Thursday, 29 April 2010

Three Things Thursday

  • Blizzard has close to 1,000 kilometers of road miles on him since March 1st.  He even has some trail miles too.  Last Saturday we did a 66K ride along back roads, trails and busy roadways.  I'm starting to be more confident riding with traffic, but trust me, I will never become complacent.  I'm considering taking the Can-Bike Program that is put on by Canadian Cycling Association, Transport Canada and the Ottawa Police Department.  Of course this will be something I will do after I finish putting the 20lbs of Sh*t into the 5lb bag.

  • Speaking of stress, I'm just about at the point for saying the Fbomb with respect to submitting taxes.  After working all day on a computer, the last thing I want to do is go home and figure out CR's software program.  After completing over 43 submissions towards medical expenses from when I blew my meniscus and had pneumonia this past fall and winter, (yes, each invoice has to be done individually with date, amount, what it was for and who is was paid to), they said I had a small error, click here, so I did and it deducted OVER $300.00 from the total it said I was going to get back!  GRRRRRRRRRR.  So I dropped the Fbomb, turned off the computer, had a glass of wine and watched some mindless T.V.

  • I forgot to mention that last Sunday I took a bike maintenance course, it sure looks easy when you know how.  Needless to say, I still don't know "how" and am dreading the day I get my first flat tire.  (I need a Man-Servant).  After the course we were to go on a nice Sunday ride with the group and enjoy the day.  Well, I'm not too sure if I was still tired from the 66K the previous day or whether the wind (which was blowing at 45K) bonked me out, but the group took off and dropped us.  When we finally kinda, sorta caught up with them, I yelled to them to just go ahead and not bother to wait for us.  After that pressure was taken off of us.  We had a perfect ride!!!
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I'm feeling stressed, like I'm always trying to fit 20lbs of Sh*t into a 5lb bag. 

  • I was volunteered to be club sectretary for the ski club I joined last year by the President.  I'm behind in getting the minutes of the April meeting to him, plus the spot where they hold their meetings is already booked for the May date that the club chose for their next meeting.  Now I have to find a venue where we can hold the meeting.... do the minutes, address the action items, no biggie right?  argggghhhhh!

  • Taxes are due on Friday, I'm almost done getting all my information organised and if in fact if I had any organisational skills (i.e. sectreterial, see the above note), I'd file all my bills after paying them monthly instead of trying to file them four days before the tax due date.  Being on contract sometimes bites...

  • I have to start back running on a more committed basis, I have an 8K Kilt run at the end of June and truth be told I haven't put on  my kicks in well over a month.

  • I'm feeling a little more confident about the 100K cycle tour I'm riding at the beginning of June, riding down to Kingston shouldn't be a problem, however, cycling the 100K back on the Sunday could prove to be interesting!!

Lifes' fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Three (four) Things Thursday

As usual I'm trying to fit 20lbs of SH*T into a 5lb bag.

  • Blizzard and I have been out on the roads since March 1st and we've been racking up the miles or as we say in Canada, the kilometers.  Last weekend as an epic weekend for me, I cycled 36K+ on Saturday in absolutely craptastic weather, my cycling partner told me that my lips and face were turning blue when we stopped to re-fuel.  Sweet!  Sunday was a sunnier day, but the wind, YIKES...we cycled 86K with a stop for lunch at a cute little restaurant in Pakenham called Watt's Cooking.  Fabulous ride, fabulous route and I'm sooo excited I did it...clipped in all the way!  Whoot!

  • Have I mentioned my elderly neighbour before?  She is a sweet lady who was dragged brought to Ontario by her son because it was more convenient for him to look after her here than it was when she was on Galiano Island, where she loved living, had all of her friends there and could work tirelessly on her endless gardens.  Well, now she is stuck here, her son does not have time for her as he is too busy and guess who listens to her bemoan the fact that she is so unhappy and that she is forever crying.  Not to mention that she is starting to "forget" things, and is digging up my side garden because it is full of weeds, that I paid for at a nursery and she wants to tidy up my yard because it is a disgraceful mess.  Just shoot me when I get old(er).

  • Since I really want to get out and meet people, cycle in different areas and who knows, maybe I'll meet a nice single grandfather, I joined a bike club.  (see note above regarding 86K ride).  They have asked me if I'd be interested in riding on their team for the MS Society fund-raiser in August.  Hellzz ya, so, I'll be switching my MS donation page over to the team page and there won't be any difference as to whether I'm an individual or team member the money still goes to the charity, only now I'll be riding as a team in spiffy team attire.  Yup, I'll have a team shirt, shorts, boot covers, gloves, hat and matching bra.  Just kidding about the bra, just wanted to see if you were still reading!!!

  • I received an email this morning from my very good friends over at the Runners' Lounge asking if I would be interested in doing a book review of the Ultimate Runner, written by none other than my friends Tom Green and Amy Hunold-VanGundy.  OF COURSE I'd be delighted!!!  Thanks for thinking of me.
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 16 April 2010


does this haircut make my ass look fat?

And NO, I do NOT resemble Jenny McCarthy in any way, shape or form, it's just that I haven't had time to do the photo of the "do" and this is the closest I could come to finding something somewhat similar.

After hiding under a mountain of hair for several years now, it was time to update the "do".  I'm not too sure how easy this will be to maintain whilst wearing a cycling helmet, and I'm not too sure how annoying it will be while running.  Under a swim cap, easy, just shove it under and dive in.

Now that the hair is off, it certainly reveals a few things that were otherwise hidden.  Like grey hair, the ever so slight stoop of the shoulders as I not so gracefully age and yes, it reveals the lump on my neck that I've been hiding for a little while.  I actually received a compliment on my grey hair as I was leaving the salon yesterday, truth be told, I can hardly wait to have gorgeous grey hair, let's hope its not the mousey bleck grey that some people are saddled with. 

As for the slight stoop, well, hopefully it will not go any further.  I've been loading up on Calcium and magnesium and I'm going to have to be more diligent on weight bearing exercises for my upper body, spine, arms and shoulders.

The lump, well, it was looked at by a specialist and they do feel that it is just a blocked sebaceous gland, but it is going to be removed by a plastic surgeon and sent for biopsy, just in case.  The date has not been set yet, since it is considered a non-cancerous situation.  Whew....I just hope that the minor surgery is set either before the cycle tour in June or shortly thereafter.  I don't want to have to miss out on swimming this summer!!! 

Have I mentioned that I'm considering an event of epic porportion?  Well, epic for me, considering I haven't been running any great distance lately, but I'm eyeing the Canadian Half Ironman in September.  Okay, so now I've spilled the beans...and yes, this was on my sidebar to do last year before I blew my meniscus...

For now, training is going really well for the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, we've been out in all kinds of craptastic weather and this coming weekend is going to be no exception.  Rain, Rain and more Rain.  Tomorrow I'm planning on an easy 50K ride and Sunday I am cycling 85K with the Kanata Nepean Bike Club.  I'm looking forward to cycling with the club this year.  I've signed up for some really fun weekend rides that I'll tell more about soon.

Well, I've stolen enough company time, so I'd better haul ass and do some work,  Have a great weekend!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



see, told you I don't look like Jenny McCarthy!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Three Things Thursday

Ever so slowly I'm working my way out of my slump, life goes on and there are new bright horizons, with the opportunity to make new memories.  Looking back is a good reminder of what you were and where you came from and how far you've come along, but looking forward is endless, a clean slate and new direction.


  • Leave it long(ish)?

  • Go short?

  • I've been getting a lot of cycling done, but what is with the wind?? Holy schnittzzzz, it has been incredibly windy.  Last Saturday we battled against 40K + winds, well, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. 
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Three Things Thursday

Back on the Road!

  • Since the beginning of March, actually March 1st to be exact, I've been out on the bike!  Yes, struggling cycling through the cold, the wind (aghh, the wind has been relentless) and yes, there have been some really nice days too.  Easter Weekend a group of us went to scenic Merrickville for a nice ride along the river and past century homes and farmers fields.  The speedy speedster's went on ahead and cycled down to the St. Lawrence River and back, while us mere mortals rode along at a saner pace and did a 40K loop.  We met up afterwards and enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the patio at the Yellow Canoe Cafe.  Fun times and so early in the season. 

  • Monday was the private family service and internment for my life long friend.  The drive is 2 1/2 hours one way and I left my house at 6 a.m. to be there on time.  It was cold, rainy and very windy while we were at the cemetary, which I found fitting.  My friend lived and died on her own terms and she really did have a remarkable life.  While never a mother figure to me, she was more like a sister,  a true confidant and she was the glue that held my past to my present.    No one knows me the way she did and she never judged me, even when I did some wildassed crazy things.  She was my beacon of sanity.  Now that is gone and I am totally lost.

  •  Did I mention that I fell off my bike?  Well, yes, I did, at a standstill none the less.  I have a huge honking black, purple and blue bruise covering the grand expanse of my right butt cheek (yes, I took a photo, but I've spared you the visual).  My right elbow is technicolour as is my right leg.  The bleeding on my right shin finally stopped, but my bike pedals are now covered in blood.  Well the good news is at least that is out of the way, bring on summer!!!
Life's fun if you don't weaken,