Monday, 1 September 2008

What a BLAST!

My jittery nerves were gone once I saw the lay of the land on Friday when Anne and I went to pickup our race kits. We got to walk through the transition area down to the lake and look around. It was a long distance from the water to T1 (hey, I can talk like a pro now, just kidding), it was about 400 metres, uphill and no, I'm not kidding. There was quite a hike from transition to get on your bike too, but it is all part of it.

The alarm went off at 04:00 and my body clock went off at 03:59, I was ready!! Won't bore you with my morning ablutions Saturday morning, but once ready I packed up the car and racked up Ruby Red Rose (formerly Second Hand Rose), and headed out into the dense fog and drizzle and blackness. Driving in to town under those conditions was a tad nerve wracking, always looking for lurking deer and suicidal frogs that leap in front of your car on early fall mornings, yuck!

First thing I did when I arrived was take the bike and rack it in the transition area. Back to the car for my itty bitty transition bag and the rest of my stuff. Jeez, I packed as if I was leaving home for three months....On my way back for the third trip I found Anne and Dean arriving with her bike. My main concern was to stay out of her way as she was preparing for the Half Iron.

The Iron Man had already started, so we went down to see the first of the swimmers come out of the that was exciting to see. Man they are fast. Anne went off for orientation and I wandered around the grounds, aimlessly until I heard my name called and yes, there they were, the Wooo Hooo's!!! How great is that? Glenda and Jen drove all the way to see us and Nancy, Brenda and her special man Roger biked over to the event....what a great feeling to know that I (we) had tons of support!!

Because of my orientation, I didn't get to see Anne start out for her swim. I must say, the fellow who conducted our orientation was an absolute hoot. He certainly spelled it all out for us newbies, yet made us all very comfortable and included at the same time. What a great sense of humour too, what little was left of my nervousness, he certainly put it to rest. As soon as that was over I had my cap and goggles and headed down to see Anne come out of the water....awesome to see, we were all cheering her on!

Anne giving some one the directions of the swim, hope she was pointing her in the right direction!

Anne on her way out of the water

Next event, the sprint and the try-a-tri, yikes, I'm on deck!

Since I only have shots from my camera (the Wooo Hooo's haven't sent me their pic's yet) you will subjected to what is on my camera!!

obviously a beach shot!

I'd like to think that I was leading the pack out of the water, but, nope it just looks that way!!

The swim had been broken into three parts, the sprints went first, the try-a-tri men were next and then the TT women (see I'm back with the lingo again). People were doing whatever stroke was their strongest, yes, they were doing the dog paddle, back crawl, front crawl and even the breaststroke....the wooo hooo's thought I was doing the breaststroke and even took a picture of the person coming out of the water thinking it was me....she was in my last post!

This is an action shot of the Creature from the Black Lagoon emerging from the depths!

Next, bike transition.

Me, Ms. Fussy about how my running shoes go on, just blasted her way through this change over. Normally I'm very particular about how I put on my socks and shoes, NOPE not this time. In fact I couldn't find one of my socks, it took about 30 seconds to locate it! (In the transition zone, well, let's just say, things get kicked around a lot).

Let me tell you, I jammed my socks and shoes on so fast, I actually chipped my toenail polish!! What a princess! LMAO!!

Again, there was quite a hike to get out to where you could bike mount, then off I went!! Like a thundering herd of turtles...

The Zoom photographer on the bike course was holding up signs saying "Smile for the camera", and when I was approaching he dropped the sign and said "I don't have to tell you that, you haven't had that smile off your face since you got here".

Finally, I get to the element I do know, running!

The run was a riot, I hopped off the bike and took little wee baby steps all the way to the bike rack, which in the "long run" really helped me get my running legs back under me. In the transition area my fuel belt had been shuffled around, so it was quite twisted and hard to get on, I picked it up and tried to get it straighted out, but ended up handing it off to a volunteer, if I had been going on a longer run, I would have been screwed because I didn't have any gels nor liquid with me. Of course on the longer run they have water stations, but, something to work on that's for sure.

The run route was very hilly, some hills were quite steep and I couldn't stop thinking to myself, thank goodness my strength is in the running department. I really did feel sorry for some of the try's, they certainly struggled up those hills.

Finally, to the finish line!


I had a BLAST!

The Wooo Hooo's were there for me snapping pictures and of course yelling "wooo hooo". My friends are amazing! They were there for me AND they were there for Anne, when one of us would come out of transition they were there! THANK YOU WOOO HOOO'S!

Anne was on the bike course when I finished up, so went over to watch her for a couple of loops. Then being the true athlete that I am, I went to the Lone Star for lunch and BEvERAges with the gang while Anne peddled her "assets".
One by one, because of prior commitments, the Wooo Hooo's headed home and I went back to watch Anne finish up her Half Iron. She was awesome! What an amazing lady...we all just love her!
As for me;

This is definitely something that will become part of my life, next year an OLY.....maybe a Half...we will see what the stars hold for me!
I had a GREAT DAY, I love it....

Lessons learned:
  • get a transition bag that is sturdier,
  • maybe a wetsuit
  • maybe bike shoes
  • definitely a top with a little more support, I'm a little too old and top heavy to have the Mama Chiquita's bouncing around in public (without getting paid for it!, JK)
  • work on transitions,
  • give yourself more than two weeks to train! LMAO

Put this on you list people, you have to try one before you die!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,



Meg said...

Wow, congrats! I'm happy to hear how excited you are about your's leaving me tempted!

BeachRunner said...

Fan-freaking-tastic. What an awesome experience. Congratulations.

Marcy said...

CONGRATS CHICA!! OMFG your a triathlete now!! WHOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm so happy that you had fun, I knew you would ;-)

So now the real question is . . .when is IronMan? :P

Wes said...

Total awesome. That was a great race report, and I loved it! I was just a smiling the whole time I was reading it. Its such a blast to share in peep's first race. It brings back such fond memories. Congrats again on a stellar job!!! Never stop tri-ing!!

Marci said...

Well done!! I love how you were smiling in all of the photos, it really shows what you were feeling - pure joy- and thats what it is all about. I'll have to try a tri sometime!

Running Knitter said...

Amazing job! Loved your race report, and like Marci said, you can really see the joy on your face in the pics. Having fun is the most important part. Congrats!

Nat said...

Woooohooo!!! Well deserved beer and fajitas... that's for sure. :)

Ok, it's on my list for next year... just because you had such a hoot. :)

Laurel said...

"Like a thundering herd of turtles..."

OMG, it sounds like so much fun! You know, I never really thought I would try a tri, but I dunno, you may have swayed me a bit.


triguyjt said...

hot mama...lily's a triathlete..!!!! I am so proud of you....fabulous job...

can you believe you actually did it???

way to go..and yes...your smile is huge and you really looked like you were enjoying yourself.....

props to you!!!!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Your never-ending smile says it all.

Well done.

bluecolnago said...

oh yeah! good job, lily! that's a truly awesome race report! woohoo!

Vickie said...

Congrats! I am so proud of you! See why we keep getting sucked into these things? So much fun to be had! Glad you had a blast! Who knows where your future lies now?? How did Anne do??

AKA Alice said...

You look like you are having so much fun! It's inspiring!

Suicidal Frogs...I had no idea that was a problem (LOL)

Judi said...


teacherwoman said...

Congrats congrats congrats! I am so proud of you and your first triathlon!

I can't believe how happy and excited you look in all your pictures! That is so awesome!

When's your next tri? :)

Sunshine said...

Well, you certainly haven't weakened!!!
Congratulations on amazing accomplishments.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

You make me want to try a tri! Congrats! Whats next? Ironman?

The Happy Runner said...

Fantastic! Love the pics, too! Sounds like it was a great time and now that you have your lessons learned, you can take what you learn and apply it to the next tri! Congrats!

Xenia said...

You rock! Well done on your first tri. If I ever learn how to swim properly, I may give it a go myself.

I should have mentioned this in my post today, but I forgot. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being my coach!! I never would have been able to do it without you. And I am so honored that you consider me a member of the WOOO HOOOs. Praise indeed!

Melanie said...

congrats!!!! sounds like an amazing experience and a great race report! This is definitely on my to do list! thanks for the inspiration! :)

Marlene said...

That big smile shows just what a blast you were having and GOOD ON YA! Congrats on your first tri. Soooo awesome!

Vava said...

What a great description of the experience! This does sound like a tonne of fun, and perhaps a triathlon will become part of my future plans... Nice post!

Kim said...

How awesome! I KNEW you would have the best time ever! And now you're talking HIM? Good for you girl!! I know you can do it-if you want it. It only takes a little more training :)

TNTcoach Ken said...

LMAO, Stuff bouncing around in public.......You're never too old, someone will always pay to see, ha. Great job......

Kilroy said...

You Kick Butt!!!! ... or was that supposed to be "You Rock!" Well you know how highly I think of you anyway.

Jess said...

Great job! I love that you have a great big grin in every single pic -- you were certainly having fun!

Sprocketboy said...

You make it sound like so much fun I am tempted to get off the bike and try those other sports too! Congratulations, and yes, get bike shoes!

Mendy said...

Those pics are classics!!! You did AWESOME and should be so proud. You are a TRIATHLETE always and forever now! You did TERRIFIC!!! Isn't it fun?

*aron* said...

AWESOME job!!!! you did amazing... congrats on a great race!

Tanya said...

WOW! All I can say is freakin wow. Congratulations! AND a tattoo! I'm jealous. I want one!

Michelle J said...

Be proud of you Mama Chiquita's!!!

Congrats my friend!! You really rocked this and your smile says it all!! I am very happy for you!!!


KC Stine said...

Way to go Lily. You survived with only a small chip in your toenail polish! My sincere congrats.


Viv said...

You looks so great! I love the tri lingo you have developed!
Hey now doggie paddle I swear is my best stroke. LOL!Toenail polish
chip, that is serious. I would be supah mad and take revenge out on the
bike course. LOL!
I loved all the Wooo hooo's there supporting you. I am so glad it was so much fun and you are setting your sights on more.
I am telling you this stuff is too addictive. I'm super porud of you for tri-ing (tri lingo pun :-) and even prouder that you did it with the hugest smile I have yet to see on a bike!