Monday, 29 December 2008

Looking for my MoJo

Granted, I ran my butt off this past year, but that is no excuse to be so immobile at the moment. I just haven't had the inspiration to get out the door to run. Where has my mojo gone?

The past few days have been spent in a dusty basement cleaning out "stuff" and taking it to the Salvation Army and what didn't make it there is going out today into the garbage and re-cycle boxes. The weather has been crazy, very warm and very windy....we lost power for a little while yesterday due to the winds. My Sunday afternoon was spent chipping melting ice off of my decks and making a trough in my driveway so the melting ice could drain away onto the slushy street. It was great to be outside, my dust filled lungs and sinuses appreciated the break!

So, back to running, or lack there of, HELP!

I need to find some motivation and right now moving to Hawaii seems like a good idea, but it is highly unlikely.

Today is going to be a get back at it day. My alarm went off at the usual workday Monday time of 5:30am, so no excuse, I'm still on holidays so I'm going to suit up and take out the garbage and wander down the road. I may not run (yet), but a good walk in the fresh air will help me A LOT!

I have another dump run to the Salvation Army today so I'm throwing my gym bag into the car and I'll go and work out for a little least it's a start.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Looking forward...

Admittedly, I've been a little self indulgent lately. Sleeping in until 7am, eating when I feel like it, drinking a few cocktails along the way, yes, by myself, I live by myself....get over it.

Taking time off of work until January 5th, how cool is that?

But self indulgent, yes, why not I ask myself? You have been busy in 2008 and you need time to find your "why's" for 2009. So far I've not.

Well, I am working on it, they just hasn't been vocalised yet. You can dream about anything you want, but until you share it with someone, either by talking about it or by writing it down, it is just that ~ a Dream!

The last two days have been spent down in my little cottage basement cleaning up "stuff" that has been collecting since I raised the cottage and put a basement under it close to six years ago.

Running hasn't exactly been on my mind, well, it has, but I still haven't strapped on the kicks and got my sorry ass out the door. But I will!

2009 is a clean slate, last year at this time I was tapering for the Phoenix Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Nothing quiet so exciting this year (yet).

So, 2009,
  • be a little more social, not such a hermit,
  • find a manservant, (just kidding, it'll happen when it happens)
  • save $$$ for the Honolulu Marathon in December 2009,
  • work on a healthier lifestyle,
  • get back into a workout routine,
  • get my face out of the bloody Caesar's,
  • get back to running for the joy of it, do what I can, achievement is up to me!

Nothing earth shattering so far, but hey, at least I'm not dreaming about it anymore, I've shared it with you, now let's put it in motion!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Now for something completely different...

...a winter storm,

We are being pummelled by a winter storm that has been menacing the north east and central states and Canada.

Yesterday was clear as a bell and actually nice out. Did I just say that?

Finally some decorations made their way outside and my little house is starting to take on the spirit of Christmas.

I'm now staying home for the Holidays, which I'm fine with. Today, I'm putting up the inside decorations and have lit a scented Cranberry candle. Gregorian and Elizabethan Christmas music is on, I love medieval music, my memory wanders and I wonder aloud how the human race has survived.

War, mostly over religion and indifference, famine, plagues and environmental changes. Our geography is our history, our heritage is what makes us who we are.

As the snow swirls in its dance with the wind, I reflect on how very lucky I am to live in a free country, own my own home, have a job and as a woman, I am lucky to have rights and the freedom of choice.

At this time of year, remember the Reason for the Season, rejoice and remember.

Christmas is not about what gift you get from a store or gift you give under duress of feeling guilt.

Christmas is the GIFT.

Let go of old grudges, old past memories, embrace the new beginning the Solstice gives us. The promise of spring, longer daylight.

I'm not going to get all religious on you, but truly, enjoy this magical time, enjoy the carols, lift a cup of wassail, embrace a friend,

because in days of yore, if they could have ...

(the front of the card reads)

"Oh, I am so blogging about this"

they would have!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

In my past life

When I was a kid I was horse crazy!

Nothing would stop me from making my way to a local stable to pay for hour long trail ride or whether it was just hanging over a fence enticing a horse with an apple. My room was full of horse pictures, books and toys. Most girls wanted Barbie (which I always ended up with), but I wanted a Tonka Truck along with the horse trailer (which I got). I even made my dog jump obstacles in the backyard, pretending we were at a horse show.

As I got older I made arrangements to work on weekends with one of the "larger" equestrian stables, so I could pay for riding lessons. As always, you work harder than what an hour long lesson actually costs. I mucked out stalls, taught little kids to ride and groomed at horse shows. I even got to ride at a couple of some of the smaller shows.

My family could not afford a horse, so I begged, borrowed but never stole a horse to show. I gained the reputation of a kid who would get on and ride anything and pick up ribbons along the way. I would get on anything, whether it was great, good or a puke, I'd ride it into the ring as if we were going to win (even though I wasn't a great rider, I always loved what I did).

Along the way I met riders, rich and poor and always had a great time. Eventually I met, who I thought would be my partner in life and we ran a very successful show stable. He even competed as a member of the Canadian Equestrian Team. We rode and showed across Canada and USA, although he did most of showing, I maintained the home farm and got the young horses started.

To make a long story short(er), I took some nasty falls along the way...breaking collar bones, my nose several times and even breaking fingers and toes along the way...throw in a car accident and well, you're pretty much a wreck.

I decided that it was just getting too dangerous for me to be on the younger animals and I semi-retired from riding to flying the skies.

My passion of riding continued but with easier horses to ride and show. It was fun to be back on the circuit again, we let go of the show stable and just became "boarders".

Life changes and my "significant other" had a roaming eye, I was away flying and came home to find him in a compromising situation with one of our younger students (yes, she was of legal age).

So, I packed up and headed out, both living arrangements and stable arrangements. My young mare had only a barn name at the time, but she was ready to start showing, so I named her "The Secrets Out" a little vendictive but what the life would have it, another series of events unfolded and I lost her in a barn fire. She was a lovely animal and would have really done well on the show circuit, the last show I had her at before her death, she was Preliminary Reserve Champion.

Again, life turns, I got over the trauma of loosing a beloved pet in such a fashion and I was going to try out another horse, as I was getting ready to mount up and swing my leg over the saddle, the horse reared straight up into the air and flipped over pinning me underneath. (I had asked if the animal had any quirks). Needless to say another injury to add to the list. I had a fractured left hip....

So, you ask, where the hell is this story going?

Ever since that fall I've been very careful with myself, maybe too careful, where I sat on the couch ate and drank like I'd never reach 200 pounds....well I did...and then some. After another life altering situation of a health scare, major drugs and major surgery, I thought, girl, you've got one kick at this life, get your sorry ass in gear and do something about it.

So, I started running.

That was eight years ago and I've never looked back. Running has changed my life for the positive, I've met some wonderful people, I've run in some really wonderful locations and I've got the Wooo Hooo's. I've got a new lease on life...minor injuries are nothing now, so when I hurt my back in November, it wasn't a new hurt, it was just re-awakening something from long ago....a left hip fracture, so I was compensating by putting too much pressure on my right S.I. joint.

I'm working with my Chiropractor and even though it was recommend to me that I may not be running any huge distance for awhile in the near future, it isn't going to stop me. For now, walking and 5k's will work, in the new year I'll have to make the decision as to whether I'll be ready for the Half Marathon on January 25th.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Before I go out to shovel...

...just an update.

Not too much going on in this winter wonderland other than work, my home based business is busy, (can I say freeking WOW), and of course shovelling.

A few weeks ago I aggravated an old equestrian injury while trying to be superwoman, after sitting too long in front of the computer I then come home to shovel snow for endless hours.

Trust me, whatever you hurt when you are younger, it will come back to haunt you! Even with weekly visits to the chiropractor, my lower spine and SI joint are really, really letting me know that they are unwilling participants in anything I'm trying to do right now, that includes a full nights sleep.

Needless to say, running right now is out of the question. I'm hoping that over the holidays (yes, I am actually taking time off of work between Christmas and New Year's), I'll be able to get some nice fun runs in and some quality gym time.

But for now, I consider shovelling as cross training and it is a full body workout!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the packed shopping malls, parking lots and grumpy shoppers, oh yes and the screaming kidlettes while they are sitting on Santa's knee!

Tis the season!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 8 December 2008

Trying to stay (get) motivated







Trust me, I am NOT winter person! Just listening to the wind howl yesterday in blizzard like conditions in the morning, there really wasn't even a fleeting chance that I'd be going into town to run...let alone run at home.

Nope, no way, can't make me, don't wanna, nada...I'm not running!

Saturday was the 5K Santa Shuffle which a few of the hardier Wooo Hooo's ran, but nope, I opted not to run as I had my other business partying happening on Saturday afternoon. How fantastic to find out that I'd be amongst over seven marathoner's, a couple of triathlete's and a young lady who is just starting to run...yes, those were just some of the ladies at the home party, now that was amazing.

Sunday dawned to bear witness to absolute whiteouts and cold, cold winds. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?

Well, I'm going to have to get some motivation soon, I have a 10K run on New Year's Eve, which will be followed right afterwards by a Murder Mystery Pot Luck Dinner....too much fun! I already know my character....yes, Tiffany the Flight Attendant...gah, now I have to dig around to find my Wings and carry on luggage (yes, I still have most of it!).... but trust me, the original uniform is looonnnggg gone!

Following the New Year's Eve race, I have a quick (I hope) 5K Richmond Road Race, it is usually fffffffreezing that day, but we always get together afterwards to warm up with some adult BEvERages and food....then the Hypothermic Half Marathon....(have I mentioned I hate winter?)...

Marathon training starts shortly suck it up Chickie, you have to get your sorry ass out the door and get acclimatised to this gawd awful weather!

It's a mad house at work lately, as I always say, I'm trying to fit 20 pounds of shiz into a 5 pound, I'd better get back to work.

Thanks to those who sent me the thoughtful emails, checking to make sure I'm okay...yes, I am, I'm fine, and I do truly appreciate your concern.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 1 December 2008


The time of year is always overwhelming for me. I truly believe in the real Reason for the Season, but not in all the hoopla that the commercial retailers try to drill in my head, that a simple small gift is the best and it only costs "thousands of dollars".

It is the spirit of giving....come on - take a look at reality....even the cost of our running gear and gadgets are costly.... I don't even have a family, nor kids, let alone grandkids to buy do you guys do it???

I'm also overwhelmed with winter (already), what with trying to keep my house in some semblance of tidiness, I now have to shovel my decks and my driveway, plus keep my mailbox area cleared for fear of a reprimand from Canada Post.....

Plus to throw into the mix, trying to train for the upcoming Half Marathon in January and our 10K Resolution Run on New Year's Eve.

Bah humbug I say!!!!
Manservant most definitely required!!!

So, this morning I am getting ready for work (again), yes I was at the office on Sunday after my run. I feel this inner turmoil beginning to is a grinding feeling, that you are not accomplishing much and none of it very well.....when I arrive at the office this morning I'm told that the project that I worked on over the weekend is not a priority now, that another job has taken precedence.....

That is when I opened up an email from a motivational mentor I have....

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."

Roy Disney, Longtime senior executive to The Walt Disney Company

It's natural to feel conflicted when your life is out of sync with your values.

For example, if you believe your number one value is your family and you work 65 hours a week, is it any wonder that you feel unsettled and unhappy?

When you're clear about what is important to you, it will be much easier to let go of the things in your life that don't fit.

Start the week off right...examine your values.

WOW, one of those Ahhhhaaa, moments!

One person can only do so much, one person can only be helpful when they are helpful to them self. One cannot expect to get blood from a stone.

With this busy Christmas Season ahead of us, take time to remember the Reason for the Season, don't get caught up in all of the commercialism. Take time for family, friends and most importantly, Yourself....

Today, after work, I am not going to the gym, I will go home, relax, have a nice dinner with a glass of red wine and soak in the tub....

Life's fun if you don't weaken,
(maybe I should have a little cheese with all of the whine)!!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Much to my surprise...

... it is still snowing, why this surprises me, I'm not sure! After all it is fall in Canada! Not even winter yet!!

Instead of running outside this week I've been taking advantage of the gym that I've being making donations to for the past year.

The Twenty Minute torture test is starting to become a little easier, it surprises me how unfit I actually am. Even though I have thighs similar to the T-Rex, my upper body is sadly lacking in any semblance of on to the torture mill I go, whoot I'm up to 25 pounds on some of the machines and 55 pounds on others, guess what I'm working out at 55 pounds? .... yes, my legs. I'm actually having a blast at the gym Mr. Muscle is there lifting some godforsaken weight and grunting and shouting as he does it....mild entertainment to say the least.

The mindless time on the dreadmill is actually helping me prioritise my life and it allows me to reflect on my "other business".

Which by the way is going swimmingly, and much to my surprise, I stopped on my way home from the gym and picked up the latest copy of " O " magazine....(believe me, I never watch Oprah), but for some reason like the siren's song, I picked up a copy and yes, there on the inside back cover.....yes ladies, is an advertisement for the product of my home based business! I must say the selection looks stunning on the model!! Check it out!

This will not be a long post, but Lily and I would like very much to wish our "south of the border" friends and fellow bloggers a very Happy Thanksgiving. Please take the time to give thanks and blessings to those who are in far away lands, serving to protect our countries, they too would love to be home surrounded by family and friends.

Have a great day everybody!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

And so it is back...

About 03:00, I'm lying in bed listening to the rhythmic rumbling of a deep noise, when it came from the recesses of my memory....


Oh crap!! What am I going to face in the morning! Not quite the amount of snow showing in the photo, that photo was from last winter, a few short months ago and now it is back.

After braving the cold and wind for both Saturday and Sunday's runs, snow means that the temperatures are warming up. Okay, I'm trying to rationalise this .... humour me!

It was wicked cold on Saturday, the wind was blowing straight off the river, it was bitterly cold. Sunday's run was a little warmer, I drove into town to run with the group. I always find great motivation when the weather is appalling to go into town to get some moral support from the other crazies who are training for either the Winterman Marathon in February or like me, training for the Hypothermic Half Marathon in January. It was a nice easy 12K along the Trans Canada Trail.

The Hypothermic Half is not going to be one of my most favourite races, it'll be more like a training run really, as it consists of four loops around the Arboretum, in snow, hopefully not ice, and not too cold. Since I'm all about the bling I signed up for it because the medal is a super cool Snowflake, plus, we will receive a really nice winter running toque and gloves and if that wasn't enough to feed my running palate, we will be supplied with a nice hot luncheon afterwards! Perks, I'm all about perks & bling!!

Speaking of perks, I am truly excited to mention that I have the great opportunity to be part of "The Shirt That Races", Nikemom came up with this brilliant idea back in October, where the shirt is worn in a race, washed, the race documented on the back (or somewhere) and then it is passed along to the next participant. I am truly honoured, although I might not be fast, I'll certainly be wearing the shirt that races proudly on January 25, 2009.

As I look out my office window to the winter wonderland of snow and drifting snow, I suppose I should get back to work. Luckily I got a really great workout at the gym yesterday, so today, I'll just dogsled it home and have a nice cozy evening with a nice warm veggie dinner along with red wine and be stalking all of you!

Run safe!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Saturday, 22 November 2008

The "F" word ..... FREEZING!


This morning's temps were freaking COLD! In Canada it was -15C, in the USA it was 7F, Holy Freaking COLD....

I layered up and headed out for a nice crisp, cold, windy 8K run. Honestly I had forgotten what it was like to run on frozen shoes, icy pavement and snow covered roadsides....but it all came back to me quickly:
  • take shorter steps

  • run at a slower pace until you warm up

  • put your sports drink UNDER your jacket

  • dig out your thermal drink bottle from the closet

  • plaster your face & hands with Vaseline to prevent frostbite

  • wear your gators to keep your ankles and the tops of your feet warmer

  • carry you cell phone ~ just in case

  • head into the wind at the start of your run

  • loop your run route, again, just in case

  • wear something to cover your mouth, breath through your nose to avoid rapid dehydration

  • tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to be out for

  • layer, layer, layer, it is easier to remove clothes than to be too cold

  • have a wind jacket that can fold up into a pouch with an waist belt attached that can be added or removed as necessary

  • cover your head, even if its a vented running hat and cover your ears

  • run safe, be smart and take it easy!
Life's fun if you don't weaken!


(your other Mother)

Friday, 21 November 2008

So, another Blogland game, 4th photo...

Yes, here we are after the very first ever Canada Army Run Half Marathon. We have collected out dog tag medals, which by the way are totally awesome and we are headed off to lunch and to have a few adult BEvERages. It was an amazing day, with perfect weather, good friends and a really well organised group of volunteers.

Today I am starting to get a wicked cold, but I'm sucking back vitamins, orange juice and I have just received the Canadian equivalent of a Dunk'n Donuts Coffee, our world famous Tim Horton's coffee. So I am happily sipping my way through the morning.

True half marathon training is in full swing, this weekend I'll jam in a 12K run on Sunday and tomorrow will be a nice easy 8 or 10K around the area where I live...

I am going to really concentrate on working my core area this winter at the gym, I'm hoping for a little faster results with my races in 2009. I'm no speed demon but it would be nice to see some improvement!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Finding balance




Does not make a good balance in ones' life.

After almost two months of hit and miss workouts at the gym and totally unable to get to swimming, I'm back at it. And it feels GREAT!!!

Over the weekend I was able to get a few short runs in and Monday I went to the gym. I have now lost my treadmill virginity by spending a half an hour on the damn thing. It is mind numbing! I also spent time on the elliptical and stationary bike, also all mind numbing.

As I was winding down my work out I found a "Twenty Minute" workout area, all heavy equipment based on working out the various body parts in a well thought out succession. I finally bought the bullet and got over my extreme shyness and started the process of going from machine to machine. Luckily, I was following a young woman who seemed to know what she was doing and at the same relative weight I was comfortable with, anywhere between 25 and 40 pounds.

Unbeknown to me, there was a "muscle" guy on the other side of this workout grid. The young lady found her boyfriend and bailed on the rest of the machines, again without me seeing any of this until I got to the "god forsaken" piece of machinery, that would put any torture device found in the Tower of London to shame. As I straddled the seat and leaned a long way forward to grab onto the hand bars, I gave a mighty tug and just about went ass over teakettle. Fortunately I didn't shatter my elbows nor launch myself through the plate glass windows, Mr. Muscle had been on the machine before me and it was plugged into 140 pounds of dead weight!!!

I have an appointment with the Chiropractor tomorrow!

Since I have now committed myself to the Hypothermic Half Marathon in January, I'm back to pavement or should I say snow and ice covered pavement! Yesterday I took a mental health day and hit the roads for a nice simple 5K. It was long underwear cold and we had snow the day before. It was a fabulous run...very invigorating!!! Click here to see what my surroundings look like in winter!

  • Now for some trivia, my Wordless Wednesday was in tribute to Mickey Mouse who indeed launched his career in 1928, in the cartoon Steamboat Willie.

  • Way back in the stone age when I was a flight attendant, many of us were also part time models (mostly runway) and "booth babes" at trade shows and we were often asked to "model" for various products....need I say more. No, there was no porn stop that!!! Well, there was no porn in my life anyway......................................

Back to work today, so I'd better get ready! Have a great day everyone!

Life's fun if you don't weaken


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Sloth returns

Even though I took a well deserved break and gave all of you a break from me and my little spin into my winter blahs, I came back to fill your heads with nothing important and drivel of life in outer Ottawa as we head into the winter months of cold and how cheery is that?

It is always amazing to me that it takes month and months of running, going to the gym, biking and swimming to get my mid-fifties body into some semblance of fitness and yet here we are, not quiet two months of rest and relaxation and I feel as though I'm starting from scratch again.

Just two short months of inconsistant workouts and I'm back to square one! Now I'm not going to get all gloomy and doomy here, nope that is why I took some time off. Life was busy with work, my new business venture and I did have a little event that unnerved me a tad, but I have never been one to live in fear.

So after a week of "kicking back" I now need to start "kicking butt".

Perusing through many blogsites, the general mood is that of "yuck, winter months are ahead and no motivation for running". Try something new, go to spin classes, head to the gym, run with a group, hit the trails in your area! This has been a life saver for me.

I have been running our trails lately and find it truly inspiring although I now carry a bell with me since my little fright last month, but all in all, it has really been awesome. Beats pounding the pavement for the time being and it lets you get your head into the wonders of Mother Nature.

Last weekend some of the Wooo Hooo's headed off into Fitzroy Provincial Park for a really nice 8K run, which is just short of a five mile run if I am not mistaken.

It was fabulous.

Even with the shorter days, darker skies and snowfalls, yes, right now it is snowing...after my little hiatus, the world does not seem as threatening as it did.

Isn't it amazing what some downtime can do for your soul?

It is hard to soar with the eagles if you let the turkeys get you me!!!

I'm glad to be back!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 6 November 2008

And the lucky recipient

of the Travelling Book, 50 / 50 is Marci, from Ramblings of a Running Addict. Many of the first of my blog reader's had already read or already have the book, so Marci, just to clarify, that is how you were the winner.

Just to enlighten some of you who may not know or remember, Ted, from Ted's Running Journal, (who has apparently "Gone Fishing" for the moment, graciously donated his book 50 / 50 written by Dean Karnazes to other bloggers to read, then pass along to others to enjoy and we would follow its adventures across the globe.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive the book and read through it (in my spare time). Although, I must admit, Dean is not that well known in the "Great White North" as he is in the "South of the Border", but because we are all family in this crazy running world, it was a pleasure and an honour to be able to read about this incredible human and all the good he has done for children with his running and his time.

So, now the book is "on the road again", Marci, you will need to contact me with your coordinates so I can send this book on its journey.

As for the running front for me, well, I get a few runs in right now when I can. Life is extremely busy at work, (sigh), and as with starting any new business, well, lets just say that is very busy too!

Since I'm robbing company time right now, I'd be go....

Have a great week everybody!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Stay Tuned....

for a very exciting Wordless Wednesday!

Could you be next


Life's fun if you don't weaken


Sunday, 2 November 2008


Man servant required, apply here!

This weekend the weather is gorgeous! Unbelievably so.

While everyone else is out and about, running, Halloween partying or relaxing in the sunshine with an adult BEvERage, I'm cross training with a mulcher and leaf bags.

Not that I'm complaining (well, yes, just a little), I'm just so lucky to have my little cottage! But, and yes there is always a but, I'm surrounded by Oak trees. After our heavy snowfall most of the leaves tumbled their way down onto my property.

Saturday while I was stalking Wes, who was Ironing his way through his first Iron Man, Florida!!

congratulations ARE Iron!!

I was doing my own Iron by fighting with my mulcher lawnmower and all things fall.

Three and half hours later, the leaves were mulched and bagged and so was I.

In between was the usual to-ing and fro-ing, putting things in the shed, cleaning out rain barrels and oh, yes, finding the hole in the siding where Mr. & Mrs. Smith Chipmunk tried to set up residency.

Friday night they kept me awake most of the night chewing on insulation board and scurrying around, so tough love guys, FoamIT, is now in place...

Today, Sunday, while the gang are out running, I'll be up the ladder cleaning gutters and removing crapola from the roof. Since it is so nice out today maybe I'll hang out my Large Christmas Wreath might as well while the weather is nice....I know it is early, but, with our crazy weather, I'd sooner have it hung out early than trying to do it on a freezing cold day.

But before I do all of that, I'm headed out for a run along the beach and into the bush! No time this weekend for my other business, but for the rest of the time up until Christmas I'm booking up and will be super busy!

Hope everyone remembered to turn your clocks back!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 31 October 2008





Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 27 October 2008


So, I'm sitting here just finishing up my previous post and I'm thinking, geez, my furnance keeps coming on, what's with that? I didn't even wear a coat today...

so I flip over to Environment Canada and read THIS!

Ottawa North - Kanata - Orléans

3:50 PM EDT

Monday 27 October 2008

Winter storm watch forOttawa North - Kanata - Orléans issued !!

The first Major snow storm of the season likely late Tuesday and Tuesday night.This is an alert to the potential development of dangerous winter weather conditions in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

Humdinger may not be a scientific term but it may very well sum up the weather that mother nature has in store for eastern Ontario. It appears a noreaster will be born just off the North Carolina coast this evening then intensify rapidly tonight and Tuesday before slicing through southwestern Québec Tuesday night.

In advance of this system an expanding area of significant rain will blossom across far eastern Ontario on Tuesday before changing to heavy wet snow in many areas by late afternoon or early evening.

In a swath from Ottawa through Renfrew to Algonquin significant heavy snow will likely set in late Tuesday and continue into Wednesday morning. Snowfall accumulations in excess of 15 centimetres are likely before it tapers off during the day Wednesday.

The rain will linger in the extreme east on Tuesday..From Cornwall to Hawkesbury..Where a rainfall warning is possible once the track of the heaviest rain becomes more certain.

The rain will change to snow Tuesday night in this area. Strong northwest winds of 50 gusting up to 70 km/h Tuesday night in combination with the snow will create hazardous driving conditions due to snow and blowing snow with low visibilities especially when the mercury edges just below the freezing mark.

Also any residual leaves left on trees may create additional concerns of snow-laden limbs affecting power lines.The storm track is still somewhat uncertain.

Winter storm warnings and rainfall warnings will be issued as deemed appropriate as the situation unfolds.

CRAP, you can always tell when Halloween is close by, the weather likes to play tricks on us...

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Buck or Bear with me...

Since I got my Dirty Girl Gators from Mr. Q's weight loss challenge, I've been doing a lot more trail running.

Saturday morning I tried to get out for a run before my Open House. It was reasonably warm and I really love running in bush in the fall, but again I was delayed by phone calls and my Saturday 8:30 phone date with my by the time I got out the door it was raining.

I finally got out and headed into the bush and ran, it was exhilarating...I just love it.
Running on the trails out of the rain, listening to the sounds in the forest, the smell of the earth, rotting leaves and deep humus...ah, Mother Nature.

I live on an peninsula the juts into the Ottawa River, in the middle is the Torbolton Forest. A fantastic spot to hike, Nordic ski in the winter and trail run the rest of the season. It is also very popular with the snowmobilers.

As I headed out of the bush on my way back home, I headed towards the dirt road that would lead me back towards my place, I noticed a really strong odour. Knowing that often people would trailer in their horses and go for a ride through the forest, at first I didn't think anything of it. With the heavy air, I just figured it was quiet pungent, but, this was NOT a horse...

Once I got out onto the dirt road I headed back up the hill when I heard it.
FFFAHRUMPPFHHH, then I heard it again,

and again,

and again.

Very soft, very methodical, very menacing. What is it?? Do I throw myself down prone onto the muddy road? Do I start yelling, do I stand still and continue to listen? What do you do when you are alone on a deserted road, in the middle of a forest?

Was it a another runner goofing around? Was it a dog snuffling in the fallen leaves?

I was now parallel to the sound, I stopped running and started to walk backwards.

If it was a buck, I could probably scare it by shouting,
but if it was a bear, I would probably faint dead away.
And if it was a bear, I would have sooner seen it coming towards me than feeling the back of my scalp being peeled away if it came up from behind....gawd, what DO YOU DO?

So walking backwards really quickly I kept thinking, geez, now what?
Luckily a car came over the horizon of the hill and was heading in the direction of the noise...then I saw the brake lights come on!!!

Whatever it was, had been coming out of the bush.....holy crapiolla....

When I saw the tail lights, I took off like a shot....and blasted my way home. It was the fastest 5K I've ever run, 24 minutes....Holy Crap.

To this moment, I don't know if it was a buck or a bear, but you can be sure that for my run on Sunday, I stuck to the main roads...

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 24 October 2008

Here's what's happening...

I'm having a Beotch of a time with my internet at home, so therefore today's post is from work. Work is crazy, busy, and I have no real time to put down a proper post, plus all my pictures are at home on the laptop... sigh...

So, bear with me while I work the kinks out of the home issue...

If I don't post for a couple of days while I work out my internet issues, I'm certain you'll be able to live without me!!

I'm having an Open House this weekend for my new home business, (sorry Marcy), so I'm going to be very busy with that...I bought some cheesy Halloween wine glasses and I'll be passing out trick or treats...but shhhhhh, I don't want to give too much away!

Plus, there is a ski swap going on this weekend that I may take my old nordic ski's in to see what I can get for them...and maybe pick up a "newer" used set.

While I'm in town, I'll throw in a 7 or 9K run, I'm starting back to get ready for the Hypothermic Half Marathon in January...I just don't have time to run the Rattle Me is busy!!!

Have a great weekend everyone, good luck to all of you competing this weekend!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


As it is in death, it is more so in life. We share.

Death brings us together to share our memories and grieve, death brings us together to laugh, to cry and to carry on with life.

Comments I heard yesterday while looking at the memory board were, "oh, there he is with his sister when they were kids", "look at that, I remember that Halloween costume", "he was doing what he loved doing", "I just can't believe he is gone", "it was so sudden".

We in blog land share our virtual lives with one another, we share training tips, we share training horror stories...

we share concerns for our children and grandchildren, we share concerns for one another when severe weather strikes us, whether it be Texas or eastern seaboard...

we share different lifestyles from Rome to Oahu, we share cooking tips from Belgium to Brisbane...

we share llama mauling, whitehead popping, speedy racers, to trashtastic topics from the Queen of Albany...

we share competitive cycling stories from Ottawa, Iowa to Queensland.

we share the excitement of someones first Iron Man to someones first try-a-try, to someones first half marathon and someones first marathon, we share!!!

We share our stories, our lives, our insecurities, our challenges and our triumphs...we share ourselves to people we may never meet, with people who we look forward to meeting and with people with whom we've met through this virtual world of ours.

It boils down to the common bond all of us have. It is the commitment to share a little bit of ourselves everyday, to laugh, to cry, to kick ass and tell someone to "bite your ass".

We share.

Thank you for that!!


speaking of sharing,

Look what I got yesterday in the mail!!!

Ted's Dean Karnazes 50 / 50 , the mobile book tour arrived in Canada!

Stay tuned for the information as to how you could be NEXT!!

Thanks for making me smile through the tears everyone.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Monday, 20 October 2008


Saturday morning dawned with the most spectacular sunrise, it was going to be the perfect fall weekend. Temperatures were forecast as bearable and the sun was very strong. After your collective kick in the arse, I got ready to go out for my run.

After many pleasant interruptions, either phone calls from friends or canvasser's at the door. I headed out. My neighbour was coming up my lane with his fuzzy little black dog in tow. Mike is clinically deaf so I have to wave and do my attempt at sign language, which always make him laugh...he is just so funny, he is my neighbour who wears the construction helmet when the acorns are falling. He is an absolute hoot. His wife is just as much fun.

Mike was on his way to tell me that a very good friend of ours (his uncle by marriage) was found dead on his dock.

It was crushing news for me.

As I came to terms with this, Mike stepped forward to hug me while I cried and tried to make sense of it all. Apparently our friend wanted to take his boat out for a spin up the river one last time before winter set in. He made it to the dock, collapsed and died. At least he was headed off to do something he loved and had happy thoughts, died quickly and is now with his late wife, looking down at all of us probably saying something like..."why the tears, I'm happy, I'm with Mon again, it is a nice day, now get out and do something productive".

Mike left me as I told him I needed to run to sort all of this out...and run I did, no garmin, no route, not even proper hydration (well a small bottle of PowerAid) and I ran. It was an odd run, with people stopping me as they were driving by. They shared their stories, their thoughts, their love of this man who had opened up his home to me when I separated from my significant other. He would not allow me to spend a Christmas, a Thanksgiving, a beautiful summer's night by myself. He ploughed out my driveway when we had the Ice Storm.

He and his wife knew that I was battling not only major health issues but the loss of a long time relationship...they would not allow me to be alone during special occasions. Both he and his late wife were very special to me.

My run went on and on and on. I laughed at some of the funny memories, I cried at the sad and because there were so many people out on such a glorious fall day wanting to stop and talk with me. I headed into the bush to run on the trails.

I had to run uninterrupted...I yelled to the trees at the top of my lungs and I prayed.

Today is the memorial for a really kind, gentle man who was getting on with his life after the loss of his beloved wife. He had found a new lady who truly loved him, they spent all their time together, they travelled, they blended families...they were it is time for me to be happy that he lived his life exactly the way it was meant to be and that his purpose on earth is now complete.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Saturday, 18 October 2008

Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you so much everybody for your "kick in the butt loving" you all gave me from yesterdays post, that is just the attitude I need from you to "keep my head above water" as I fight off the affects of SAD.

Thanks too for being a part of my life for the past 200 posts!!!

Yes, this is number 200!! (chatty aren't I)

So with that said, there are a couple of races that are in my area....

Sunday, October 26, at the General Hospital.

Rattle Me Bones raises vital funds for patient care, arthritis, and orthopedic research at The Ottawa Hospital.

I've just put out an "all call" to the Wooo Hooo's to see if anyone else wants to join me. Blogger Nat will be there with some of her "brunch bunch".

The other race I'm anxiously waiting for is the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Ottawa in January. (Last year I ran the Half Marathon at P.F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll Phoenix, too much fun).

The 2009 race date hasn't been posted yet but this is from last year...yes, the medal is a large snow flake and usually they give you something really very nice along with your bling. Last year it was a fabulous running bag with a thermal running bottle. Handy to have in our cold winter of running.

The race is posted as "Brave the cold in Canada's capital to run as part of a group of 300 participants running or walking the half marathon", it is a small out and back loop race, just something to shake the cobwebs out of you after Christmas. Oh, oh, that "c" word just keeps creeping up in blogs everywhere!!

The sun is shining this morning and beckoning me to get out and "suck up" all the Vitamin D the sun has to offer, so I'm going to strap on my kicks and get out for a run and maybe later, hop on Ruby Red and go for a spin!

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks again!! Good Luck to everyone competing this weekend....

Life's fun if you don't weaken!


Friday, 17 October 2008

What is required is....

... a good kick in the pants!

Where, oh where, has my motivation gone?

My mind seems to have its own time frame and if I don't get a chance to get my run or swim in at a particular "time", well then, it just doesn't want to do it.

Maybe it is the onslaught of fall, darker mornings, darker earlier in the evening...maybe it is my reptilian brain, or maybe I'm a reincarnated hibernating bear.

I'm not too sure, but this certainly needs addressing and SOON.

Work has been very busy and my NEW business, has just taken OFF!!

Ladies, sorry, only my Canadian ladies, I'm sooo excited about this but I'm not allowed to link from my blog, but you can always track me down by email...I just know you will love, love, love the product!!!

This weekend the weather is suppose to be gorgeous again, so no matter what, I'm strapping on the kicks and getting out to enjoy this wonder full fall weather! I may even take Ruby Red out for one last spin!!!

Good luck to all of you who are running, racing, cycling and tri-ing....Good luck Vickie, Jan and Chia!!! Kick some Michigan butt!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Thanksgiving weekend - Cumberland Fall Colours

Cumberland Fall Colours race weekend is a mixed bag of every event you could ever imagine. Please note events on the banner and that is just for the running divisions.

They also have duathlons which are held on Saturday.

This is held every Thanksgiving weekend at the very scenic Cumberland Heritage Village, which depicts life in rural Ontario circa the 1930's.

The setting is spectacular when you have fantastic weather like we had this weekend and it is very much a family event. There are a lot of things for the teeny tiny's to keep busy with and the farm animals love all of the attention, plus there is a cute little park area for them to scream and shout in. This of course is where I hung out (just kidding) while looking for Vava and his family. Young Owen was in his first chipped, bibbed, big boy race. With little information of who exactly I was looking for, I pretty much accosted any male over 6' 2" with children in tow.

Short of someone calling the police for this insane woman saying "are you Vava? You're tall and with kids"....I gave up looking for him. Maybe next time more of a clue would help, or I'll just hang out at the finish line listening for father's yelling at their kids to run faster!!

This year, I was still on my hiatus from running, but many of my friends were there competing in the Half Marathon and one of the Wooo Hooo's significant other was tackling his first marathon ever!

(some of my Running Room friends getting ready for their Half and Full Marathons)

Now, trying to be positive here, I would never slag an event intentionally (well, maybe just a little), but when I think of a Boston Qualifier race, shouldn't there be timing mats at the beginning of the race???

Nope, no mats, no announcement that the race is going to begin, just stand near the pig pen, that's the start line, everybody ready???

Last year I ran the half marathon and it was a nice race, but not one that I would do again, but what the heck I'll go and support anyone who wants to run.

Okay, while I'm on my soapbox, could they not have a food concession stand available for the spectators / support people? There was nothing!! Some of these people (a large majority) had kids and pets with them and they were going to be there for hours waiting for their loved ones to cross the finish line.

There was no water, no juice, no coffee and no food for anyone other than the runner's who by the way, got chocolate milk and chili! Yup, I'd want to eat that after running a marathon....come ON! Maybe in my subliminal mind I remember all of this from last year!

Well, after re-reading that little paragraph I suppose I did slag the race....oooppps sorry!

Luckily I had packed an apple, orange and power bar into my purse, which really came in handy while I waited and chatted, then someone showed up with Tim Bits and a jug thermos of coffee....

My camera was put to good use and and so was my little bell, (not a cowbell, darn) and I happily sat in the sunshine and waited for the runners to arrive. One by one they huffed and puffed and sweated their way past me, some with smiles, some with grimaces...but Roger came along with one HUGE grin on his face as he completed his first marathon in the time of 4:11:47 in the men's category of 55 - 59!!

Way to go Roger!!

The general consensus is, although very picturesque it certainly wouldn't be a "must do" race for next fall.

Because I just might be in Grand Rapids with Vickie, Jan and Chia!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,