Tuesday, 3 June 2008

To Tattoo Too?

Truthfully I'm right on the fence about this. I'm the only one of all my running friends who does not have a tattoo. Many have said that once you complete your marathon you (I) should get a tattoo because the race is so empowering, the tattoo will commemorate the event.

I've gone as far as to pick out what I would have inked onto my body. Being born in the year of the Snake, the pattern is of two snakes, heart shaped and I would put 21.1K on one side of the heart and 42.2K on the other. Tastefully Gothic!

Now that I've found the design, what about location?? Do I put it in the middle of my forehead, like Marcy's homies from a few posts ago. (Kidding). Somewhere discrete, no one will see but me location? On my ankle that swells up, so they can look like King Cobra's at the end of the day?

All these decisions....a tattoo, gawd, my mother will be churning in her urn should I go ahead with this. "Ladies do not do that sort of thing". I had a hard enough time justifying multiple ear piercings when she was alive.

So, I will mull this over for a few more days....feel free to leave your comments....

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Marcy said...

What a great idea!! I love tats. If I could, I'd get more :P Mr McG totally rejects the idea though (Mr Conservative BAH! LOL) I only have 1 and it's hidden (for the most part unless I'm wearing lower cut jeans) the Cheshire Cat sits on the top part of my ass :P If I were to get more they'd be covered as well, but that's jsut me :-) This way if you ever have to so something formal, you won't have to worry about covering it up, KWIM?

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I have a tattoo and it's visible when I wear sleeveless clothes - it's on the back of my left shoulder. I got mine before "everyone" was getting them, so putting it somewhere sometimes visible was a bold move at the time.

I think it's a very personal decision...what you get and where you have it done.

TNTcoach Ken said...

I’ve thought about one but never got that drunk again! No piercings or tats on this body and now it’s starting to wrinkle…….

bluecolnago said...

i got liquored up in '72 and got one. my advice.... never get a girlfriend's (or boyfriend's, i guess) name tattooed on your body. bad decision :) lol.

but.... that's a cool design. i say go for it.

triguyjt said...

I say you have it put on your face like mike tyson....


Okay, put it on your ankle...

you have my permission ;)

Nat said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooh tattoos!

If you get it done one the best artist in town is called Ian and he's at Universal Tattoo on Rideau.

I have two tattos really want another to commemorate the marathons. I am just not sure what I want. The Man has a the distance writter out in script on the base of his neck. I love that location. (I have a sun there.)

If my tighs weren't so lumpy I'd get on there.

Anonymous said...

I'll ask the daughter where she got her tatoos ( per transplant days!) I think Universal might be where she went too.
Nice design. I'd say small of the back or the hip area for that particular one. Maybe the girl and I can hold yr hand when you go and then have lunch and drinks somewhere?

Me? not a chance. ]
I shake my head and laugh my friend!

Mel said...

My husband is a tattoo freak...he has full sleves...ME NONE...but if I would get one I would put it above my butt and right above my jean line..I was going to get a flower vine going across...but chicken out :) I also like them on the top of the feet...if small with some color!!! Good luck!!!

jahowie said...

I would put it on your ankle. Tatts are for me, but I've seen some that are very cool looking and I like the design. I'd stick with the all black tatt.....don't forget that color fades.


Thanks for the congrats on my half!! :-)

P.O.M. said...

How about on the side of your neck so it looks liek you were in prison?
I joke, I joke.

I like discreet better. Just in case you have to get all gussied up for something. Lower back is always cool.

Anonymous said...

So here is my question, sweets. If you are contemplating a tatoo for you {heh, that rhymes} why put it somewhere you can't even see it without some major acrobatic moves? {ie: back, neck, etc} That little design above is quite cute and would look very much so on an ankle I would think.

Get T to go with you to hold your hand and then out for a drink after.

oh. And don't forget to take a photo. We wanna see the finished product.

love and hugs,
~ blondie

Marlene said...

This is something I have considered...I am already 'inked' but I would love to get a small "42.2" after running a marathon. Good luck with your decision - that's a nice design!

Xenia said...

I don't have a tattoo and I'm too chicken to probably get one, but if I did, I'd probably get one on my ankle or above my butt (the so-called trailer trash license plate).

Whatever you feel most comfortable with, really. And, like others have said, if you want to admire it, it would be best to get it on an easy to see part of your body for you.

Congrats on finishing the marathon! That's fantastic!

Rudy said...

I love the design! It is almost Celtic.

I agree with blondie, if it is for you, you ought to be able to see it.

Don't understand the 21.1 though. That is a half, yes? I would think the full distance and incorporate the date of the accomplishment.

LMAO "trailer trash license plate" Had not heard that before.

Michelle J said...

I have 3 tatts so far! I say so far because i am planning on a 4th one very soon, so in answer to your question...go for it, but ONLY if you really want it, not it others say do it ya know?

Marci said...

I have never been one to fancy tatoos, but if I ever did get one, I think the 42.2 design you chose is really neat. What a great way to honour your accomplishment. What about your shoulder?

bill carter said...

Hi Sweet Lily

You know... I always said I would get one if I ever ran under 3 hours and thought it was a pretty safe bet that meant no. Now that I am under 3, I STILL haven't got one and I don't know if I can. I am truly on the fence on this one and it sounds like you are also. I say "Go for it." and maybe that will be the impetus for me to get one also. I do know that I will go for the discreet location though.

Best of luck and congrats again on going 42.2!

Runner Leana said...

I love your idea. I have thought about getting something to commemorate finishing the Goofy Challenge - something with 39.3 and Jan 2008 incorporated. The only place that makes sense to me though is on the inside of my right ankle, exactly where it swelled up a couple of years ago when I had a stress fracture there. I'm on the fence about it because...well...it wouldn't be hidden, but it is the part of my body that would seem the most ideal to the story. Good luck with your decision!

Vickie said...

I'm not a tattoo person but I love your design. My sister has one on her calf. Can't wait for Toronto.