Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Now that we are in mid-January, I'm continually being asked what my 2012 goals are for the year.  Even my dentist asked me yesterday.

Well my calendar looks like this...

Pretty sad huh?

So far this year (don't forget, it is only mid January), I've had one DNS.  Yup, Did Not Start.  How sad is that?  Call me what you will, you can call me a wimp, coward, unadventurous soul but when the temperature outside is -25C (-13F) but feels like -31C (-23.8F) with the wind-chill, trust me when I say...I'm not racing!  Many of my friends raced the 30th Annual Richmond Road Race and had a great time.  Bully for them!

This is not my kind of fun.
So, instead I hopped on my aptly named bike "Blizzard" and worked off a few anxieties for about an hour.

Blizzard on the trainer

Trying to fit in training while trying to manage all the rest of my angst, guilt and poor time management is just adding to the stress.  So, I'll just continue to get to the pool when I can, sit and spin when I can, snowshoe and / or ski when I can and try not to take it to heart that I'm not able "do it all".  I must remember that I'm only good to others after I'm good to myself.

I can honestly say I don't know how you get any training done if you have a young family.  Believe me, to all my friends with kids, I now understand how sometimes (most of the time) your time in no longer YOUR time.  Between driving to medical appointments, dental appointments, working full time, visiting,  getting groceries, housework... the list just goes on and on.  If there is mouldy bread in someone else's fridge, it isn't necessarily my problem,  (yes, I got an email saying that their bread had gone mouldy and I understand they are not feeling very well and they are now in a depressed state),  but I've got my own mouldy bread to deal with trying to fit all this other stuff in.

So I can say that possibly my goals for 2012 are just trying to cope with all the new stress and just do what I can for the time being.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Born To Endure said...

Then don't ever weaken..:) I know what you mean though..don't add the stress on yourself by pressuring yourself to do ONE more thing. OTOH though..exercising is a stress reliever..sigh...hang in there.

Wes said...

I did a race in about 19 degrees Fahrenheit. ya... to dayum cold! nice to find my limit though :-)

Ewa said...

I see your calendar as full of potential. :)
I keep telling ya, move to CA. It is much warmer here, so far no rain, sunny skies and that all translates to no excuses for not running. And since running reduces stress... wait, so why am I so stressed out? ;-)
Just think, spring is right around the corner, days are getting longer, and soon all will begin to look brighter, yes?

TNTcoach Ken said...

AT least you could put the numbers on the calendar, HA........

kilax said...

Have I said before that we have the same bike trainer? :)

I wonder the same thing about my friends with kids too. Amazing!!! :)

And that might even be too cold for me! I would not feel bad about missing that one!

Dee said...

I can't believe anyone would try to plan to do anything in Canada before July. As for goals, I wish you peace and happiness. Isn't that why we ride and run anyway?

Marlene said...

You sure have your plate for right now... remember to take care of YOU.

pay per head services said...

I don't like to have a schedule for next year. I think that you will get in the way in the next year.