Saturday, 25 April 2009

Man Servant the garden's please

This is going to go from a leaf riddled mess to this in the next couple of weeks...

Now that I'm not running, I have no excuse not to tidy up the house.  Not that it is all that grossly dirty, it was just easier to ignore while strapping on the kicks to head out for a nice long run.   Hmmmm, maybe I can use gardening as my new excuse!

This weekend it is GORGEOUS outside and I don't want to miss the chance to get out into the gardens.  Even though my knee is still very sore and since I'm using Pennsaid, I can't wear my shorts, apparently sun and Pennsaid do not mix very well, so no sun tanning for me!

Once I finish up with my coffee and cleaning the fish tank, out I go!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 24 April 2009

Blogger Road Rage

Listen up Jackhole, there is NO need to swing out in front of me when there is nary a car behind me, and then proceed to apply your make-up AND take a cell phone call while traveling at 65K in an 80K!!


This is not the first morning you have done this to me...this is the FOURTH time.

Trust me, I've seen you,

I don't really know you, but trust me when I tell you MAKE-UP is not going to help you, especially when you apply is with a cement trowel!

I have your licence plate number emblazoned into my memory, cease and desist!!!

Next time I am calling the police.....

I feel better now!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 23 April 2009

29 to 1.609344

My last run was over three weeks ago. It was very cold, very rainy and very windy. My S.I. joint locked up which in turn caused my knee to lock.

Well that run was 29K, yesterday I was able to walk 1.609344K on the treadmill and it took me over 20 minutes. The good news is I only hurt until I stopped.

Back in my Flight Attendant days, I would not think twice about wearing a pair of heels like those in the photo, but right now I cringe just thinking about having to put something other than my flats or running shoes on. Physio started this week and between acupuncture and ultrasound, doing my exercises and seeing the doctor in mid May, the marathon has been definitely ruled out and if things don't improve greatly, it is now looking as though I may have to forgo the Rideau Lakes Bike tour as well.

I had well ensconced myself in a full blown pity party, eating Girl Guide cookies and washing them down with red wine all the while thinking that if I pull my arms over my head that counts as stretching, oh and the obligatory touching of toes, that would be enough.

Luckily that party was short lived and I'm getting on with being me (without running).

Sunday was a gorgeous day outside and I couldn't stand being cooped up one more moment. Since I am leery about walking outside on my own and not being able to get back to the house, I figured a spin on Ruby was in order. I had just got her back from servicing on Saturday and really wanted to get out and ride. Off we went and it was sweet! I headed out of the Bay and up the road towards Crown Point. It was freedom! The birds were singing, the sun was shining and I even heard some bullfrogs in the swamps on either side of the road, wow! As I cycled along I thought, this is a piece of cake, I can go for miles. Then reality hit, no matter how far I ride I have to get back home.

I hate when I'm sensible, but I did turn around and headed back the way I came. All in all I cycled over 15K.

It wasn't until I got off the bike I realised just how sore and swollen my knee was. Damn! Even with the topical painkiller Pennsaid my knee is very uncomfortable.

Yesterday I hit the gym and walked on the treadmill for 1 mile, rode the stationary bike for 1 mile and then worked with weights. Today, I'll try some of the other resistance gym equipment and try the rowing machine. Until I can stabilise the knee this is all I can do. It's better than nothing!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Saturday, 18 April 2009

What's a girl to do

My Saturday ritual has always been pouring my morning cup of coffee and then sitting down and stalking all of you bloggers and read about what you have been doing, not doing, bitching about, suggesting, reviewing, cooking, racing, running, cycling and yes, what you've been doing to inspire me.   

Now that I've been sidelined and yes, truthfully I'm a little lost with what to do with myself at the moment, I even contemplated taking a blogging break, which I have (threatened to do) done before. 

I'm not threatening to leave blogsphere 
like some other nameless person we all know and love.


with whom I've threatened 
we should ALL go and sit on her new front lawn 
until she comes back to blogland.

No, I'm not going to leave you.  

I just won't be able to write about my running, training, complaining about running in the cold and wind with snow banks up to my ass (I'm 5' 10", you figure out how much snow we get here).

No, I'll be boring you with what I'm doing out in the garden, where I'm going to put my birdbath, and whether I should plant crocus bulbs for next spring, (oh gawd, say it ain't so), or what cookbooks I'm reading, (please, just shoot me now), or God forbid Scrapbooking, (sorry Marie, I love you, REALLY)....

Instead, I'm going to have to get my sorry ass over to the gym and do some real work.  Working with weights, training on the elliptical, rowing machine and the dreaded treadmill (walking only, thank you).  Anything that doesn't involve knee work, so I guess squats are out of the picture.

Tuesday is my first day with the "real" physiotherapist so I'll find out what I can actually do to improve my knee strength.  Hopefully I won't have to go for too long, holy crapola, that is a BIG BUCK industry and I don't have coverage.  So with any luck she can give me exercises to do at home.

Ruby, well, I'm checking to see if she can be picked up today, I need to get out and spin.  As Blue and The Flanders Fat Cat have suggested, I should come over to the light.  Maybe I'll take them up on that, for awhile anyway!

Have a great weekend and remember,

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Thursday, 16 April 2009


...Dr. No and I are going steady, yes, we have another date!

Who knew that I'd like the guy!

I've even been told it may turn into a ménage à trois. Yes, we may be including an Orthopedic Surgeon....

but ssshhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone I have tears in my medial and lateral meniscus and medial and lateral collateral ligaments...

Oh and arthritis in both knees, the right knee in an advanced stage....guess which knee is the mess right now...

so, to date;

Marathon - NO

RLCT - No or possibly no, depends on how my knee reacts to physio and the meds...


So I'm having to hang up my kicks for awhile, hopefully they won't be as moss laden by the time I come back to running.

There is an element of disappointment, but I'm not discouraged. My knee has gone through worse and has come back from the brink of destruction to run marathons and compete in triathlons, so with a little TLC, I'm hoping to be back in the running groove by mid summer.

Dr. No was actually very nice this appointment, I quite like him. He seemed far more connected with my malady and he was involved with explaining my xrays, the damaged area's where the bones are starting to wear. He even smiled and chuckled a couple of times at my warped sense of humour. I believe that he now understands what the importance of staying healthy and active means to me. He was encouraging in the hopes that physiotherapy will strengthen the area's that are injured and with the medications the swelling will subside.

Physio starts next week at the Sports Injury Clinic, I've pretty much written off my medical doctor and the clinic associated with her. When it is your own health, take the steps necessary to get the proper answers, if I had relied upon my own doctor's office, I'd know nothing of this information, nor would I be being sent for an MIR and Cat Scan. I'm adamant about this, continue to find out the facts....don't stop until you find someone who can give you all the answers.

Yesterday was the first day on meds. I am not a big believer in overloading the body with drugs, but when they are necessary, you are only helping yourself heal quicker. Along with Gloucosamin Chrondotin with MSM, Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D, my blog buddy Judi, who kindly listened to me whine to her last night, suggested including Fish Oil into my diet. I'll let you know how all of that works out!

Well, once Ruby comes back from her tune up, I'll head out for a short spin, I'll continue walking and as Judi said, get to the gym and NOW!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A sense of direction

Just over 24 hours to go before my second date with Dr. No.

Geez, I haven't had a second date in years and I truly forget what to do. Maybe I'll shave my legs and just wait to see if he wants to rub his hands all over them again. Massaging and prodding, letting him have his way with me. This sounds like a cheesey porno, but I'm no Marilyn Chambers, may she rest in peace.

So, I'll just have to wait and see what becomes of my knee after Dr. No. reads the xrays and determines the future of my running career.

Until then, I have no sense of direction.

On Sunday I met up with a small group from the five hour marathon group who were running their first 32K run. I had loaded up my mountain bike so I could ride the tails with them while they ran, but it was very windy and cold and by 10K, I was just frozen (I hate being cold), so I bailed on them and rode back to the car. I put the bike back on the rack and headed off to meet them at Andrew Haydon Park, however, by the time I put gas in the car and picked up some Easter treats for my friends, I met them on the way back towards Watts Creek Trail. Everyone was running easily and strong and still laughing and smiling! Way to go you guys! You are already marathoner's in my mind!

The Easter weekend was to be full of fun, food and friends. Several of the Wooo Hooo's had invited me to join their family festivities and I was really looking forward to it. On Saturday, even though it was cool and windy, I had the opportunity to get out into my backyard and start readying the gardens for Mother Spring. It took me ages to pick up fallen branches and twigs, bag them up and then rake and bag some of the fallen leaves. What I found was how easily I tired and my knee was swelling up even more than its normal swollen size by mid day. Needless to say I didn't make it to Saturday and Sunday's Easter festivities, I was icing my knee and taking it easy.

What I do know is my knee is generally feeling stronger, although it does still have a pulling sensation when I go downstairs and it feels like it goes off track sometimes when I'm walking which in turn cause a great discomfort. Swelling, well it depends upon the day. So far, I haven't "tested" it yet with a run, I'll just wait until tomorrow.

I'll let you know how the second date goes. Today I pick up my xrays so I can have them with me for tomorrow's appointment, errrr, date!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dr. No

Dr. No Nonsense that is.

My appointment with the Sports Injury doctor was interesting to say the least. Talk about cut and dry and to the point. He'd ask a question, you'd answer, if it wasn't an immediate answer he would then ask "then why are you doing it?"


how exactly did you hurt your knee?

I hurt it while out running

the question was, how exactly did you hurt your knee?

I was on one of my longer runs, it was cold and rainy and my S.I. Joint tightened up causing my knee to lock.

why do you think the S.I. joint was the problem?

well, I've been having trouble with my S.I. joint since the fall and I've been seeing my chiropractor.

why are you seeing the chiropractor?

because, (see above)

what are they doing to help this problem?

I've been having adjustments and doing some stretches.

are you really doing your stretches, what are you doing for core strengthening? what are you doing for your pelvic floor?

oh, some stretches and some yoga.....(voice becoming a little more meek)

why exactly are you running?

because I like it?????

what else are you doing for your S.I. Joint and knee

going to the chiropractor, stretching and putting traummel s on my knee swelling....????

you spelled traumeel incorrectly on your form!!

sorry.... : (

You get my drift. He then had me walk on my toes and then on my heels, and do squats. Ouch...

Then up onto the table where he checked my left knee, who knew your leg could go in that direction and return without permanent damage! Well, next was my right knee, he kept moving it in directions it just didn't want to go, as I'm clinging to the examination table he kept saying, relax your knee, I'm trying, relax your knee.

I'm trying to, but I have trust issues!!!

Needless to say, we got through the exam, I was sent for more xrays, because the set of xrays done by the nurse practitioner were not correct (go figure).

I go back to Dr. No Nonsense on Wednesday with the new xrays and until then I'll be working on my core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

Hopefully by Wednesday I'll know why I want to run and I've become a better speller!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Oh, Dr. No said I can't run right now, but I can do anything as long as it doesn't hurt. Hope my next appointment doesn't hurt!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sometimes... just have to continue searching for the right answers regarding your health and welfare. After having close to a week mulling over what (more like what not) the nurse practitioner told me, I've made an appointment with a Sports Injury Doctor at PSI Ottawa , located at Scotiabank Place, where the Ottawa Senators hockey team play. I'm sure if they can keep the Sen's in one piece, they'll be able to help me.

Why is it your own Doctor does not have time to see you and when you call a Sports Doctor, they can take you almost immediately?

The marathon group have been wonderful about keeping me posted as to their progress. This Sunday will be their very first 32K run. I am so disappointed that I won't be with them. Depending upon what the Sports Doctor tells me, maybe I can pull out my mountain bike and ride with them. We will see.

On another note, while we are on the topic of health, a good friend of mine who owns the courier service I've been using since 1994, just came in to drop off the monthly bill. He looked drawn and just not his cheery self. His Scottish humour always makes me laugh and we always talk about Scotland and their current news. I mentioned that he looked like he's lost weight. His eyes welled up and he told me he was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer. The cancer has already spread to his bones and that he maybe has three years.

I am such a puddle of emotion when someone whom I really like tells me something that distressing. I came around from my desk and gave him a big hug, we both had a few tears and some sniffles, even though he is an older gentleman, he is still a friend.

When it is something as important as your health, please, take the steps to be checked out properly, if you don't like what they are telling you or you are uncomfortable with the individual who is your Doctor, take control your life and your health and look for someone you can work with and whom you trust.

This is YOUR life, make it the best it can be. None of us are going to get out alive, so what time you do have on this earth, make every minute count.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ruby is going for maintenance

Since I'm sidelined (okay, enough about that), I'm taking the Norco in for a spring tune-up. The bottom bracket and seat need adjusting and for some reason I can't seem to get the saddle post to move. A friend of mine applied heat, a wrench and some strong muscle but nary a budge.

I called the place where the bike will be tuned up and they said to get it in right away because they are already booked up until April 17th. Once I get the bike back I'll either be ready to hit the roads or I'll be on the trainer for awhile.

One thing is for sure, I'll have to get back to the gym to work on keeping my fitness level up and as some one told me this morning. Watch what your are eating "you don't want to get any heavier". Yea, thanks for that....

As my friend Ter mentioned on my last post, that I sound a little "crankeeeee", yup I do don't I? Sorry about that, I don't mean to be, but the frustration level is a little high right now.

Tomorrow will be my first Sunday in a long time that I don't have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to go for a run. The troops will be running another 29K tomorrow on one of my most favourite trails....maybe I'll get out the mountain bike and meet them. Oh, right I can't....well, I'll stop by to see how they are doing after their run....ya, that would work.

Okay, well I'm off to load up Ruby and send her off to her doctor....

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and good luck to those who are racing.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Friday, 3 April 2009

"You can't handle the truth"

Well, you're right, I can't handle the fact that sooo many people have said to me this week regarding my knee injury, "well, what do you expect, at your age, you shouldn't be running".

Excuse ME??

At my age?? What exactly should I be doing at "my age"??

Trust me when I say that I have NOT had a typical life.

Why the hell should I have a typical old age.

Shut UP.

Believe me, I would sooner go out doing something I like to do, rather than sit on a couch waiting to wither up and die.

Now, back to my normally scheduled blog!

My knee injury is due to a combination of accumulated injuries over my life. Yes, it is my knee that has had two previous surgeries and yes, I was pushing the proverbial envelope by adding a little too much cycling to my already busy schedule.

My fault, I've got big shoulder's and yes, I know that I was "over training" so to speak.

I had xrays taken and the meniscus and bones seem fine, however there was a shadow that the nurse practitioner couldn't explain.

She then proceeded to tell me I was too old to be running and that it was my IT band. GAH!!!

I said let me see the xrays and then told her that from the looks of it, the problem was my patella (I had to show her where part of my patella is missing from surgery) and not IT and that the swelling is exactly where patella tendinitis and soft tissue damage would occur. She then took another look and said maybe you're right! So, then we looked through the Internet and yes, it is that and then some.

So, basically take two Advil and call me in the morning sort of horse shit....

I'm icing, taking Advil, using compression and elevation, I'm even sitting here at the office with my leg up on my garbage pail. yada, yada...

My S.I. joint and back are still giving me issues, and I'm guessing that is where all this stemmed from.

Oh well, but I'm okay, really, I've hurt myself worse in the past.

The only thing pissing me off right now is everyone telling me I'm too old to be doing this....

Life's fun if you don't weaken,