Tuesday, 22 January 2008



Katie said...

I like the title of "Wordless Wednesday." I like that you made your blog about your running, it has the ability to spur others on.

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Rudy said...

I think, if you are driving a beemer, you have some idea of how rich you are (or think you are)


Anonymous said...

Welcome Katie,

Stay tuned, I've got four months of training ahead of me,

Thanks for visiting!


"Life's fun if you don't weaken"

Anonymous said...

Hi Rudy,

That was signage that just went up on the new Scotia bank - it's my boss's car parked there, he didn't know the sign was going up.....too funny!!!


Brenda said...

I'm very excited to post my first comment on your blog.....:-)

You're an inspiration to all of us who have the pleasure and fun of running with you. Although you haven't mentioned the Richmond Road Race yet, I just want to say that you were smokin' girl!!

Have a great Wednesday!!