stuff. My fitness pal - A lot of folks are using that. I looked at it, but I don't have a scale at home - I just know my clothes are starting to fit again so I think I'll be okay.

Must get back into my own writing. Kate and Karl have a few stories to tell!


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