Monday, 4 August 2008

Tri training, losing weight & gaining strength

Holiday Monday!

The sun is shining, the birds are busy at the feeders and I'm deciding what to do with my day off.

Well, to start off, I'm going to get rid of some of the excess weight that found its way to me during the marathon training which was two months ago.....its been a long enough time for me to hauling this around so I'm signed up and ready to go with Quadrathon's weight loss challenge!

I've even gained weight from when I signed in with Quadrathon!! This is an issue!

Yup, I had lost a little bit with Viv's challenge, but now that I'm seriously (yes I said seriously), starting to get ready for the Try-a-Tri and have to put on a bathing suit....well, let's just say its not a pretty sight and in fact I'm rather chubby!

Middle age spread at its finest!!

The weekend has been GREAT!!

Saturday was spent all day with a friend of mine who is a Half Iron Triathlete, needless to say she got me pumped!

We watched the video's from Lake Placid Iron Man 2007 and 2008! Oh my gawd, it is amazing! I am signing up and will be volunteering for next year!!!

Bet You thought I was going to say "signing up for the Mdot!" Nope, it's already sold out!

Between the rain and thunderstorms we got in a lot of swimming.

I hadn't swam like that in 30 years. It felt great to get my rhythm and relax, I even sort of remembered how to breath both sides. (I use to compete freestyle when I was a lot younger). It was amazing!!!

We swam over to the island and back several times....with the next three weeks to practice, I'm confident I won't have a problem with the Try-a-tri the bike will be a different story!

I'm totally psyched out about the bike!

You are all very kind to tell me it doesn't matter what I ride to "try", but in all honesty, I'm a competitive snob....if you don't have the "proper" equipment don't do it attitude....

I know, juvenile right?


Sunday was our group run, 16K. This weeks run was really great, everyone was very chatty and running with ease. A few of the group had been to the National Capital's Tri & Du on Saturday and were so full of enthusiasm about their bike and run! It was amazing to hear the stories and of course adding fuel to my fire for the following weeks to come.

Today will be spent tidying up and then either biking 70K, well 35K to downtown and have lunch with a few of the Wooo Hooo's, look around at the Buskerfest and then back.

Or we go biking here at home and getting in another swim.**

The sun is SHINING! How weird is that???

So, I'm not going to waste another moment....hope you all have a great day!

Catch up with you later ~ gator!!!!

Life's fun if you don't weaken,

**the Wooo Hooo's are coming to my place for a bike and swim, I love summer!*


Xenia said...

Sounds like a plan [S.L.A.P.--stolen from MizFit], Stan! Er ... Lily. :)

Enjoy your day off!

Wes said...

Good luck with the weight loss, and really, it doesn't matter what you ride for the first try-a-tri :-) After that, go buy something EXPENSIVE!!

Kim said...

Have a great day! Sounds like it is beautiful. Enjoy the day off!

Anonymous said...

you were a competitive swimmer too???
what else don't I know?!?!?

Have a good day - good luck with the weight loss. Knowing your competitive nature - it will no doubt be scared away!


Marcy said...

Awwhhhhh yeah chica! You're doing the Challenge too? I'm going to kick your butt! I'm KIDDING!! ;-)

Ohhhh come on! You should have just signed up for IMLP :P They could've made room for you or something ;-)

jahowie said...

Good luck with the challenge. It sounds like you had a nice weekend!! :-)

Running Knitter said...

Good luck with the challenge!

Kevin said...

The challenge is on! Good Luck

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend, and that today is going to add to it:)
I'm thinking about volunteering in Lake Placid this year or next, because it sells out really quick--you wanna get a spot, basically you volunteer:P

Nitmos said...

You sure do keep yourself a good way. A 70k bike ride sounds great.

Jess said...

Good luck with the weight loss challenge!

Chris said...

You swam in that water?? Are you crazy? Didn't you see that move Lake Placid? There are giant alligators in lakes like those.

Good luck with the weight loss.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good luck with the challenge, although I will share that I swim in an athletic top and tri can wear one outfit for the whole try and NEVER PUT ON A BATHING SUIT.

Marci said...

You are amazing. I am dabbling a bit with the bike and swim lately and thinking of my first tri. I am sure you will rock yours!

Amy said...

I would be too scared to swim in that lake, Lily! I can't believe you went back and forth several times!!! Wow! Good luck with everything, I know you will do great.

KC Stine said...

Way to go Lily, glad to hear you're going to do the tri thing. Sounds like you'll do just fine. What distances are you doing?

BTW, I'm going to try my first 50K this fall (I think), we seem to have pretty comparable goals.

Carly said...

Good luck on the challenge!

I am getting the tri bug reading your blog.

bluecolnago said...

are there really gators in that lake? :)

triguyjt said...

my first tri.. the bike i used...
i don't think arnold the terminator could have lifted was a tank...

once your in...your in... I guarantee it.!!!

good luck lily

Vickie said...

I think with your enthusiasm and your competitiveness, you will do well in the tri. And heck, you might do okay in the age group! Check to see how many were there last year. It never hurts to know if you might be the only one--gives you a reason to try harder! I had a race last year where I KNEW I would be last, but I was the only one in the AG so I also knew I had to finish to win the AG and get my medal. :D

Viv said...

Good luck with the WL and training. LMAO at that pic!
Is it a caricture of me?!