Sunday, 27 January 2008


Recently a friend of mine said “I don’t get the running thing, I guess you have to be born with it”.

Well, to answer that question is to answer the wind. I’ve been involved with so many competitive sports in my life both professionally and as an amateur, that by the time I’ve hit this age and stage of life, I just don’t want to compete any more.

So honestly, I run for fun.

Fun; [noun]; activities that are enjoyable or amusing. “I do it for the fun of it”.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two choices in life,

a) get old, sit on the couch and wait it out,


b) get old, get off the couch and make it happen.....

My life has been interesting to say the least.

I know there are many, many other things to do with ones life, but for now, running fills the void...

Enjoy your life, enjoy the journey one step at a time,

Life’s fun if you don’t weaken!



Anonymous said...

Makes sense I certainly don't see myself on the couch. With me... its tap dancing... if I could *just* find a studio where the adults classes aren't cancelled all the time.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there are *runners* and there are *people who run*. There is a huge difference between the two. I am a runner. I love to run. There is nothing better than a stretch of road, a good pair of running shoes and the time to just go and lose myself in the run.

I had to back-burner running due to injuries but I am hoping to slowly work my way back into it. Who knows. Maybe someday I will join you in one of your 1/2's.

~ blondie

Anonymous said...

Right on Blondie, there are *runners* and *people who run*, glad you're a runner, way cool!

Nothing is better than hitting that stretch (for me up our community centre road) and just running with no worries....what a great feeling!

Get better so we CAN run a half together! That would be Awesome!!

Marie & Rudy will be there with BEvERages!!!

take great care,



Rudy said...

I was one of those "people who run". I had to run in gym class, I had to run in the Air Force. It is not something I would just do for the fun of it. Maybe it is because I never had the right equipment or approached it incorrectly.

For the fun of it I bicycle, paddle canoe, fish (fishing can be a wonderful way to just lose yourself if it isn't combat fishing)

I played volleyball and softball in non cut-throat leagues for the fun of it.

Like any other preference that makes up our characters, some people are just born to run. Others do a fine job keeping the BEvERages cool. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Rudy,

When all of us get together, Blondie, Marie and me, we can have a great game of 3 pitch! I love baseball....I came from the home of the Blue Jays!

There are some really great fishing holes here in the Ottawa, for Muskies.....yikes, there are some grand-daddies down there!

Blondie and I will be more than happy to have you and Marie with BEvERages!!!

We will all be part of the team!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, Lily. I'm glad you are enjoying mine. You are certainly welcome to link to it. Good luck in your journey to the marathon.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, we will "link up" and keep each other motivated with our training.....

Thanks for dropping by,

your friend in running!!


Anonymous said...

um lily... I am all about the BEvERages! Now as for the 3 pitch... a-HEM! I have lousy hand to eye coordination. last time I caught a ball on a baseball field was probably 1979! really! I can umpire ... STEEE RIKE!