Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bright days and a long weekend

Ontario hosted its bogus Family Day long weekend.  Luckily for me I took it off and spent the weekend doing really fun things!  It was a bright, cold weekend, but not the killer cold, sort of "cold spring temperatures".  Saturday morning I searched for and dusted off my Saucony's and ran a really nice 4k.  You know the kind of run where there is no pressure, no "pace time" to keep.  Just a nice run in the sunshine and enjoying the outdoors.  Saturday afternoon we headed up to the Provincial Park for some xc skiing.  The trails were a mixture of granular snow and ice.  The classic trails had not been groomed for some time so it was a little dodgy in spots, other areas were quite nice.

a not so bad portion of the trail

Sunday morning I headed into town to our local Running Room (as I'd been told that I had to start socialising again) and ran with some really nice ladies who are training for the May Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon (which is sold out).  I have to admit it was just so nice to just run for fun since I wasn't the one training for anything.   The rest of the day was spent visiting with Dad and having some great laughs with him, I'm learning to live in the moment and I've also learned you will NEVER win a discussion, argument nor anything else with a dementia patient, so you just smile, laugh, share, nod in agreement and realise that is the way their mind is working, so you tuck away your ego as there is no point trying to correct, chastise, nor disagree.

Holiday Monday ended up being another beautiful day, how lucky are we?  So after 40 minutes on the bike trainer, I could not stand being inside one more minute.  Off I went for another xc ski, only this time it was super icy and no groomed trails at all!

super duper slippery, not a track in sight
there is a chickadee on my camera
 Now that I'm learning to relax again and just do what I can do, life is settling into a routine that is manageable.  What remains to be seen is what I can sign up for!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Born To Endure said...

So happy that you are getting back to the living..LOL :))

Wes said...

that looks like SOOO much fun... I could totally get into XC skiing. If it ever snowed here. For more than a day or two..

Ewa said...

Those trails look lovely.
I know what you mean about talking to people with dementia. My mom is living in the world that has nothing to do with my reality so I meet her in her where she is. When she talks about my dad, who died 7 years ago, visiting her, I ask her what he said.
As for learning to relax, I think I might have to repeat that class...
Be well my Friend.

Xenia said...

My sister's fiancee and his brother have yet to learn the futility of arguing with their father. They just so desperately want him to be the way he was before alzheimer's took its toll. My sister is helping them though. Her cheery attitude and optimism would make a dent in even the most dedicated cynic.

Keep livin' large, L!

Groover said...

Brightening up your blog really seemed to have brightened up your spirits... or was it the other way around? :-)

It's very interesting to read about your learning experience, dealing with dementia. Dementia or not, I think there is a lesson in there for all of us. It's not so much about being right or wrong, it's all about understanding each others feelings without judgement... and giving comfort.

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Love the new look and brightness you spread to all of those around you. :))))))

Anne said...

The new look for the blog suits you well. I would love to spend a long weekend as you did.

ajh said...

The cross country skiing in the sun looks wonderful! How nice you got outside to enjoy it.

Marlene said...

What a fabulous way to spend the long weekend - lots of exercise, fresh air, family time and even socializing! Looking great out there, love!

raulgonemobile said...

I haven't gone xc skiing in sooo long.. Nice pics, makes me want to go do that again..