Monday, 19 May 2008

Reality Check

Despite being told we were to have rain all weekend, we squeaked by with just a few showers on Saturday and Sunday was absolutely beautiful. Having said that, I'm sitting here early Monday morning looking out to rain and a strong breeze (wind is for winter).

My back yard is a gorgeous emerald green and all of my gardens seems to have sprung up overnight. (hopefully my neighbour behind me will spring up with their house siding this summer)

For some reason this year, we have a new group of migratory birds and even some new species that have taken up residence in my garden. The Baltimore Orioles arrived almost a month early this spring along with the Yellow-bellied Sap Suckers.

To date, I haven't seen the Hummingbirds yet....they will be arriving shortly.

Oddly enough there were no Honey Bees in the apple blossoms this spring, this I find alarming...mother nature is definitely out of sorts.

Today is our Victoria Day Holiday, not too sure what stores will be open, if any, but I'm going to see what some of garden centres have to offer. I can hardly wait to get into my gardens.

Saturday morning I peeled off a fast 6K run in 39:29, which isn't fast compared to some of the other speedy speedsters, but it was good for me. Afterwards I helped unload a truckload of compost into my neighbours gardens as well as mine own. Somewhere along the line, I tweaked my right knee hopping up in and out of the truck bed. It was an obvious tweak, so I rested it on Saturday night.

Sunday morning was our final 16K run at race pace before next Sunday, this is where the reality check comes in.

Although I'm fitter and a little faster than last year at this time. (the picture to the right is me coming across the bridge from Quebec to Ontario in the Half Marathon). In all honesty, I can't see me completing the marathon in my hopeful 5 hours. Yesterday's run was great! I felt strong and we pretty much stayed on time. 16K at 1:54:15.

I also acknowledge the fact that I'm going to need to purchase a couple more fluid bottles for my belt. I run with PowerAde and they only have Gatoraid at the water stations. I'll also be carrying a couple of Vector Bars and a larger stash of Chocolate-cherry Carb-booms for extra energy.

But to keep that pace up for another 26.2K, well let's just say it may not happen. No, I'm not being Ms. Negative Nelly, I'm being honest. Being my first marathon at my age (no, I'm not blaming my age..) I will be VERY happy to finish with whatever time I have, as long as I'm upright and smiling!!

So, with that being said, I'm going to try to stick with or around the 5 hour pace bunny, but if I need to slow it up a little I will not be disappointed. I'll be sticking with my 10:1's and I know that I can rip off some time with my walk....I'm not as fast walking as my friend Glenda, but she has taught me well.

This week of running consists of less than 20K to run before Sunday.

On another note, yesterday, after getting home from our run, I checked into blog land and found a brand new Canadian Blogger had landed on Lily on the Road.

Marci with an I (eye) is brand new to blogging but not brand new to running, in fact she'll fit in quite nicely to our eclectic, eccentric group, both Marci and her husband are running 5 (yes 5) Marathons in 5 weeks!!!

Please stop by and give her a warm runner's welcome!!

I'm headed off to the garden centres.....have a great Victoria Day!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



jahowie said...

That's an awesome framed pic of you. We got a lot of lawn work done this weekend ourselves!! Enjoy!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lily... you'll be fine. You've been training like mad and you know your strengths.

I have some flowers for my little front yard - no massive gardening like on your scale - but damn! It's freezing out today, so I am not going to dig in until the temps get back up into double digits - high double digits- at least 18 or 19 before I put on the gardening gloves!

Today might be a "shred all that paper that's been piling up and turning my house into a firetrap" kind of day! (-:


Nitmos said...

Well Good Luck and stay optimistic. It's okay to be Realistic but don't let it interfere with your race. You may have agreat day and feel real good and surprise yourself. Best of lluck.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a race coming up?!?! Okay I'm kidding, I know that you will finish this upright & smiling & in perfect time for you. You're an amazing lady & I have nothing but respect for your commitment & perseverance. Runners Rock!

bill carter said...

Hi Lily

It sounds like everything is going quite well with your training and I love your outlook on things. Sometimes as runners (and as people) we get to caught up on results and not preparation and sheer joy of just accomplishing something spectacular like finishing a marathon.

You will do great no matter what your time.

Best of luck and I will be sending you good vibes from Michigan.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Don't overdo that gardening, but isn't it fun? We've been waiting for green and nice and birds for so long. Enjoy your holiday!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

I think it’s great that you guys celebrate Victoria Secret, more countries need to. Don’t worry about the time, remember you’re fit and fabulous!

Marcy said...

How the heck can you find time to garden? I swear every year I say "Yeah it will get done" and it never does LMAO!

You're going to do awesome, I AM SURE!! ;D ;D

And anyone with the name Marcy (even with an i or ie) is the shiz :P So you know I'll stop by.

Marlene said...

We're having some frosty weather here near Toronto as well...luckily, it was decent enough yesterday morning for my 'long' run.

Just wanted to wish you best of luck for your first 26.2 next weekend! Remember to enjoy it. Ottawa is on my 'to-run' list for sure.

Mendy said...

I bet you're soooo excited about the upcoming race. You have invested so much time and dedication in your training, that will result in a GREAT race for you!!! Love all the updates. Sooooo excited for your upcoming tri too!

Marci said...

Hi Lily,
Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Its sounds like you will do great in Ottawa next week. I should clarify though - its Hubs not myself that is running the 5 - I am running three races - 2 as a full one as a half. I hope to get a PR in Ottawa too. We are only staying for one night, so it will be a quick trip. My pre-race butterflies have started. Here is my mental strategy - I have a comfortable goal for the first half and then I have a goal time for 25K, 28K, 30K, 33K, 37K. At 37K I am only 5 K away from finishing so I plan to give it all I have at this point provided I stay on pace for the rest of the rest. My advice, do this with the 5hour goal. You may be surprised how attainable it is. I will look for you. I am bib number 3362. Hope to see you there! Marci

Lily on the Road said...

Rocker:-) you are going to have an awesome run, you will be flying I just know it...I'll send off info to you wrt meeting and otherwise....but will see you before the race!!! You do ROCK!

You're a riot and whether it's 5 or 3 in 5 weeks, you're still a scream! I'll look for you too, My bib number is 3382, we must have registered around the same time!

Have a safe trip to Ottawa and a fun stay, good luck on your race...but we will talk with you before then!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I love watching birds.

Best wishes with the upcoming race!! Have fun and enjoy the whole thing!!!!

triguyjt said...


Don't make me come up there and give you a little swat for semi-playing the age card. LOL

Its just a number

I'm on the lookout for birds in our backyard...and of course we are planting some annuals this week..things really get pretty about now.

Chris said...

I prefer Powerade too over Gatorade. My wife gives me a hard time saying they are the same. She really doesn't get it when I buy the 30 dollar barrel of E-Load powder. Some people just don't get us :)

anners said...

Ottawa race weekend is great! I wish that I was going this year (I went for the 10k last year, and cheered on the marathoners). Good luck this weekend! Your first exciting!! :)

Kim said...

Hope you had a great Holiday!
Rest up this week-get plenty of fluids and rest!

Vickie said...

Chocolate cherry carboom?? Where can I get some?? Sounds like a great taste. As for your time versus your age, I understand completely, and finally get it this year that while my resume on race times was good, there is no way I can get there again without a miracle, and the best thing to do is be happy with what I can do. I know you'll do great and have a good time getting there! Can't wait to see how you do. We'll have to find somewhere half way (5 hours) to meet up sometime. We probably could run about the same pace and spend the time gabbing the whole time!