Friday, 16 March 2012

Finally Friday

Our temperatures are starting to warm up.  While some of my running / tri friends to the south of me (Born to Endure in Indy and another friend in Grand Rapids) have been talking about high temperatures all week, I've been in my down-coat and braving cold winds, rain, hail and thunderstorms.  Well hopefully all that is past now and we can actually get out without layers of long underwear.

Even with the nice temps, I'll be in an all day seminar tomorrow that is put on by the Alzheimer Society.  The focus will be on future planning and what can be expected when loved ones dementia progresses to the next level.  I'll have to remember to take a box of Kleenex with me.  Hopefully the seminar will finish early enough that I'll be able to either stop in to visit with my dad or go for a run.  Maybe I'll be able to do both!

Sunday will be going to run club in the morning for a smart little 10k and then I'm off to the Outdoor & Adventure Show.  I'm considering buying a kayak, after all I live a block from the river and haven't been out on the water in years other than to swim!  Bushtukah will be there and they are the grand suppliers of most of my cycling gear and cross country ski clothing.  I bought Blizzard (Trek 2.1) from them a few years ago and I'm (okay, I'm being truthful), thinking of buying looking at the Speed Concept again.  Ssshhhh, don't tell my bike.

On a side note:

  • I'm 14 months alcohol free, this hasn't been a problem considering I didn't have a problem, I just feel so much better and stopped when I was starting my Half Ironman training.
  • I'm now heading into my first full month without coffee and it's killing me!  WhAAAaaaaa  I've even had dreams about coffee!!
  • Had the best massage in my whole life last night, all the stress from the past six months seemed to leave my body, however, today I feel like I've been hit by a truck!  
  • I'm still eating clean (over two years) and have eliminated most breads, sugar and general gorp i.e. junk food from my diet.  I've been tracking what I eat daily with My Fitness Pal.  The scales show a significant weight loss and I'm going to have to buy some new summer clothes...that is pretty exciting so I'd say it has been a great success.

For those of you who are Irish, or even Irish for a day, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



ajh said...


TNTcoach Ken said...

I haven't had a BEvERage since I've been at work today! Good luck with the seminar.....

Ewa said...

I am with Andrea on coffee.
I think your lousy weather came our way. OK I am not fair, I am actually enjoying our rains and winds except when I bike.
My mom is sliding more and more into Alzheimer's but since she is not aware of it and seems to be quite happy (blessed drugs) it is easier on me.

Stuart said...

Alcohol OMG, no way Jose!