Wednesday, 23 January 2008


1. Setting goals, do you have yours set down on paper yet?

2. If they aren’t down on paper, they are not goals only dreams...

3. They have to be specific....

4. 2008 goals? Let’s hear them!

5. Get off the couch in the winter time and try to enjoy it, huhuh
6. Figure out why I live where there is snow and I don't like winter!

7. Run my first Marathon in May 2008.

8. Finish upright and smiling!

9. Run my second annual Utica 15K Boilermaker with my Wooo Hooo girlfriends in July 2008.

10. Run the Virginia Beach Half Marathon in August 2008 with friends new and my not so new friends.

11. Receive my “Heavy Medal” medal upon completion of Virginia Beach Half Marathon.

12. Do more volunteering, I don’t do enough.

13. Stop writing and get out running.............


Anonymous said...

gah! I'm exhausted reading about all these runs and marathons. You doing the local marathon?? I'll have to come cheer you on for that one!

Anonymous said...

Love your goals, girlfriend.

I am cracking up about your #6. I can't wait to hear what you come up with as you ponder that. Perhaps it is being fueled by your visit to Phoenix.

I wish you nothing but good luck as you work on your goals.

Go Lily. It's your marathon year!

love and hugs,
~ blondie

Rudy said...

I am with T, I will cheer you on from the sidelines and keep the BEvERages ready for after the race.

I plan to go back to left of hell as soon as I can :-)

and I plan to continue losing weight which is going to involve exercise at some point (dang it) :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!

A squad of cheerleaders with BEvERages are just as important, no, maybe more important than participating....

we all have our "rolls"

Thanks for the support and I'll keep you posted on #6 as the winter unfolds....gah!


Anonymous said...

Sun is shining here left of hell. It looks pretty dancing on the pool in my backyard.

~ blondie <-- giggling, ducking and running.

Anonymous said...



I was actually checking your area for potenial run races....the Palm area has a couple I think!

continue on with you ducking and running....bwaaaahhhhaaa