Monday, 12 May 2008

Ebb & Flow of a Sunday Run

Not quite sure where the time went early Sunday morning, the alarm went off at its usual time of 5:30 a.m. and Ms. Meow was at the ready for her breakfast, who needs an alarm clock when the cat’s stomach clock is way better at time control.

Dawdling around having my coffee with breakfast and packing up my cooler with extra PowerAde, Vector energy bars, carb-booms, orange slices and an apple, I kept checking the clock thinking I’ve got loads of time to get downtown and meet the run group.

Our final 23K, we were to run the front end of the Marathon route, how exciting is that. I even did a map quest search for the easiest way to get to the downtown location . . . YIKES, got to go . . . it’s close to an hour drive to get there, park and walk over to the meeting location . . . where did the time go?

Throwing everything into the car, off I went into the early morning, Luckily I had checked that I had what I thought was everything, but sans (oh that’s French for without) my garmin . . . well that’s okay, we co-pace the run anyway.

I’ve turned into a country mouse since I’ve been on my own, I don’t go downtown very often now, to be exact I haven’t been downtown since last August.

I drove to where I thought we were meeting, saw a ton of runner’s and parked the car, leaped out with time to spare. I introduced myself to someone and asked if they were running the front end the marathon too . . . I was greeted with blank stares . . . gah, where was I?

Being female, yes, I did ask for directions and was promptly sent into the OPPOSITE direction of where I wanted to be.

I drove around and around and around and finally after turning right (yet again) there were some familiar (albeit questioning faces).

I’d found them . . . with quick directions (yes these were correct), I parked the car and jogged (do people say jog any more?) to meet up with them and causing a huge delay in our take off time.

SORRY your guys!! Ever gracious, they are use to running with the old chick, so nothing much surprises them after running together for almost 18 weeks . . .

Off we headed past our Parliament Buildings on the street side this week, heading down to the Canadian War Museum, where we turned right and headed over the bridge to the Province of Quebec.

Bonjour mes amis courants. Les Français satisfont seulement. French only, please, it’s the law . . .

The race route is similar to the half marathon route that I ran last year (my very first one) . . . until we get back over the bridge where we turn left to take us along Sussex Drive, past the home of our Prime Minister and along past Rideau Hall, the home of our Governor General of Canada (currently Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean).

Running along through Rockcliffe Park, one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Ottawa . . . WOW!!! We continued along past the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Stables.

I was really enjoying this run as I had never been out to this end of Ottawa ever before. Nothing is better than being a tourist in your own town. You should try it sometime!!

(Jen crossing over the bridge to the Ontario side.)

Several kilometer’s later we were heading back towards the ever bustling downtown. Being Mother’s Day, along with hosting the Tulip Festival and just so many other sights to see in our amazing City, the downtown area was teeming with young and old, visitors and the likes of me, people just getting out to see the sights.....of our beautiful, historic Ottawa.

A wondrous City even in the winter . . . (did I just say that?)

We ran the 23K at an approximate pace of 7:57 or 8 minute pace. As mentioned I'd left may garmin at home and you know what? It really didn't bother me at all, other than I was relying upon Jen (again) to keep me up to date. Thanks Jen!

This coming long weekend (our Victoria Day holiday), we have 16K to run and hopefully our little rogue 5hour group will get together to run some of the back half of the marathon course....I'll let you know!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I saw the 7:45 pace and was like "WOW," you sure picked up serious speed in the last week...darn metric system... ;-)

Sure sounds like it was a great run.

Marcy said...

Dang you and your metrics! LOL JK!

Awesome pics, chica! And good for you asking for directions LMAO!

Yeah, I think peeps still say jog. Like I usually refer my warmups and cooldowns as jogs. Just as long as no one is saying that when I'm actually running :P

Anonymous said...

well done and a good travelogue too!

Chris said...

8 minutes is a fast pace! Directions?? I have never been to Ottawa and I am pretty sure that I can find that meeting spot :)

Kim said...

I want to come run with you! Sounds like you had a great time in a beautiful city.

Chief Wahoo said...

Great pics!

Running is a wonderful way to see a city, it gives you a whole different perspective than seeing things from a car or a bus.

Tim Wilson said...

Great writeup - and some cool pics. Only 10 days......

Vickie said...

Looks like a very nice city! I definitely want to visit some day! Good luck on your upcoming "taper" run and week ahead. It sounds like you are all set for the big day!

Marci said...

Great description of the route. This really pumps me up for the upcoming run!

Marci said...
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