Saturday, 16 May 2009

CHIPPIE UPDATE MONday, The Long Holiday Weekend on the wrong date

Queen Victoria for whom our Victoria Day long weekend is named after was born on May 24th in 1819.

This holiday has several variations as to what it is called now, since the majority of new Canadians don't even know who she was nor have they been taught.  (Our education system is a whole other topic).

Some call it the May long weekend, many of us older folk still call it the Victoria Day Weekend, or the newer generation call it the 24 weekend referring to their favourite BEvERage. and not for the specific date in May.

Excuse me, this post has been interrupted.

Lily has just brought a chipmunk into the house and they are both now running around in the unfinished basement.  

Let the games begin.

Chippie sighting!

6:26 pm

running in the basement 


hiding behind the electrical box on the wall.


Lily, you'd better get this thing 

dead or alive


you're off the payroll.

Okayyyy it is now 5:50 AM Monday morning, the chipmunk is lost somewhere upstairs in the kitchen area.  The cat is locked in my bedroom and I'm sitting here watching a fantastic sunrise waiting for the chipmunk to reappear.  

Since this is an old renovated (and not that well I might add) there are MANY hiddey holes for this chippie to be in.   Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my long weekend.

Yesterday was spent inside, it was so cold and very windy.  Have I mentioned I hate being cold?  

If I can get this thing out today I'm not too sure what to do other than call someone who removes animals professionally.   This is really where I need a man servant.  I suppose I'm just getting tired of having to manage EVERYTHING on my own.....

Well, one nice thing about all of this, the house is getting cleaned!

Life's fun if you don't weaken, 

Lily (and NOT the cat)


Marci said...

Run Chippy run! Have a great weekend.

Kim said...

Oh My Gosh! Come back and let us know how it ends!

Anonymous said...

YIKES!!!! I can't stand those little critters with their bushy tails.. EEEEWWWWWW hope it leaves your house soon.
Happy Long Weekend.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

LMAO... have a great long weekend, whichever variation you choose to celebrate :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

oh boy - hope the chipmunk is evicted from your house without too much turmoil!

Judi said...

you need a dog!

Jess said...

Hope the chipmunk was captured and returned outdoors!

Marlene said...

Happy May Long Weekend! I call it Victoria Day sometimes, May 2-4 sometimes... whatever, it's a long weekend and I love it. :)

Eeeeek, good luck with that chipmunk! The chase is on.

Jo Lynn said...

I can see it now! LOL

Vickie said...

My cat brought one in one time and was playing juggler with it. Finally I saw it as it went flying against the wall.

Groover said...

I finally know what chipmunks are, I saw one in California.

So who won? :-)

Paddy's Peleton said...

May Day Monkey Buisness! Queen V would be NOT ammused

bluecolnago said...

shotgun.... :)

Frayed Laces said...

So....was Lily victorious?

Runner Leana said...

I am rather dismayed that Victoria Day is a floating holiday. Otherwise every year my birthday would be a holiday...woo hoo! Wonder what will happen next year when the 24th falls on a Monday?

Hope Lily earned her paycheque today!

Xenia said...

Haha! My cats do this all the time. Good luck with the chippie quest. Those little buggers are super fast.

Groover said...

Oh, no - Lily! I have been using you as a glorious example of how a cat is supposed to behave. Now Trouble gets all the wrong ideas that it is ok to be useless in catching anything ... LOL