Monday, 9 June 2008

32.5 Degrees Celsius, Bring it ON!!

This weekend we had near record temperatures in the National Capital Region, I say bring it ON! I live for this weather!!

The Bay, has started the summer bustle, cottagers are returning to enjoy the rivers and bays, from my back deck I could hear the motorboats out on the river. With the price of gas rising so quickly, I wonder how many people will be trading in the power boats for sail boats this summer.

Saturday was hot, hot, hot and humid. My run was just 5k and this seemed like the perfect morning to get out early. Yard sales galore, and the government dock was teeming with boaters launching their crafts for the first time. Ahhh, summer is finally here.

Two of my Woo Hoo girlfriends Glenda and Nancy, who were out biking had stopped to see if I was home, good timing as I was just walking in from my run. We had a great visit on the back deck, they had a chance to relax for a bit and refill their water bottles before the 20K bike ride home.

My other Woo Hoo friend Anne and her husband Dean were on the Rideau Lakes Bike Tour for the weekend. If you recall, Anne ran the marathon with me two weeks ago and has started training for her Half Iron Tri in August....she has graciously agreed to help me with my Try-A-Tri, yikes, I'd better get going on that!!

Sunday was really stinky hot. Glenda and I drove into the Running Room Sunday morning and it was really very hot and humid at 8:30AM.

The Half Marathon group assembled for the 7K run and split into the running groups. The 2:10 group started off and because it was so hot, as pace leader I determined that slower was better, so we set off at a 7:30 pace....

Interestingly, as always, the runners who have never done the distance just couldn't get it into their heads that this pace was what we do, even after explaining why we run the Sunday runs at a much slower pace, some understood and staid with us and while others went off on their own accord. All I can do is explain and hope that they will learn. Our route incorporated several large hills, each had a long grade to them. The runners that went on ahead were struggling up the final hill and finished their run with the group.

Over the next 18 weeks, they will come to understand the differences between the tempo, steady, fartlek and long slow distances. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! That is why I firmly believe in these running clinics.

Even with this spike in temperature and the crushing humidity, this weekend was The Weekend to End Breast Cancer 60K walk. Over a thousand walkers and crew raised $ 2.1 million for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Well done everybody, you are all hero's....

On another weather related story, Bob Gentile, toughed it out on his Kettle 100 Mile run in LeGrange, Wisconsin. Due to extreme weather conditions ranging from Tornado warnings, hail, torrential downpours, he made the 100K cutoff but decided at that time to not try to make 100 miles. Congratulations Bob, well done despite the conditions and you got your KETTLE!!

Stay safe everyone while we experience this extreme weather, use common sense and be smart while you're out there training.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



chia said...

Hooray for being hot chicks again :-D!

Ok, sorry, lame joke.

"Happy overheating and rehydrating" didn't have the same gleeful spin to it :-)

Anonymous said...

*Hot Chicks*. Cute.

Good luck to you as you continue to run. It is exciting to see your enthusiasm.

It sounds like you had quite a wonderful weekend in spite of the heat. Just don't come to my land where your 32.5°C turns into 40°C with 19% humidity. Seems that I do indeed live just left of hell, eh?
{and on that note, I am out to weed whack the front yard. To me its just a little warm.}

love and hugs,
~ blondie

Xenia said...

Oooo, yard sales. How I miss them.

Take care in the heat. England is finely starting to realize it's summer too. Looks likes it's going to be a long hot summer for all of us.

Marci said...

I am a firm believer in the paces as well - too many inexperienced runners worry about killing every run and usually face burnout or injury. BTW, how does one become a "Woo Hoo girl?" :)

Anonymous said...

Marci said..."BTW, how does one become a "Woo Hoo girl?" :)"

yeah. What she said.

Is there an initiation process? Do you have to actually *say* woo hoo? Is there drinking involved? These are things we need to know.


~ b

Nitmos said...

I can't imagine a newbie running ahead of a pacer especially in this weather. They'll learn. Oh, yes, they'll learn.

Vickie said...

I'm with you on the hot weather! I would much rather run in this than the cold and snow. It might be harder physically, but it is much easier mentally to get out there. And P.S. I now have a hotel and a flight for Toronto.

Anonymous said...

okay I am not quite a hot enough chick I guess. So when is the sleepover? I am game and free and easy!
Good for your for pacing properly. Oh so cool for you.

A friend at work did the walk this weekend. She raised over 4K on her own I believe. I got a Halifax style donair and beer on that deal! (-:

catch ya sooner than later I hope!

Marcy said...

LMAO why does Nitmos always sound so sinister?

That's nutso to get all crazy in this heat. I hear you chica, it's all about the easy does it! LOL

Chris said...

I don't know how people can actually afford to run ski boats and such now adays. Those things use beaucoup fuel and with it a $4 a gallon I am sure that can take the smile right off of your face.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

It took me about 6 months to get my head around paces. But now I'm a believer! I think it's just a lot of information for someone new to absorb all at ones.

Viv said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

I will never understand why some people join clinics if they plan on doing what they want. Ugh!

teacherwoman said...

Bring on the warmer weather, is right! It's been 60's here all week...and rain to come. dang.