Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lighten up

When I opened up my blog this morning I realised just how dark and brooding it has become, so let's lighten this up!

Now that I'm feeling better, (although still feeling as though I'm breathing through gauze),  it is time to get back out onto the road, running that is!  Yesterday I had to find my Saucony's, find my winter running gear, dig out my Garmin and suit up.  It was a beautiful morning with bright sunshine, no wind and an almost bearable temperature.  In other words, it was the perfect morning to start back "on the road" with a little 4k.

my favourite road

running alone?  or being carried?

our community church

Morning sunrise

The afternoon was a great cross country ski!  The Weekend Warrior is back!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



ajh said...

Nice pictures. Everything is brown here without the snow. Not a pretty winter at all. Glad you took your camera so I could see some snow!


Love the snow!!

Xenia said...

SNOW! I see you've changed your blog template too. It's nice and cheery now.

Groover said...

The sunrise is so pretty. Good to be out to see it, too. Well done! :-)

MrDaveyGie said...

WoW!!! That's bright, I had to go put on my sunglasses to finish reading you blog. :-) But it was worth it, it was uplifting.

Amy said...

Laurel, I am so in awe of how you get out in all that snow! My life felt like it came to a standstill with our cold snap that lasted just 2 weeks!

Ewa said...

Now that I got to spend some time in the snow, I am not so envious of your white magic. Love your pics but what I love more is to hear you are able to enjoy it.

Wes said...

nice! did I mention Brrrrr! :-)