Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Thanks for joining me!

It's snowing and looking very wintery....but much nicer than yesterday, -20C. brrrr .....

I believe I've now "fixed" the email situation, thanks for your patience....ahhh a learning curve.

With all the snow and slippery streets I decided to download my training schedule for my Marathon in May. Nothing like dreaming about warmer weather...

Training officially begins February 5th, 2008. Although this week I'll be running a total of 38K.

Well, must dash.

Life life large, enjoy the journey, one step at a time.


Anonymous said...

You are learning and the blog is looking fabulous. I hope you are having fun with it. Love the runner at the bottom of the page.

~ blondie

Rudy said...

no prob on the email thing.

quite a change from yesterday. very cool!

Anonymous said...

very cool look to your site there lily darling.
Looking great!