Sunday, 15 May 2011

Soggy says it all...

after a very soggy ride
This has been an absolutely soggy week and there doesn't seem to be any change in the foreseeable future. If it was a warm summer rain, okay, I could take that, but no, it is cold, yes it has been cold enough to have the fireplace on yesterday, oh and did I mention windy???

Unfortunately I'm too stubborn to sit back and tell myself it is okay to bail on training.  I just can't, the season is way to close and if I'm not ready for it,well let's just say I'm not ready to deal with injuries.

Monday was a recovery swim which I'm so grateful for. After pounding away running and cycling, being at the pool is a God send.

Tuesday was the first of the Beaver Chase series.  It is a really fun trail run through the Monk Environmental Park, however our regular route has been modified due to a controversial situation of clear cutting the forest and endangering various species of plants, animals, amphibians and trees all in the name of progress.  This is a really hot topic for me, so I won't continue on the subject.

Monk Environmental Park

Our run took us on two loops of the partial trail that is away from the heavy equipment used for clear cutting.  A few of us ran together and got a chance to catch up and chat, much to the race directors chagrin.  I'm sure that we were the last to cross the finish line and by the time we had returned from our little recovery run, the finish line and timers were already torn down, packed away and only the water station remained...okay, we promise the next time to actually race!!!

Wednesday, Thursday were cycling / running days.  Have I mentioned the wind?  Grrrrrrrrrr

Saturday's ride was soggy, soggy, SOGGY.  After riding 30k in the pounding rain I said enough.  I know that I have to HTFU on the bike but when it is raining so hard it hurts your face, I'd say that's a good time to stop. I quickly changed into some dry clothes and headed off to the pool for a coupled of km's of laps.

Today, I'm looking out the window guessed it, rain and wind.  Well, better go and get my running gear on...

HEY, at least it isn't snowing!!

Lily in the snow
Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Busy, busy, if this training doesn't kill me I might do all right this summer!

Friday was some much needed pool time.  The pool had been closed for maintenance for the month of April, putting me really behind in my training.  It felt great to be back, I never realised just how much I missed swimming!

Saturday was hill training on the bike.  We upped the speed and cut out some of the rest breaks and hit the hills.

a cold spring ride out of Burnstown - UP the hill

Stewartville Dam Hill ~ yes it just keeps going UP!
I've found that the more you push yourself, the more you find out about yourself.  I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm feeling more comfortable on the bike (not getting cocky), just more confidence.  This was a good solid ride.

Sunday was spent on the bike again, however, it was as a backup for my friends running the 32k K2B run.  It was a cold morning to be on the bike, but a perfect overcast, cool morning for the runners.  This is the last long run they will do before the Ottawa Marathon on May 29th, and yes, I'll be there that day too ringing my cow bell!

Monday was back to the pool for more laps and some recovery in the sauna!!

Tonight is the first of the Beaver Chase Race series.  A nice 4 mile trail run through the Monk Conservation area.  Hopefully my running passion will resurface now that the temperatures are on the rise and we are starting to enjoy some blue skies.  Tri season is quickly approaching, so I'd better get my running mojo back soon!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 6 May 2011

A quickie ~ post that is...

Finally we are getting some warmer weather and sunshine.  The SUN, I think that is what they call the glowing thing in the sky is shining brightly, it has been so very long since we've seen it, it is hard to tell.

Today starts the Tulip Festival in Ottawa, lets hope that Mother Nature gives all the bus loads of tourists some warm weather and dazzling sights!  I'll be riding the bike to down-town on Sunday as it is the 32K run from the Running Room in Kanata to the Bank Street store.  I have done this run before and it is an absolute blast!  (it is the last long run before the Ottawa Marathon).  There are several friends running the 32K K2B, so I want to be there for moral support.

This past week has been really rainy and cold, so no, I didn't get out on Blizzard, however, this weekend I'll be pedalling my ass off in preparation of the Rideau Lakes Century Tour.

preparing the sag wagons

 Last year was an amazing journey down to Kingston, Ontario.  The way home the next day, not so great...I'm not even going to think that craptastic weather will happen again this year.

cold, no, VERY cold and rainy
Saturday, Blizzard and I are off to tackle the Stewartville Dam Hill again, I'll take along the camera too.

Whatever you are up to this weekend, stay safe, have fun and be the best you can be!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Take two on coming back to blogging...

Life has been busy with real life commitments.  Things are settling down or should I say becoming more manageable.

As for getting any training done,well,  it is happening between the cold temperature, the rain drops, rain storms, wind and major wind storms.  Mother Nature is certainly showing us that she is in charge and won't be giving up winter like weather any time soon.    Luckily I took a change in venue, I've rediscovered my love of swimming and because of this it has given me the chance to get out of the inclement weather and be inside swimming laps and enjoying the sauna.  This has certainly helped me get a head start on the triathlons and swim events I've got on my 2011 TO DO list.

Blizzard has been out racking up the kilometres, lots of kms in and around home and weather permitting, a few of the Wooo Hooo's have been getting together for some hill rides "up the line", as it is affectionately called here, meaning heading deeper in to the Ottawa Valley.

Anyone who knows me, knows that hills on a bike are not my strength, but I've been working hard trying to HTFU about hills, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?

Burnstown Hill, Ottawa Valley

Well, here is a photo of one of my practice hills, and no I don't mean going down it!!  This photo is obviously taken in the fall, but I promise to take one when we go out again this weekend.  Believe it or not, this is the baby hill leaving Burnstown heading towards White Lake which takes us on to Stewartville.  The Stewartville Dam Hill has been my nemesis for three years.  I can happily report that I finally conquered that hill this past weekend again, I promise to take a photo of the Stewartville Dam Hill.

There is a lot to catch up on, but I'll close off for now.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,