Saturday, 30 May 2009

Rain, Rain, go Away!

My vacation is almost over.  It was a blast as always, combining a visit with my Dad, sharing our birthday party with the Woooo Hoooo's and generally doing day trips and working in the gardens.

This particular week has been waterlogged and cold, not cool, COLD!

What is all this talk of global warming?   My furnace has been on all week.  This morning for a split nanosecond the sun burst through the rain clouds to tantalize me with thoughts of summer, then it disappeared .

The gang partied it up on Wednesday evening with what was to have been a barbecue and sitting outside on the decks, however, we cooked fabulous **veggie burgers inside and stayed inside and had a great visit with friends, neighbours and dad.

Thanks Woooo Hoooo's for making my, no, our birthdays so much fun!

Today will be spent hopefully working in the gardens and planting my tomato plants.   Then I'll try a 10 minute walk and 1 minute run.  Yup, I'm getting back to training after the two month hiatus from running.  

Weather permitting (it has been terribly windy along with the cold and rain), I'll hop on Ruby and go for a short spin.   

This coming weekend is the Rideau Lakes Bike Tour which I have to miss.  I just haven't been able to get the biking miles in that are necessary to make it a safe, fun ride.  Oh well~!  I'm contemplating loading the bike up in the car and doing short rides with the gang and then meeting them throughout the ride to cheer them on.  Since I've paid for the trip, I might as well meet them in Kingston, spend the night at the dorm and head home on Sunday, well, head home after cycling around town, sightseeing and shopping!!  Just because I can't ride the ride, doesn't mean I can't party with them!!

On another note, here is a photo of my resident chipmunk!

She (??) loves hanging around on the deck and tantalizing Lily.

As long as they both remain on either side of the patio door life will be good!

Well, I'd better get a move on.  

Sorry I haven't been reading nor commenting on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter or emails lately, I will catch up eventually!

Have a great weekend.

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


**veggie burger recipe from The Running Room Magazine


AKA Alice said...

Veggie burgers and idea of heaven!

Happy Birthday!

Marlene said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time, despite the weather not being too nice. Happy Belated Birthday, by the way!

Good luck with your run. Good to see you back at it.

Jo Lynn said...

Hey fellow May birthday lady. Sounds like a great vacation. Sorry about the cold but if it's any consolation for you, it's cold here in California too.

Black Knight said...

....and it's warm in Italy! Good luck with your run.
Happy birthday!!!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Happy birf-day Lily! My tomatoes have been in the ground for a week, Yay!

Anne said...

It's rainy and cold here too, though I suppose our version of cold doesn't match yours. Just remember: we have thinner blood. Anway, I'm thrilled to hear you are advancing to the walk-run stage. That's a nice birthday present, isn't it...belated best wishes.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

it's been 2 months for ya already? i hope the 1:10 ratio run/walk went well for you today, and hope it warms up for you soon too! :)

Judi said...

happy belated birthday lilly! i can't believe it's been two weeks. when are you going back to dr. no?

Groover said...

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like a great time was had by all (including chippie?). Great idea to make it a weekend away even though you can't do the ride.

robison52 said...

Happy Birthday! I used to ho-hum birthdays as I get older, but now that I'm a racer I think of birthdays as one year closer to a higher age group.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday - so glad you had a nice vacation!

Jess said...

Happy birthday!

bluecolnago said...


hope you had a great b-day!

Runner Leana said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Laurel! Thanks for the link to the veggie burgers. They look delicious. I'll have to give them a try!

Anonymous said...