Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dr. No

Dr. No Nonsense that is.

My appointment with the Sports Injury doctor was interesting to say the least. Talk about cut and dry and to the point. He'd ask a question, you'd answer, if it wasn't an immediate answer he would then ask "then why are you doing it?"


how exactly did you hurt your knee?

I hurt it while out running

the question was, how exactly did you hurt your knee?

I was on one of my longer runs, it was cold and rainy and my S.I. Joint tightened up causing my knee to lock.

why do you think the S.I. joint was the problem?

well, I've been having trouble with my S.I. joint since the fall and I've been seeing my chiropractor.

why are you seeing the chiropractor?

because, (see above)

what are they doing to help this problem?

I've been having adjustments and doing some stretches.

are you really doing your stretches, what are you doing for core strengthening? what are you doing for your pelvic floor?

oh, some stretches and some yoga.....(voice becoming a little more meek)

why exactly are you running?

because I like it?????

what else are you doing for your S.I. Joint and knee

going to the chiropractor, stretching and putting traummel s on my knee swelling....????

you spelled traumeel incorrectly on your form!!

sorry.... : (

You get my drift. He then had me walk on my toes and then on my heels, and do squats. Ouch...

Then up onto the table where he checked my left knee, who knew your leg could go in that direction and return without permanent damage! Well, next was my right knee, he kept moving it in directions it just didn't want to go, as I'm clinging to the examination table he kept saying, relax your knee, I'm trying, relax your knee.

I'm trying to, but I have trust issues!!!

Needless to say, we got through the exam, I was sent for more xrays, because the set of xrays done by the nurse practitioner were not correct (go figure).

I go back to Dr. No Nonsense on Wednesday with the new xrays and until then I'll be working on my core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

Hopefully by Wednesday I'll know why I want to run and I've become a better speller!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,


Oh, Dr. No said I can't run right now, but I can do anything as long as it doesn't hurt. Hope my next appointment doesn't hurt!


Nat said...


So buddy is a probably an orthopod and they aren't known for their bedside manner... (also he deals with athletes, he has our number.) Generally speaking docs aren't a huge fans of chiros.

Hope he gives you some sort of advice.

Xenia said...

Dang. Well, at least he's focused on the issue as opposed to be a not-really-there doctor. I've had to many of those to count.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

It sounds like he wants to figure this out.

I don't blame you for the trust issues. When I went to the prthopedic for my knee last year, he manipulated my knee to figure how where exactly it hurt and when I let out a yelp he said "good". What do you mean "good" ?!?!? him "Oh, now I know exactly where it hurts." me, freaking out - "when will you be done trying to hurt me and ready to make me feel bettter??"

bluecolnago said...

i hate to say it and i hope you don't take it wrong and i know your knee hurts and you want it to get better so that you can resume your normal activities and i know it's frustrating and a right regular pain in the ass, but that was funny. :)

have a great weekend and a great easter. smile! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! yeah that was kind of funny ... but as someone else up there said... the specialists deal with atheletes mostly and these guys don't have much of a bedside manner.

though there is a good sports med woman doc at the Sportsplex Physio Centre.

hang in there girlfriend!

Casey said...

I think that's how physical therapists are. They see a bunch of people doing "things they shouldn't", but just because you get hurt when you are doing something you love, it doesn't mean you'll stop!

Jess said...

Some doctors just don't have very good bed side manners. But if he can help you, I guess that's what counts the most!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, I love this guy! I want bedside manner when I'm dying, not because I can't run. So he's a doctor and en English major........

Shilingi-Moja said...

I have to agree with blueconalgo. Lots of sympathy, empathy, hoping you and Dr No find and fix the problem quickly -- and, I've been there, done that with meniscus problems. Still, I had to chuckle.

teacherwoman said...

Oh my. sounds like quite the doctor appointment. I hope your next one is more positive!

AKA Alice said...

I got a nervous twitch just reading that...

Runner Leana said...

Well, he might be Dr. No Nonsense, but here's hoping he figures out what is wrong with your knee!! Drs can be so scary...

SuperDave said...

LOL! This is funny Lily. I didn't know if you knew I was a Dr..
I can assure you that we aren't all ****** like that.
We call that "God syndrome" in my profession. I need to tell this story to my colleagues.
Kidding aside - I hope you get feeling better and I'm not too keen on chiropractors myself.(But who cares what I say?)
PS Every chiropractor thinks that we have screwed up SI Joints.

Groover said...

Hope he's got more knowledge than manner. Or maybe he watched too much "House" and thinks now that it's cool to be rude? The truth is it doesn't make him a more competent doctor automatically just because you behaves like a real dick. You should stand your ground and ask back: "And how is better spelling going to help my knee?" or "If I wanted help with my spelling I would see a English tutor!"

Makes for an entertaining blog post though ... LOL

Groover said...

Oh, and I hope your knee gets better soon and that you are having a great Easter break. Lots of choclate eggs apparently help banged up knees. :-)

Almost forgot my good manners. LOL

Philip said...

Wow Lilly.....did you notice if he had wings or a suitcase with lots of stickers on it as I am sure your talking about my Dr.
I think mine looks at me as a second hand vintage car. Although I might still drive well he thinks I am more challenging to fix and there are no longer manuals available. He would prefer it if i stayed in the garage with my battery diconected. Then he could work on sports cars and get the acolades when they win prizes.For Your Dr No it seems he does not want to go to casino royale and take a risk. I say blow it Live and let die.

RunToFinish said...

oh my, I don't care for doctors like that. I am there to get their help not be talked to like a little kid in trouble. I guess I've been lucky with sports docs they have all been runners and been very understanding. my family doc on the other hand...well she suckith and I won't be seeing her again!

hope the new exercises help and get you back out there!

Marlene said...

Ohmigosh, sounds like an intense appointment.

Hope it all pays off!

Bert said...

This post had me chuckling, very funny, although I am sure the experience was quite different. The last orthopedic guy I went to see was similar in manner, although he didn't talk as much. Solved my problem though...

NY Wolve said...

As a veteran of knee issues, I hope it works out well. i did find that quad exercises, hip stabilzers, 3 weeks off, and a dedication to my core produced wondrous results. I hope your diagnosis is simple and the recovery short.

Vickie said...

Laughing, not at you but at the whole situation! Those know-it-all sports docs. Makes you wonder sometimes where they get their bedside manner. I had one of those appointments several years ago. (Never went back.)

Wes said...

If the time in the waiting room was no nonsense too, that would be awesome :-) Keep us up to date!!!

Judi said...

what an ASSHOLE.

have you got a roller lilly? get a foam roller and look at some exercises online to try. it's always helped w/ my it band and sciatica. that and massage. and acupuncture.