Saturday, 31 May 2008

A New Slimmer Version?

Carrying extraneous weight does impact your ability to optimize your speed. (Nitmos,)

So, I'm back, older, wiser, heavier, oh, yes a Marathoner!

I have to say, I always have a great time with my Dad. He totally exhausts me, but you know what? We always have fun! Time flies when he is here and we laugh, exchange memories, challenge one another and yes, we do exchange words but none the less, we have a great time.

The morning when he is getting ready to leave, we always say that we can't believe how fast the visit has been. This visit we had a blast and for this I am grateful. We made more memories and had a rare moment in time to be friends, not parent nor child. Why is it always easier to tell your friends and acquaintances that you love them, but between my Dad and I, it is always difficult, to the point of non-existent to tell each other we love one another. I suppose it is just one of those "too close for comfort" experiences, yet we know that we do. He is a World War II Hero, a retired Police officer and my dad.....

So, I'm back;

How do you gain weight when you train for a marathon? You run, you sweat, you take gels, you take vitamins, you sweat some more....and still you gain weight! I love my friends who say, "BUT, I thought you'd lost weight" or geez, you look better than you did!

Nope, after attending the Sports Nutrition seminar a few months ago, the professional said I was twenty pounds over weight. Well, okay, I use to weight that, but I was also twenty years younger.

When I was a flight attendant, we had to weigh in and we had grooming 5'10" I could not weigh more than 140 lbs., without fear of suspension

Well, I can no longer put this off, after seeing the photo's from the marathon, YIKES!!! I'm taking up the challenge even though I have to purchase bathroom scales!!!

Even after all the training, I do feel that I need to tone up a bit and hopefully with cross-training for the next bout of self inflicted torture, I'll achieve that.

My next run is on July 1st, a 10K run on Canada Day to support our Canadian athlete's in Beijing.

I had toyed with the idea of teaching the next half marathon clinic at our local Running Room, however, with my stay-cation and my dad being here it just wasn't the right time. With that being said, I am going to be a 2:15 - 2:30 pace person for the clinic. This will be fun meeting a whole new group of runners wanting to up their own fitness and running challenges, targeting for their first half marathon.

Tomorrow I'm off to purchase scales and start the Weight Loss Challenge!! Check it out with Viv, no joke I'm in on this......

Can you believe we are starting a new month? This year is flying by and so for everyone out there competing this weekend, be strong, be safe and have a great time!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Shilingi-Moja said...

Good luck on the weight loss.

Marcy said...

You are a TALL one! I didn't realize you were so tall!

Good luck with the challenge, chica! I'm sure you'll do awesome ;D ;D

Nat said...

Good on you, I'm going to try and drop some poundage as well. You know I'm 5'7" and I've never weighed 140... impressive.

I gained weight marathon training as well. I think we are doing the family 3K -- for the HBC Run for Canada.

Not sure what was up with those photos but good god they were bad.

Amy said...

Hey Lily,
Thanks for the tip on the weight loss challenge - I was just in need of some momentum this month!

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a set of scales I never use. Come take them off my hands. They are the old fashioned kind. Not digital so not precise. Interested? If not - no worries they will end up in the garage sale box.

Glad to hear you and dad had a good time. I couldn't it make down - too many mom chauffeur duties the last couple of days. DARN! Next visit. Seriously.

oh... I bought a pedometre and am walking with a neighbour friend!



Anonymous said...

oh! and I am 5 7 and weigh at least 140 on a good day! LOL

I don't think I've seen many flight attendants get weighed lately (oh BURN!)

Michelle J said...

Hey Lily,
I just tried to leave a comment! Anyway, the weight loss challenge, i am so there!!!

Marci said...

I'm right there with you! I have always had those nagging last 10 pounds. Drives me nuts!

Bob Gentile said...

ahhh I agree this year is flying byeeeeeeee!!! Best wishes on the weight loss challenge, you will do great!!

Remember one word CARDIO :-) and when you think of what else, think about more CARDIO :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

oh gee. i've seen enough of these weight loss challenge things that I now that that *I* should be in, but i'm not in....crud.

hope this works for you!! i'll probably be on the sideline eating brownies and feeling sorry for myself. LOL

teacherwoman said...

I am in on the weight loss challenge as well! I can't bear to be this heavy any more! YUCK!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

I'm going to pester you until you agree to run Toronto! It could be fun !! COME ONNN you know you want to! :) haha. I'm just kidding. Seriously, seriously think about it and think of this little tiger with a sad puppy (tiger) look on her face. Hahahah. Ok. Enough about that! Good luck on the weight loss challenge. You can so do it. I'm in as well; great way to start off a month.

Have fun being a pace leader!

Chris said...

I think it is all of the energy foods. I have actually heard of people taking in more calories while exercising than they expend! How is that possible? I hate losing weight, but constantly seem to be trying :(

Nitmos said...

This is not uncommon. The desire to EAT increases with exercise...and should. You burn more, you need more. I know many folks - myself included - who pretty much remain the same weight during marathon training. Good luck!

Marlene said...

Stakeout East Property Line and Excavation for Building P
Good luck in your weight-loss mission. I originally took up running as a means to lose weight. At first, the lbs feel off. But now that my distances are higher, I find it very difficult to lose or even maintain my weight. it just seems like I can't eat enough some days, and I am paranoid of making myself sick by not fuelling my body sufficiently. Looking forward to hearing about your journey to a healthier self.

I will mention that I managed to lose 20 lbs between my first half marathon and my second and it made a word of difference.

I am finally at a healthy BMI for my height (first time in years!) and I find I am running much faster than I've been able to since I started.

Anyway, I'm blabbing, but good luck!

chia said...

I'm 5'9" and feeling similar heartache... for the last 5 months I've been training/running constantly, living a mostly-vegan lifestyle, and still considered "obese" by all these stupid standards.

I joined the challenge too - hopefully it's kind to us both ;-). Happy weight-shedding! I'm happy to do it with such a cool conglomeration of chick-hood!

Runner Leana said...

Best of luck on the challenge! I'm in too - I figured I needed a bit of a kick in the pants and a competition should do just that.

Wes said...

Somethings between family members goes unspoken. I think its OK to tell him how you feel, even if he doesn't reciprocate. In this case, it is ALL about you :-)

Ummm. Muscle weighs more than fat. Water retention, yada, yada. Good luck on your weight loss challenge! Show us how those Canadiens get'er done!

BTW: Help Tigrrr at that run clinic thingee!! You guys are awesome to help out!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I gain when I train, too. It just doesn't work for me to lose weight and train for races. Viv is coming at the right time for both of us!!! Good luck!

P.O.M. said...

5'10 and 140? That is crazy thin. I am struggling at 5'7 (almost 5'8) to keep it under 135. I also gained weight during marathon training. I'm soooo afraid that will happen again. So i am trying to really keep my calories in check. I'm just worried about not having enough energy to do the long distances.

Let me know if you find out any other good info on this subject.